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  1. Fixed a rare crash when using Profile > Log Out from the menu. But you still haven't fixed the privacy bug when logging out from the profile, while in Creator Mode. It's supposed to hide your email address and lock it, to prevent you from accidentally typing your password into your email field. If you exit the game and restart it completely, the creator mode hides it all just fine. But if you go to profile-> logout, it doesn't. And you ( @[DE]Yun) said you would fix this months ago. But haven't.
  2. Agreed, please change it back. Or give us an option. The new one looks terrible. I was actually hoping other stealth frames would get new stealth graphical effects. This new one just looks terribad.
  3. Add a tiny chance, maybe 1-2% on level up for a lich to get an ephemera if they don't already have one. I've killed a bunch of liches already and have yet to get a single one. This would not just encourage killing more liches, but also leveling them up before killing them. So they're tougher on that final fight.
  4. Don't get me wrong, i really like that archwing is in a tab now. But not being able to always see what companion/companion-weapon i have equipped when ever i enter the arsenal has been an issue. And i'm not the only person. Personally, i've entered many missions without a companion at all, because i just didn't have one equipped without realizing it, since it's not a tab i assume most people would check before every mission. But if i switch out a Kubrow/Kavat, i now have an empty slot. Another fix.. if i switch a kubrow/kavat and it empties the companion slot on a loadout, have it automatically fill it with the next kubrow/kavat that i bring in. So i at least have something with me!
  5. Thank you. This fixes a LOT of the problems and has almost certainly saved warframe for me. making the larvlings an intentional opt-in and not a "whoopsie, now you have a lich" kind of deal. Not sure if this was fixed though. Make it so if you're doing missions like adaro or telesto, or really any other mission where larvlings can spawn.. please make it so they don't alert or semi-alert the enemies. If i'm in a hurry and i need to level a weapon quickly, i'll take my sleepy-equinox in and just level that weapon really fast. And it's really hard to do that with a bunch of stuff alerted. I don't like leveling anything this way since it's stressful. But again, if i'm in a hurry, this is the fastest way.
  6. How long is this Lich event going on for? I'm probably just going to log on to do sorties and nightwave and that's it until this event is over. Since i'm starting to get pretty distraught with these dang murmurs. If they want to make it take 50 murmurs, they need to quadruple how many spawn in a mission. Or make it take like 15-20 murmurs and still increase the number of spawns. This just isn't fun.
  7. DE really needed to let some beta testers play it, that weren't in-house. Everyone that works FOR DE is going to say, "yeah this is great." For me however. Thus Murmur grind, is just annoying. I'm not sure how much each thrall gives, but it's not enough. Doing 10-15 or MORE missions just to fill a single murmur... that's not fun. These aren't a challenge. I'm not even bothering with my lich, if she shows up, i ignore her and carry on. I only got the lich, while i was otherwise trying to avoid them, since i thought if i got a lich, i could do my telesto and adaro sleep-equinox runs without everything getting alerted, but nope.. larva still show up and alert everything. At this point, i'd like to opt out of the lich event altogether. I have over 4100 hours ingame, i like being able to do what i want when i want. But now i'm having this forced down my throat. I can't play the game normally now until i get rid of this lich, and once i do, what's to say i won't accidentally get another one on the next mission. Murmurs should take no more than 20 thralls to completely fill up. Since once we have all the murmurs, we still have to get the requiem mods and figure out what order they go in. Or get rid of the thrall system entirely and just make it so we do 4-5 missions to unlock a murmur.
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