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  1. why is the baro shop a disappointment? did anyone announce (here or on twitter) baro is supposed to bring new stuff? Kinda out of the loop here
  2. One line of the guardians mentions the larvaling "medium level DNA degeneration". So I assume it's mostly grineer who are still somewhat.... "good meat" to use.
  3. you forgot to mention that Galatine and Paracesis got buffed too in terms of status chance and galatine got some more crit too. So there's that. Heavy Blades especially Gram Prime are still heckin' bonkers. It was only logical to remove the hilarious bonus damage on broken bull anyways imo
  4. that's the thing. You're refering to the first devstreams which date way back in time, You may have had a point back then, i can agree on that, but they are not valid anymore as DE have changed their minds on this matter as seen in more recent devstreams when Rebecca herself called Adaro High level ( editing the link of the devstream in once i find it), Abitrations Endgame ( as Sortie missions are endgame On top of that DE wanted to make the gameplay "bite-sized" in making most rotations taking no longer than 20min as they said on the original Sanctuary Onslaught. However they did indeed talk about somewhat scaling rewards later on in devstream 129 or 130 i believe, so there is that but given we dont hear anything from DE about content/gameplay unless it is soon to be ship-ready idk what to say about that one. And as long as these are their most recent definitions of said mission/endgame types they are valid. If they ever go change their mind again and go for endless endurance runs then by all means more power to you, but people tend to forget that current warframe is not old warframe anymore and they grab too tightly onto the nostalgia train e.g. the void key mechanic and glorify it.
  5. First players want DE to add challenge and remove power from the players (well those who know that nerfs are also important) so the game can be more "interesting" Then DE does it and suddenly it is wrong to nerf the player because "Muh its a pve gaem XD" (now this is not what YOU said but many other people) Have you ever thought that DE did not make the game for such high levels and finally got their stuff together to actually fix it? DE calling Adaro high Level? Absurd Armorscaling? Sortie and Arbitrations officially labeled as endgame? The game engine itself bugging out and crashing/malfunctioning in long hour endurance runs? Melee is not useless. It got buffed for the level area DE designed the game before, it has a much higher "starting" point of power level. It just doesn't scale exponentially resulting in absurd numbers and numbing down the game even further into "press2buttons2win" anymore.
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