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  1. I can confirm a nice affinity reduction to my clan upon completion of the Komorex earlier this morning. I can't be certain as to how much exactly but it seems like alot Clan : Wicked Misfits
  2. About 75% of the exclusive color pack is blurred and obscured in this picture. How am I suppose to tell what those colors look like?. The fish underwater effect over the only exclusive in this offer feels like i'm being baited, whether or not it was intentional it needs to be fixed and reuploaded.
  3. Host Migration Issues On Survival : Life support percentage stops counting down Mission time stops counting up Minmap resets Kills and stats reset melee attack gets bugged (doesn't work) transfering out to your operator gets bugged (doesn't work), Floating in orbitor then straight to mission failed screen even after completing a full rotation you get no rewards peroid; This one is particularly rage inducing when you have job and limited time to play and the time you do have gets wasted and you get nothing.
  4. A few bugs I've noticed in my orbiter : - Tadit Planter Decoration : energy color is no longer visible or inheriting the orbiters current custom energy color - New Loka Stencil : Very bright, seems like the stencil is layered wrong ie. in front of the walls default texture instead of blending in behind it
  5. I'm still crashing to desktop every time I try protecting the coolant on Venus. This has happened twice before and after the latest hot-fix (every attempt).
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