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  1. Right now I wouldn't even worry about forma until you have the means to craft them and start using them, which is way down the line considering where you are in the star chart. Right now I'd suggest just working on leveling up your current weapons, and maybe picking up some of the other MK-1 weapons from the market, such as the MK-1 Strun, MK-1 Braton, MK-1 Furis and so on, just to try out different weapon types and get yourself some more mastery points. Once you hit MR2 I'd suggest picking up the blueprint for the Boltor, a assault rifle that shoots needles, and crafting that. It served my well when I first ran through the star chart. And once you hit MR4 you should get the blueprint for the Hek, a shotgun, and craft that. If you like the gun, it has the power to carry you through the majority of the star chart if you mod it right. The weapon itself is a staple of early-game guides on Youtube, and for good reason. Hope this helps, I'm on PC as well, so you can shoot me a friend request if you need any additional help.
  2. Redirection is a waste of a slot on any and all frames that aren't Hildryn, since there are many ways to get health back, shields don't benefit from armor's damage reduction, and there are many damage types that will just straight up bypass shields and damage your health directly. Additionally, Redirection actively works against your build since you have Rage equipped. The more time it takes for enemies to start damaging your health the less energy you'll have overall, and with life strike equipped it's easy for you to get that health back. I'd also suggest replacing Rage with Hunter Adrenaline since it's just a better version of rage and only costs 2 more capacity. To comment on your opinion on Chromatic blade, from a purely number-based standpoint, Chromatic blade is the best mod for Excalibur, and is what makes him actually do damage to enemies that are level 60+. Paired with condition overload you basically get free damage, and can kill most starchart-level enemies in 1 swipe.
  3. Looks like taskbar in WIndows won't hide itself in Borderless Windowed mode, quite annoying
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