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  1. Because the button to pet your pet was changed from X to □ (controlled by the ps4 controller), the ship's equipment will suck the judgment of the operation. It is impossible to pet your pet in a place where there are several facilities. You could pet your pet more reliably with the previous x.

  2. If you use the controller configuration in Captura for ps4 and assign the "Place Marker/Captura Camera" item to "Touch screen operation on", pressing the switch to free camera will not work.
    This means that you cannot open the captor menu.
    This is a bug that has been around for a very long time.

    Also, a recent update added a bug in Captura that caused the map zoom to retract as soon as you hit zoom in.

  3. When I use the PURPLE VELOCIPOD K-DRIVE SKIN in simulacrum and capture scenes, I can hear the VELOCIPOD flapping and squealing sound of the VELOCIPOD flapping and squealing on the arsenal's mod installation screen endlessly and it's noisy. There is no sound on the VELOCIPOD skin-equipped screen in the K-drive that you would normally be able to see. Furthermore, if you check the VELOCIPOD skin and revert to the normal K drive skin, the texture collapses!

  4. When the battle ends at RJ and you return to DOJO, the sights are on.
    It's a weird thing.

    The field where the battle was fought.
    They bring asteroids and meteorites back to dry dock.
    This is a modified crewship.
    It's similar to the bug that comes with it.

    When you go out despite having replenished your supplies.
    Energy, heavy artillery rounds, and more.
    Not replenished.

    You can change the hull up and down in right or left flight.
    They're going to put you back in. This is what it's all about.
    I don't know if they exist.

    I'm going to pilot it with an operator.
    My left arm is a funny thing.

  5. Equipped while operating the rail jack
    There has been a long-standing problem with melee weapons disappearing.

    This is the same when riding the k-drive
    It's happening
    The melee weapon you are wearing
    It disappears and appears every time you get on and off
    It is an unnatural sight.

    In addition, the k-drive at the beginning of mounting is in the state of holding the AW gun
    I was able to move.

    This is impossible with AW
    It was the only reason I chose the K drive over the AW on the move.

    In addition, only one of the Akimbo pistols is used for shooting during k-drive, and no sound is produced even if reloaded.

  6. Fixed an issue where the proximity channeling toggle would be turned off when switching to a primary or secondary weapon.

    Fixed an issue where one or more weapons / abilities would lose functionality after falling into teleport volume while holding an active Exalted weapon (Excalibur / Wukong).

    I was waiting for these fixes, but I confirmed that they were not fixed correctly

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