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  1. I am confused why there is a cap of 220 for the combo counter. It takes just a few seconds to max that out and with no real benefit to doing so. Can the cap be removed? Id love to see it go well past 220 hits. You all are seriously NOT using melee and it shows. Most of my builds revolve around melee in some way or fashion. I was truly hoping to see some actual love for those of us that like to use our melee weapons.
  2. Ember has always been my favorite frame. I have used her when her World on Fire could actually kill mobs. I played her after they nerfed World on Fire into nothing. Now....I am convinced that inspite of what DE_Megan claims there is no love for Ember. Either that or they do not play her like the actual players do. Fireball is a useless skill, When are you going to be able to stand and charge up a fireball for max damage in the middle of a fight?! Immolation, well i was hoping for something similar to her Accelerant. What we got was another energy pit. There is no way to function without micromanaging your energy useage. Constantly spamming her Flameblast to kind of control that. And no it isnt based on you using flame abilities, I have stood and done nothing and watched the meter creep up rather quickly. So if its based on burnt/burning enemies why would it continue to increase with no enemies present and no abilities used?! Flameblast, explain again why it uses energy when it is just a discharge of built up heat from immolation?! Inferno, I call absolute bullS#&$ on it being line of sight. It misses mobs standing inches from you. Hits mobs standing behind doors. Misses mobs hiding behind breakables. OH and best of all, you can be standing on a grineer and use it only to have to stab them to death because Inferno never touched them. Inferno is a real hit or miss on what it targets. The range on it is no better than the range on a whip. How is this better in any way to World on Fire?! At least with that you killed or damaged EVERYTHING. Now with inferno you get to watch mobs escape the flames! And they do it with easy and regularity. This max arbitrary number that it can hit needs to be increased or removed completely. Just bring back the original WoF. oh we know it is because of afk players, so fix that and stop breaking frames. Not every ember player was an AFK player. You ruined ember to correct that problem, and the problem is still there.
  3. her four will miss the guy standing behind a breakable but kill the guy behind a closed door. This isnt line of sight.
  4. Been getting this all day. It really does make it unplayable. I had to be escorted to the extraction point since even after revive I had no map, no waypoints, no nothing!
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