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  1. Killed Malice and his magnetize SFX stuck on me Video
  2. Thank your the deimos bounty adjustment :D Additionally, can you please put prime vault relic or radiant relic instead of normal intact relic? It's less annoying if I get some of vaulted or radiant relic while farming those 50+ theorem and residual arcanes 🙂
  3. The more the merrier :D and here's to hoping they notice and fix this problem 🥂
  4. This is such an annoying feature (or bug?) Auto focused on search item in rewards screen is so unnecessary (at least for me). I never once think about searching items. I prefer chat to clan/alliance/party after/while reaching mission ends. Now I feel annoyed because every time I want to chat to party member, it ends up in the search input What if the only item we get is credit? 🤣 Please remove the auto focus.
  5. The current sfx of Bubonico is kinda weird, very similar to Shedu and its not matching the appearance. I was expecting more organic, soft, or squishing sound from an infested arm cannon.
  6. Uhhh did you guys forgot to add the Arum Spinosa & Sporothrix blueprint? Anyway, proboscis cernos is really good, but i wonder if you guys would increase its crit chance a lil bit more
  7. I'm always in awe for the team to come up with words that I never heard before. Learning something new from those words (Malodor, viremia, demulcent), really love it 🥰 But, glass resonance til january? omg 😨
  8. Title. Very please. From a story perspective, shouldn't the glassing stop because we caught Nihil? And from a perspective of player who at rank 91, I don't really care about 150 more standings. I just wanna do a mission peacefully without any glassing resonance. Or at least, make it an option for those who finished act 5 to turn off the glassing resonance.
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