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  1. Skip the Railjack take off animation after the first time, can we?
  2. Kuva Lich sometimes spawn too far, almost backtrack to mission spawn point 🙄
  3. Just created a Lich, and she have territory on Saturn Some of the nodes has clear indication (red cloud) but didn't contain any Lich Territory mission IIRC there should be an icon above the diorama indicating that DIONE is controlled node of my Lich Lich Territory Mission, nada Edit1: Uh, nevermind. These navigation were accessed from Dojo. Once I return to orbiter the mission exist but it still considered a bug tho Edit2: Sortie mission also missing from Dojo navigation
  4. Actually last night I was enjoying hunt thralls with my friends. Give 'em mercy here and there, kuva lich spawned, we beat the lich, but a friend got yeeted because wrong requiem, but we still got rewarded progression on murmur. We're all having a good time. A. GOOD. TIME. Guess i'm back to soloing liches then.
  5. But this happen Actually I got the requiem mods from Thrall, is it intended? (Please yes)
  6. Arcane Bodyguard? Did they forget Pack Leader (and its primed version) exist? I know it heals companion, sentinel included. But still... 😞
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