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  1. They even mentioned in the same post that they try to keep up the performance and giving low end users the chance to config their game so they don't run at 10fps But what do I know, you clearly have read the full post and clearly understood every word since obviously English is your first language so you dont have to make a reactionary salt post including insulting other people out of nowhere instead of asking in the respective thread.
  2. Who the #*!% still believes he is our father when it was literally established that our parents were with us on the ship before the incident That's the same kind of crap like "is Ballas our grandpa??????"
  3. "monthly railjack updates!" btw Still waiting for month 1 update.
  4. Boi I can't wait for some people using this table as a reference and then complain at DE because they thought this list would be real. I wouldn't put any thoughts into the abilities until DE releases a list. Anything before this tis just circlejerking about what abilities one self wants, some wishful thinking and falsely upping their own hopes for when it won't happen when suddenly DE are the bad guys again.
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