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  1. I still don't friggin get it, why balancing a PVE game as if it's PVP? What's wrong with having a tier list in a PVE game? Why nerf the weapons that are by design cool and fun to use to force ppl to use the boring one? for example: all the good-for-nothing-but-suicide launchers????? I'm so fking done with this game for now, all my 3+1- rivens collection have been halved in value. DE said they the original intention of riven was to balance weapon usage then why coupled it with layer upon layer of RNG to make a good riven so hard to roll? resulted in it as expensive as a collectible? and now, this collectible is bound to get devalued from the point of time it's produced because weapon with good design=popular=larger riven traffic=higher riven price=nerfed in the end. and i just spend 8000 plat on a catchmoon riven. Good for you DE, good for you.
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