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  1. Oh, The arcane itself isn't very useful, you can finish most content without it. But it allow players like me who like to tinkers and maximize the builds
  2. Well if you're only open 2 slot, this isn't a problem. But I've unlocked 15-20 slots and now I'm struggling to remember which one that has been unlocked lol. I like to change my guns before mission to avoid boredom, that's why I've unlocked so many.
  3. Dear DE, I think it would be nice to add some icon in arsenal when we browsing through our weapon For a player like me that likes to collect all weapons and like to changing guns between every missions, right now I'm struggling to remembering which weapon that has its arcane slot unlocked lol So thats why, a simple icon would be nice as an identifier among these weapons Example: And also maybe we can sort the weapon by unlocked arcane?
  4. Couldn't agree more, Wukong is too passive, too convenient
  5. May I suggest to change the lich/sister fight into Komi Battle. That way we don't need to aBuSe any warframe abilities.
  6. As you all know, We got new mechanism for Parazon This is a very welcomed change, I'm getting used to it, really liked being able to finishing up some of those elite enemies but there's something that needs to be improved about this Parazon: Please Prioritize Parazon trigger above anything else Some states prevent player from triggering parazon; burned, blinded, heavy gunner/bombard slamming the ground. Please prioritize Parazon trigger above anything else. Not to mention the parazon icon trigger can vanish while we wait their "burned" animation finished (Thus can't perform parazon). What's the point for those parazon changes if we can't use it properly? This is very frustrating and it looks silly. And another thing: Why Swift Mercy doesn't work on Thrall/Hound? This is a very nice mod that I wanna put into my parazon but because of those problem state above, can't seem to utilize it much.
  7. Hi DE, I've found some inconsistent behavior on the scrolling Here, on the clan chat And this one in the clan member list Why we cannot scroll on the member list? The list are literally take up half the screen, Instinctively user wanna scroll on that area, its easier. Yet we have to click and drag the narrow scrollbar to navigate the list?? Please take a look at this, I hope this is a bug. Thank you and have a good day
  8. It's not a mistake at all. It's nice to have some relaxing activity instead just committing genocide all the time. I enjoy mining, fishing and hunting. I can spend 90-120 minutes just doing those things. Yes they did. You can obtain mats from FHM by directly purchasing them with plat on each respective NPC lol. Go commit genocide, farm anything that can be sold to plat, use the plat to purchase the mats ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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