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  1. While in the ability screen and in the upgrade screen. Have it so when we click on the ability, it'll show that abilities effects at it's next rank with your current mods. So a rank 10 will see their ultimate say "Ability Upgrade at Rank 20" but if they click on it will say "Ability Preview at Rank 20". Click again to see the preview at 30. Thank you.
  2. Personally, i'm glad they fixed the clipping. But not how they fixed it. Now the skin just looks bulbous. It's too far away from the body, and the physics points start too low. So the upper half of the back skirt is rigid AF. Games have been doing cloth physics for years. DE needs to try again with this banshee skin. They almost got it.. almost.
  3. Creator Mode Change: When Creator Mode is enabled, the email field will now be soft locked to prevent accidentally typing your ‘ValkyrIsB3stG1rl’ password into your email field. You now must click the new lock icon to turn off the lock. If you attempt to click the email field while it’s locked, the lock icon will pulse to remind you to unlock it first. That's great and all.. But even thought i reported it and bumped it.. You still didn't fix where, if you go to Profile and Logout, with Creator mode active. it shows your email, AND even after this patch, doesn't lock the email field. This isn't an insignificant bug for streamers. Any streamer that doesn't know that the Profile-Logout doesn't hide their email, even with creator mode on, is advertising their email to their whole stream.
  4. Creator Mode Change: When Creator Mode is enabled, the email field will now be soft locked to prevent accidentally typing your ‘ValkyrIsB3stG1rl’ password into your email field. You now must click the new lock icon to turn off the lock. If you attempt to click the email field while it’s locked, the lock icon will pulse to remind you to unlock it first. This was in today's patch. But they still didn't fix profile-logout. So just pushing this back up so DE actually sees it. Considering it's a privacy issue.
  5. @(PS4)Neonsun961 I love that idea. And actually give it a second mod load out that only shows up for when it's equipped as a melee. But riven still carries over. But of course only relevant stats carry over, damage, elemental damage, crit and status modifiers etc. So multi-shot wouldn't.. unless it was calculated as multi-hit? I'd be ok with that. I love my staff primary weapons, but i just never seem to fit them in my META. Also... When aiming we should bring the weapon higher. :D like this. I think that'd be neat. PS.. We need a way to keep certain staff thrown weapons out longer, status duration maybe? Or magazine capacity?
  6. I want this as a weapon too, or at very least a weapon skin. As a weapon... keep it as pure impact damage, with 30% status chance, and like 20% CC, 2x CD, but only like.. 45 impact damage. Keep the pump mechanism. But let it use Primary Ammo pickups. The way to get it... Beat a level 20 Kela De Thaym. Using only squirt guns.(she won't be using a squirt gun. >:D) Abilities disabled during the Kela fight. A team of 4 will be at it for a while. :D Warframe mods would still be active so people would find a way to cheese it. But yeah, i think it'd be fun. As a weapon skin... almost all primary weapons... 150p for the skin. Change all reload animations to the pump animation. Except for recharging weapons like the fulmin which would just just see the chamber refill with water. For ARs, projectiles, it'd shoot projectiles as it does now. For Hitscan/beam weapons, it'd be a water beam with splash at the target. Now, if you want to go 1 step further. 350plat. I know it's a bit high, but i'd want it to have these features. Though this probably wouldn't be out until next year with these changes. For standard shotguns, it'd be multiple water projectiles. For arca-plasmor type shotguns, just a wave of water with a splat. And for grenade launchers, rocket launchers, torids, astilla(specifically).... water balloons. Excluded would be staff weapons like the scourge and ferrox, and ones that simply can't work with it. Even the phage could work with it.
  7. That is a temporary solution. IF you know this is a problem. A lot of people re-log using the profile-logout. But not everyone knows the creator mode privacy doesn't apply to it. I'm not a streamer. But my clan leaders are. So they had Creator Mode on, and needed to re-log, and instead of closing out of the game window in OBS like they would before creator-mode was introduced. Edit: They, 2 of them husband and wife duo. end-edit. Since they used to log in, before bringing the game up on OBS. They just logged out instead of restarting. Assuming it would obscure the email. And BOOM! There it was. Their email for everyone to see. So i ask you @krc473 what do we do now? Do we (By we i mean DE) send out a message to all the streamers not to log-out through the profile section while streaming as it doesn't obscure their email even with Creator Mode active? Or do we fix the problem?
  8. The Zakti is literally a dart gun that shoots darts that poof into a cloud of gas. It's audibly not even very loud and is quieter than many "silent" weapons. The Acrid is a gun that shoots acid-infused needles. It's a needle gun. They should both be silent IMO. Some people like to collect all the weapons in game. I like to collect all the weird weapons that stand out. These two stand out. But i really want them to be silent without having to waste a mod slot on Suppress. Since they kind of need all the help they can get due to their weird nature. I'm trying to move away from the Meta and towards the obscure. But they still need to be useful.
  9. This still isn't fixed and it's still a huge privacy concern. Why DE is ignoring this. I haven't a clue. It's probably an easy fix.
  10. When you press Logout from your profile menu on your orbiter, it doesn't hide the email address even when "streamer" Creator mode is enabled. So if someone needs to log out and back in, and they go to profile, and logout, and then go to log back in, the email is there for everyone to see. And can be a pretty big privacy problem. And possibly a security problem for those streamers. So this needs to be fixed ASAP. It's only a matter of time before this causes some big problems for someone. edit: this is easily reproducable. With Creator mode enabled, On your orbiter, press escape, then go to the profile section above Options, Then "Logout". Email, definitely visible.
  11. DE, just thought of a change that would make Wisp's #4 feel a bit better. Right now it's a bit underwhelming. It's hard for me to pull out my #4 when my guns do just as much. When normally being fired at specific spot on a wall/ground for more than 2 seconds, have it leave a hot spot on the ground/walls that if an enemy touches, they take additional heat damage. Maybe 1/2 of #4's overall damage per tick for.. 4 seconds. When holding down Left Click for enhanced fire, at a spot for 3 seconds. Have it leave a bigger hotter spot for 15 seconds. If it's only pointed at the spot for 1 second it leaves the smaller hot spot. (With slight 1% self damage) This way a Wisp could super heat an area and create a hot zone that enemies can't enter without getting torched. Heat** damage only, not radiation. (with an exception) It would make sense right? You're firing super heated plasma from the sun.. From the SUN... at a Metal/Rock WALL/Ground... It's going to heat up. **That 1 exception.. Pluto, venus, and europa. IE Ice planets. When it fires at ice/snow. It doesn't have a lasting damage area. Instead just does a 10m/20m radius Blast AOE. Watch out for self damage!(1%) Lastly.. Let us cast our #3 (double radius) while #4 is active. So we can get some damage cascades going.
  12. Same. I bought both of her animations hoping for exactly that. I feel pretty ripped off on that. First time i actually felt scammed by DE. I was like.. "Yay! Wisp movement Animations on Valkyr." and nope. Especially since her movement animations, would work on so many frames. Valkyr, Banshee Deluxe, Ocativa deluxe. Garuda... the list goes on... Titania!
  13. Wish i could say i'm as happy with Wisp as some of the other members. I'm not sure where she'd fit into my lineup. This is all personal opinion and i get some will disagree. But i think many will also agree. Some things i really want changed. This bit would be more of a fix. Health and speed motes don't buff properly. You should always get a health and speed buff of the highest one you pass through. Not the first one you pass through. If you pass through a higher one, it should update it. If mine is a 41% speed buff and my teammates is 51%, if i pass their theirs, my speed mote should drop off and i should grab theirs. And duration needs to change. Right now, you get the duration of the last mote you passed through. But if the last mote i passed through is 15 seconds. But i had 40 seconds when i entered it. It should go back to 40 seconds when i leave it. Meaning it pauses the duration while in the low duration mote. But doesn't reset the duration when i leave, IF the new duration is less than what i had when i entered. If i only had 5 seconds left when entering the 15 second mote, then i get 15 seconds when leaving. IE it doesn't give you less time for passing through another players lower duration mote. And if your motes do fall off, you aren't stuck with the first motes you grab, which might be the lowest %s in the group. I keep having to jump off cliffs and into pits to remove all my buffs so i can grab higher motes that i set aside in the corner of a defense map, when other wisps are in the group. Not sure if it does, but speed mote's fire rate definitely needs to affect sentinel/moa weapons. I thought her shock mote would be dealing damage to compensate for #3's change. No amount of strength makes those useful for AOE damage. They don't feel particularly useful in many missions. Maybe i'm using it wrong, please @ tag me and tell me how it's supposed to be used. The stun doesn't seem effective enough vs ranged enemies at target defense. Maybe in a door way? Be better if it did damage, or stripped shield/armor while stunning. The speed mote. Love it. Needs fixing. The health mote. Love it. Needs same fixing as speed. The shock mote. Hate it. Needs a bit of overhauling imo. #2, i'm trying to use it, this is one of those abilities, that needs minimal power drain, or has power drain dependent on hold time. For short distances, i need it to cost considerably less energy. #3 needs to target ally motes too using their energy color as the teleport reticle. This can get a bit busy when there's a lot of motes in a tiny area, like a defense, but it'd be better in bigger missions.
  14. I can also confirm this bug. Still needs to be dealt with. Though admittedly, it has some interesting side effects, once it glitches out, if i don't have other weapons equipped, all the pellets go into a buffer. And then i can left-click and use it like a continuous full-auto weapon until all the pellets in the buffer are consumed. I could actually charge up many many thousands of pellets. This + Berserker. And if i'm feeling particularly naughty, primed fury, on volt or valkyr or something.
  15. All riven stats should be set to a disposition of 4, and the whole disposition system removed. In theory it's a good system, in practice it isn't. giving a trash weapon a 5 disposition isn't going to make it a good weapon. People don't use those weapons for a reason. Disposition seems to be based on popularity, not on actual performance of a weapon. If it's based on performance of a weapon, then you're just nerfing the good ones that people use, and boosting the trash that people still won't use. In other words, this just hurts older players. people MR 22+
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