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  1. I played with 3 dead people crying to rev plz for 5 minutes before they left, never had this much fun, gj DE. I'm not going to revive, doesn't matter how much you coerce me into it. You made the game mode worse, you gave green light to really noob people to play the game mode. Before this people considered if they wanted to waste 10 minutes before dying anyways. I mean why should I revive them, 99% of people in pub just going to die in 2 minutes again.
  2. >be DE >don't improve hosting >don't add scaling rewards >force experienced players carry noobs, cuz host migrations Well I'm not gonna play pub arbi anymore for sure! I liked getting punished for brain lag, for my own brain lag, not other's... I don't like this 'dumbing down things' trend with the game... Make a new game mode call it 'kumbaya' and leave the challenges alone...
  3. 10 missions on Jupiter no Wolfie yet...
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