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  1. DE, please take a look at one of this OV Bounty, the one where you have to eliminate Corpus MOA, especially when it occurs in the cave west of Transit Depot The amount of enemy is broken, not enough spawned to complete the objective itself. Just look at it, time's almost running out, the bounty's duration itself is around 7 minutes. Guess I'll fail. Please increase the spawn, very please.
  2. The Gas Status Effect was unintended - should only be administering Slash. THIS WAS UNINTENDED?? 🤯
  3. Dear DE, can you exclude description as a part of search result? I don't understand why it's even included. (Or maybe someone can enlighten me from technical perspective?) If I want to specifically search for Warframe, it's better if the result only showing the name of the Warframe. I want to search and choose Protea My expectation would be if I enter the first three keyword of Protea, the suggestion should be showing Protea only Why would description of item/warframe be part of it search result? The same goes for inventory search Is there 1 or 2 people searching item by
  4. ok gotcha, seems like I was under wrong impression about this skill
  5. I know that already, I'm pointing out the wording bruh
  6. Ability description: Heal your companion and call it to your side. But it doesn't cover all companion, eh? It only works on Kubrow, Kavat, Helminth Charger, MOA (Companion), Predasite, and Vulpaphyla What about this then Is Helios and other sentinels, companion or not? I know that you mean companion as in kubrow kavat etc But if this mod set are for companion, and animal instinct too usable by both sentinel and beast companion, so why not the ability works for sentinel? If you really meant that this ability not working for sentinel, take a look at its wording. Suggest
  7. About Entrati's Conservations, I have some suggestions: - Please add Cryotic to the Endless Excavation's reward. One more step towards erasing content-islands :)
  8. Vulpaphyla's affinity & rank reset to 0 in-game TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Vulpaphyla's affinity & rank reset to 0 in-game. It was around rank 24 somewhere when I die (and rank 0 when i start mission) VISUAL: 25 minutes of leveling, all goes for nothing 😠 But I guess only the bonus affinity is lost, after back from mission my vulpaphyla's at rank 11 REPRODUCTION: My guess is this happens if player die while Vulpaphyla in larva state EXPECTED RESULT: Vulpaphyla's rank not reset (UI in game) and bonus affinity intact OBSERVED RESULT: Vulpaphyla's rank
  9. First of all, Thank you for the addition of Necramech, DE! They are fun, feels really menacing and it's a nice change of combat pace. But after some hours riding them, I have some idea that might improve them; Stamina. Please please please remove stamina cost for any mobillity. I'm really bothered that even walking cost stamina. Not to mention it's constantly beeping when they runs out of stamina yet I can still walk. Slam Attack. Or, stamina can be allocated for slam attack. For now, slam attack feels weird, enemy are just ragdolled and it looked silly. This is a war machine, a
  10. I think we need some rebalancing for the amount of feeding railjack resources to helminth. It's way too expensive right now. This is some of the railjack resources that I acquired since its release. Yes I do not play railjack much anymore since hitting the max intrinsics and done building any armaments or components I needed, but this is just absurd. All of the Brachoids I've gathered, 3+ months spent on railjack and it's gone in 2 click? Asterite too. 3 clicks away to deplete all of it. And don't tell me that this is to incentivize player to play more railjack.
  11. I think lower MR requirement's kinda great for new players After ranking up normal warframe, they can just subsume it and get the ability instead just a mere credits, therefore freeing up warframe slots too But maybe add additional requirements to access helminth system, such as completing star chart too (so they are ready to farm any resource needed because they already unlock all nodes) and completing latest quest (The Sacrifice) to get a grip of the game
  12. Title. Excalibur Chromatic Blade also missing
  13. goodbye my 86 initial combo karyst prime 😭
  14. Apparently not 😝 That is not a riven stat with smallest disposition, more like around 1-ish? Well I believe this is gonna fixed soon, gonna put it aside so I'm not gonna get too attached 😪
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