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  1. goodbye my 86 initial combo karyst prime 😭
  2. Apparently not 😝 That is not a riven stat with smallest disposition, more like around 1-ish? Well I believe this is gonna fixed soon, gonna put it aside so I'm not gonna get too attached 😪
  3. Title. Dear DE, Please please please make converted Lich to a consumable beacon. Make it function like specter. Imagine you're perfectly enjoying solo survival, while slurping some iced lemon tea and listening to your favorite music and then a magnetic lich randomly spawn and pulls enemy to you and messing up your camping formation 😡
  4. Soooo, any plans for Steel Essence drop icons?
  5. Hi DE, I noticed that there is some usability problem in Faction Standing UI as mentioned here in other post: The new submitting medallion process; it's so cumbersome. Especially when I want to change the amount I'm submitting. The old UI was great, simple, fast and easy because: 1) Easily change the amount of medallion with the amount stepper already present in the Faction Standing screen. Now, in the new UI, whenever I want to change the amount, I have to: 1) remove it first from the "pile" 2) click the medallion 3) popup showed 4) add amount Yes the screen looks nice, simple and cleaner, but. the. process. is. much. slower. Thus I would like to submit my suggestion, a little tweak for the UI screen, here it is: 1) Show the amount stepper again 🔥 I also propose some adjustment: Relocate the faction tier-Because, hierarchy. The old UI was showing the faction tier in the top left, it was good hierarcy application. 2) Medallion info still the same, showing via mouse over 3) In the old UI, it was showing nice little detail in the progress bar, showing progress projection (shown by blue bar) So now, it's just like in the old days (with new faces ofc) - All medallion information shown at once (x owned & standing value) - Eliminating the "popup" process. (I hate modal screen) - Easily changes the medal amount without calling the modal screen I hope you consider for the Faction standing UI improvement. I know Warframe is aiming for a much simple and cleaner looks, but looks mean nothing if there's problem lying in the usability. Thank you very much 🙂
  6. Dear DE, I hope you take a look at Void Fissure mission. There's something has been bugging me; 1. Corrupted Buff for Melee weapon: Melee Heavy Attacks don't consume the Combo Counter. → Doesn't work at all. Just did a kuva fissure, got a corrupted buff on my melee. Used heavy attack and it still consume my combo counter 2. Bonus per interval: The fifth interval: a random Exceptional Relic (that can be used in the same mission). (or tenth, fifteenth, and so on) → Does it give any relic at all in kuva fissure? I didn't receive any requiem relics. Does anyone ever get any requiem relic from kuva fissure interval bonus?
  7. Jupiter Gas City: One of the secret door panels are hidden in the walls So I was killing time, walking around jupiter gas city tileset when I encounter one of the secret doors. I remember clearly where all the panels are but can't seem to find one of them. It turns out that one of the panels are bugged, hidden by the wall. The tileset As you can see, the video point out the location of the first panel (cropped circle) While in my screenshot Is this The Man In The Wall's doing? 🤪
  8. Please increase Kuva Bramma's charge time, it should be slower than Daikyu. It doesn't make sense why grenade bow charging faster than Daikyu, while Daikyu can only pick enemy one by one (multiple enemies with its punchthrough) Kuva Bramma can decimate a group of enemies easily.
  9. Why you have to make me do another lich hunting 😞
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