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  1. Well if they deem it too expensive then I suppose that is the end of that. Although it would be nice to get a viable solution to the migration issue that isn't "play solo". But I do understand that adding dedicated server would be expensive without any guarantee that it would solve anything.
  2. Can we get dedicated servers or something? Every time a mission breaks because of a host migration is honestly soul crushing. The latest being a defense mission on the new tileset and everyone else had to abort and lose their rewards. I could play these things solo and not have to deal with it but that's not any fun. This will also get rid of the fact that the game tends to pick the last person on the planet still using dial-up internet to be host.
  3. But their active sabotaging/griefing as you call it is in fact free will. There is no rule set that says you have to stay for so many rounds. The only thing here I am guilty of is leaving a defense at wave 10 but that is usually when leveling something on Helene which is fairly common. The rest of the stuff people tend to hang around a lot longer except for relics as they tend to only stay for one or two.
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