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  1. Uhhh did you guys forgot to add the Arum Spinosa & Sporothrix blueprint? Anyway, proboscis cernos is really good, but i wonder if you guys would increase its crit chance a lil bit more
  2. I'm always in awe for the team to come up with words that I never heard before. Learning something new from those words (Malodor, viremia, demulcent), really love it 🥰 But, glass resonance til january? omg 😨
  3. Bummer, I'm playing solo too much I forgot pub exist
  4. I thought so too, but it's just bugging me now that we caught the culprit but the glassing still happens lol
  5. Yep that's why I'm suggesting player can turn it off if they complete act 5
  6. It's not that I'm having a hard time killing them, its more of annoyance. You can kill ants easily but I bet you're annoyed every time they showed up, no?
  7. Title. Very please. From a story perspective, shouldn't the glassing stop because we caught Nihil? And from a perspective of player who at rank 91, I don't really care about 150 more standings. I just wanna do a mission peacefully without any glassing resonance. Or at least, make it an option for those who finished act 5 to turn off the glassing resonance.
  8. DE, please take a look at one of this OV Bounty, the one where you have to eliminate Corpus MOA, especially when it occurs in the cave west of Transit Depot The amount of enemy is broken, not enough spawned to complete the objective itself. Just look at it, time's almost running out, the bounty's duration itself is around 7 minutes. Guess I'll fail. Please increase the spawn, very please.
  9. The Gas Status Effect was unintended - should only be administering Slash. THIS WAS UNINTENDED?? 🤯
  10. Dear DE, can you exclude description as a part of search result? I don't understand why it's even included. (Or maybe someone can enlighten me from technical perspective?) If I want to specifically search for Warframe, it's better if the result only showing the name of the Warframe. I want to search and choose Protea My expectation would be if I enter the first three keyword of Protea, the suggestion should be showing Protea only Why would description of item/warframe be part of it search result? The same goes for inventory search Is there 1 or 2 people searching item by
  11. ok gotcha, seems like I was under wrong impression about this skill
  12. I know that already, I'm pointing out the wording bruh
  13. Ability description: Heal your companion and call it to your side. But it doesn't cover all companion, eh? It only works on Kubrow, Kavat, Helminth Charger, MOA (Companion), Predasite, and Vulpaphyla What about this then Is Helios and other sentinels, companion or not? I know that you mean companion as in kubrow kavat etc But if this mod set are for companion, and animal instinct too usable by both sentinel and beast companion, so why not the ability works for sentinel? If you really meant that this ability not working for sentinel, take a look at its wording. Suggest
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