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  1. Dude I totally agree. The inconsistency is ridiculous with the Wolf. It's kind of okay if they resist every ability, but making usable abilities a guessing game is ridiculous. On boss design? The exploiter tipped me over. You barely have to use abilities or weapons, you just swing stuff at the target like a monkey.
  2. I played with 3 dead people crying to rev plz for 5 minutes before they left, never had this much fun, gj DE. I'm not going to revive, doesn't matter how much you coerce me into it. You made the game mode worse, you gave green light to really noob people to play the game mode. Before this people considered if they wanted to waste 10 minutes before dying anyways. I mean why should I revive them, 99% of people in pub just going to die in 2 minutes again.
  3. >be DE >don't improve hosting >don't add scaling rewards >force experienced players carry noobs, cuz host migrations Well I'm not gonna play pub arbi anymore for sure! I liked getting punished for brain lag, for my own brain lag, not other's... I don't like this 'dumbing down things' trend with the game... Make a new game mode call it 'kumbaya' and leave the challenges alone...
  4. It's performance oriented runs really well
  5. Jesus on a stick... everything is just so smooth now, bless the nvidia control panel... I'm out.
  6. Just override stuff from you graphic card settings, it helped me.
  7. Had to override everyting in Nvidia control panel, now it runs fine...
  8. Had to override everything from Nvidia control panel, voila it's all fine now... You guys really butchered something.
  9. I didn't have stuttering in menus, until poe remaster, and I play on a worse setup. Now everything looks grey and the fps just sucks in normal missions too.
  10. Everything a bit more grey than it used to be, yes I turned off film grain. I checked other settings, it's the same minimalistic settings as it was on the weekend. I played on low settings, because I didn't want to heat the laptop more than necessary. Anyway, until now had cpu time 20 ms and 50 fps in orbiter, now it hovers around 22 cpu time and frames drop to 40... In game in normal missions, it's way worse, it's unplayable sometimes. The cpu time jumps to 50 and fps drops to 10.... and I'm not even hosting. My laptop isn't the newest, but it was perfectly fine until now. I play on a HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE NB, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GH, 8 gig, and an nvidia gt 750m Btw not fan of the energy color blending, just make them not blend
  11. Now it started dropping fps even in normal missions...
  12. Yeah the blending sucks! I put orange + blue and it becomes redish purple... If I want that color, I will put that color.
  13. I don't like that it blends colors, if I put orange + blue, it becomes a redish purple... why? If I want purple I put purple... Also the whole game color now looks greyer.
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