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  1. I don't think putting more resources in frame fighter will work out. Heck, I personally don't think it was a good idea to begin with. It is a minigame yes, but it is extremely unpolished and so basic that it is not worth except for throwing your buddies around when they are 5m away from you on their screen. If (big if) they'd rework frame fighter at all they should probably hire an experienced dev team for fighting games and then incorporate the whole thing into conclave to make it worthwhile in my opinion. And who knows if DE is willing /capable to put up that many resources for something that was originally nothing but a joke by a community member.
  2. your suggestion doesnt fix the Kohm, you're just looking for a way to get a 100% SC Kohm variant without paying for a riven. is the decision to purposely not change kohm's dispo bad? absolutely yeah, it goes right against what DE previously claimed the system to be. Does your suggestion fix anything? No, no, it doesnt. go for the proc chance mechanic on multi pellet weapons instead. that is the root of your problem.
  3. wash your eyes, brother in the stream it was a Tatsu. What you mean is the Primary, Paracyst. Admittedly easy to confuse, not gonna lie.
  4. hitscan sniper counters increasesby 2 or 3 (tested with 150% multishot - Vectis, Rubico and Snipetron), no matter if the target is killed in one bullet or not. and Komorex behaves the same as Lanka (raises by 1 if killed by the first bullet).
  5. just a quick note that this is wrong. I just tested it with Vigilante Armaments + Split Chamber and both charged/uncharged shots. I always get 2, sometimes 3 on the counter, depending on the multishot. in "normal" einvironment it increases the counter only by one because the enemies die after the first bullet (tested it in Adaro). Counter also works completely fine on an unmodded Lanka with multishot mods.
  6. not gonna lie, i am disappointed. Really cycling through the same old stuff over and over. I get that it makes money and all but come one... abit variety please. Was kinda hoping for nekros/valkyr/trinit PA stuff or smth into that direction. Oh well next time i hope - unless it's gonna be ember/frost again...
  7. They kept umbra prime. Afaik Umbra Prime has still radial blind but i am not too deep in chinese founder lore
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