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  1. You get atleast 3 forma for free from Nightwave anyway and on top of that with the challenge they also relesed a new prime and 2 new weapons and Plague Star ended not that long ago. Just because you are one of the many lazy long-time players who always cry becasue they have to do something for rewards doesn't mean the rest of the community don't need to forma stuff. I have everything formad atleast 4-6 times and I don't cry because I need to forma something in fact I try out new and different builds that needs forma so its a win-win... you act like as a player who don't have hundreds of forma or resources to craft them btw.
  2. Finally, but still waiting for more energy pool for Frost and Rhino Prime
  3. Hi! Since the fortuna update my ui is slowed down and load the sortcut category icons in the foundry and in the inventory too. I can notice this with chat tab icons and special mod icons (on the actual mod) such as aura's icon.
  4. Hi DE! This reward system is not giving more then choosable rewards with no progression help. For example: In my case I reached 300 days a couple days ago that means I got the Zenistar and i really want to get the zenith (500 day) and the sigma & octantis (700 day) so if you planning to add this the only change you give is to choose which one I want first the zenith or the sigma & octantis and i still have to wait the same ~400 days to get both guns which is more then 1 year... Any way in my opinion lower the milestone from 50 to 25 day or even 30 would help and I know there are players who logged in through almost 1000 days and they definitely deserve something that represent what they are been through.I hope you guys come up with better system for this and keep up the good work. 🙂
  5. We will see a major buff to all primary weapons and not by nerf melee and secondary weapons? Because most of the primary weapons are useless at higher level of content I'd love to see better stats for example Soma Prime. It has a 12 total IPS damage thats too low even with the fire rate it has. Maybe a 120 total IPS damage will make it a better gun for higher content. Keep in mind that was just an example and this needs to be applied to all primaries and buff them over the secondary weapons not nerf secondaries to solve this, because secondary weapons are balanced right and they good for what they are created for.
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