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  1. Doubt that the Flydolon will arrive too personally. Might end up similar to Profit-Taker's release delay.
  2. Sorties/Arbitration are official endgame. If that is not enough you gotta make your own until DE releases new stuff.
  3. It probably won't get accepted because new guidelines say "no gold metallic" for whatever reason. And maybe the mesh physics are just messed up.
  4. Wrong. Behind every account name upon Creaton there is a unique account ID. DE saves a ton of data and saving an account's name history is just common sense. Literally every game dev can check any name in their databases and see what account used it and for how long. Heck, DE even can tell *exactly* how many times you have shot a weapon over the course of 6 months. Namechanging doesnt help one evade punishment.
  5. Spectral scream already is affected by vex armor. Sure it is no God tier ability but it deals - given it being a 1 - considerable damage.
  6. so OP either found out that non-meta weapons are good too or he got a good riven. gotcha.
  7. They kept umbra prime. Afaik Umbra Prime has still radial blind but i am not too deep in chinese founder lore
  8. DE themselves did. They talked about it and people who got that reference and they even asked in the devstream how many catched on that the nightwave thing is based on The Warriors
  9. 1 Oxium amount is getting adjusted according to Rebecca 2. what fixes? people whine "fix this" but they rarely report the bugs. I genuinely believe you that these kind of bugs exist but if people say "fix this" and then dont deliver reports to back it up they play themselves. 3. Scaling rewards cuck casual players out of the higher drop tables. All this does is rewarding the most cheesy gameplay. Which would be nerfed then but then we would go to the "[nerf] happend and now [thing] is dead, thanks DE i quit" stuff all over again. 4. ???? i dont get this "comparison" with Khora at all to be honest. 5. melee "nerf" Not gonna lie but this sounds to me like you are fan of the spin2win meta. Melee is still amazingly strong - there actually are weapons besides whips - and CO builds are better anyways. DE harmed the playerbase more with all the maiming strike/blood rush/whip meta being left untouched for so long. 6. They are gonna make archwing charges infinite according to Steve
  10. so last time the Prime Vault (Ember/Frost/Loki) went for 2 months due to the delay of their release iirc. Will you return to have the Vault ongoing for one month again or can we expect 2 months again in future Vaults too? Of course i would be for the latter one although i could understand why you'd return to one month.
  11. soo... how much money do i have to throw at my desktop to get to play the quest now?
  12. they said that not every frame will have Umbra, not that not every player will have Umbra. Which might have changed, i dont know. WOuld like to hear/read an up-to-date announcement regarding this from them tbh
  13. i want redtext for the sacrifice to be golden and then instead of the Mr.Memer guy from Redtext it's Ballas mocking/inviting us or whatever. I'd lose my S#&$ then tbh
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