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  1. Yea that is true, the problem is basically I am not even sure if i should spend the time to get the missions done to only be like rank 6 when it ends... because basically every reward under level 20 is kinda useless for me
  2. Hoping otherwise a lot of players will be kinda sad I think
  3. :/ that's a shame as well, still wish you good luck to maybe rank up a bit more !!😊better said hope they extend it
  4. I hope ,but I am scared or better said have the feeling that it won't be like season 1 stuff like for example if you managed to get the umbra forma s.1 then you got 1 now in s.2 if there is another one you will have 2 umbra forma. But if you missed out in the first one in s.1 you will only be able to get 1 of possible 2 and that's why I am concerned :/
  5. I just got an question tho ... I stopped playing warframe a few months ago again just to take a break and logged back on 2 days ago and saw that nightwave event... but I only got to like level 1 and even tho it's like another 6 days I won't be able to even get close to level 20ish I assume.... so my question is am I able to get the rewards from seasion 1 in seasion 2 or so ? Because i don't want to lose that Umbria formaand that arcane energize would have been nice aswell^^
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