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  1. I hope they change this so it can do spy missions again. like OP. i have no trouble hacking spy consoles, and 99% of the time i'll bring helios P, but on grineer tilesets, on super rare occasions, i'll like bringing my moa, just for fun. I like to see just how much of the mission i can "not" do. using a perma-stealth octavia build. So i can end a mission with 0 damage in or out, 0 kills, zero everything down the list, (except abilities used).. and try to see how much of the mission i can bypass. The moa didn't make missions easier, infact it made them harder... but it did make things more interesting.
  2. LazyBunnyKiera

    [Suggestion] ABC Loadouts for Operator Face/color

    That doesn't make sense though. Not having the option doesn't prevent people from changing anything, it just makes it more difficult to change back if they don't like the changes. There's no "You can only change your face once per 72 hours" deals going on. Like i can still change it 50x a day, every day for the next year if i wanted to. There's nothing preventing me from doing that. Like seriously, some players DO change their operator's appearance every couple days. Right now if i want to try a new look, i have to go through, and screenshot every color selection, every face, every hair selection, every slider position, so i know what to click to go back to. So It's not preventing me from changing it back either. Like i can manually do it. It just takes me 5 minutes, instead of half a second to click back to [A]. But imagine if there weren't ABC cosmetic loadouts for anything, and every time you wanted to change your warframe's appearance, you had to manually select every piece, every color option, each time. It would take 5-10 minutes every time. So it's a quality of life change, just making something easier and faster. It's not something that's overwhelmingly special or unique. So DE needs to reconsider it. The thing is, they can always reconsider it and change their position on it. "Change their minds" and add it in. While we're at it, Already you can drag loadouts to switch positions, but i really wish we could duplicate ABC cosmetic/gear loadouts from A->B so if i only want to change 1-2 mods or cosmetic changes, etc, i don't have to reselect every little thing. I'd rather just duplicate them and then make the 1-2 changes. For weapons it's usually just changing 1-2 mods to change an element from like, Corrosive, gas, pure toxin, for my grineer, infested, corpus weapon loadouts.
  3. In the operator, Features Tab, where we select our face, secondary face, skin and hair. I'd like an A B C selection. I'd like to experiment with additional operator designs without messing up my current one. Since it's kind of tricky remembering every color, every little detail. On an semi-related note. Add some more skin tones, especially darker ones that don't end up looking Orange or Olive, or "dusty" but rather a bit more natural.
  4. LazyBunnyKiera

    Staticor Client Side Blast discoloration.

    When host, if you use a staticor, your staticor and other people's staticor blasts will be the correct chosen energy color. However clients will see their energy color, in addition to the default blue color. Included is a screenshot and you'll see 2 colors, though it may be a bit hard to see. I'm intentionally using a VERY dark grey. almost black (actual black has it's own problems).. Because i'm not one of those jerks that wants to flash-bang my teammates. But you can see, the default blue, turned teal, is showing as well. All other clients will see the teal. In a group earlier, With myself and a friend, as host, both of our staticors only flashed our chosen color, BUT my friend, as a client, saw blue/teal within both of our blasts. Either way, the staticor needs to be turned down. It's a good weapon, but it's also a flash-bang. And technically, someone could use a bright color like pure white, or bright green/pink, a harrow or an abusive mirage (don't worry, i'm not one of those people) could probably trigger some serious seizures in people with this thing. Especially a harrow.
  5. LazyBunnyKiera

    Corpus Lockers still bugged.

    Corpus lockers still don't have sufficient indicators. And still don't show when they've been either unlocked, or failed to unlock. If a pet unlocks a locket, it doesn't appear to change at all. Locked lockers should have an Amber Indicator, and failed to unlock lockers should be blank. Where ones that were previously locked (amber), but were then unlocked, should then appear as a normal unlocked locker. Included below is an Unlocked locker, you can see that i have a message to open it, however there is zero indication that it's been unlocked. I just have to guess at it. This is clearly a scripting error, but the other parts are probably art related.
  6. LazyBunnyKiera

    Suggestion: Keybind, Warp pets directly to self.

    We really need this keybind, with the changes to Titania, i've been using her more and more, and like with arcwing, the moa despawns when you go into Razorwing, but when you leave razorwing, the moa pops back in where it first despawned, usually on the other side of the map, so it could take a while before it realizes it's not near the player. If i stand still, it won't come to me at all. i have to run around a good bit before it finally decides to pop over. I like to use the moa to hack stuff since titania, in without her #4 isn't particularly beefy, so i have to keep moving and keep dying. Can't stop to hack. This one could be partially mitigated by having the moa/kavat instantly spawn at titania's location when leaving razorwing like a sentinel would
  7. LazyBunnyKiera

    Simulor can't equip firestorm.

    Neither the synoid nor the normal simulor can equip the Firestorm mod. Patch notes from 24.2.0 Simulor series Changes: Changed from semi auto to automatic. Added a small amount of recoil for feedback when firing. now has proper accuracy stats so mods will effect it Firestorm and Terminal Velocity Mods can now be equipped. Reduced Aim Zoom from 2.23 to 1.6x. Damage-over-Time damage is now affected by +damage mods Updated the overall FX.
  8. The locked lockers are blank, like a failed to unlock locker from master thief or the pet mod. instead of red, so they are kind of hard to spot. Also the unlocked ones need to be either more blue or more green.
  9. LazyBunnyKiera

    Void trader ripoff

    I just wanted to test it and post the results.
  10. LazyBunnyKiera

    Void trader ripoff

    If the images don't show, click the links for a step by step.
  11. LazyBunnyKiera

    Void trader ripoff

    I literally didn't even consider that he may not have ranked it up. now that you mentioned it. i'm thinking @theonetrueboffhead may not even know you can rank up mods. o_o OMG is he in for a surprise.
  12. LazyBunnyKiera

    Void trader ripoff

    I don't know what to tell you, mine is working fine. I even went into the simulacrum and tested it, just for you. And did math too, and i'm lazy, and i don't like doing math. I'm looking at my corinth, puncture only. No other mods on. the base puncture is 226.8. so 226.8 + 90%(204.14) = 430.92, and the weapon is saying 430.9 (it rounds to the nearest 10th. 226.9 + 165%(374.22) = 601.8. the weapon is saying 599.8. not sure why it lost 2 damage, but what ever. 599.8/601.8 is close enough. In the simulacrum, i shot a level 100 crewman, in the head no mods and got 523 damage on the highest pellet. the weapons total damage was 540 with pointblank each pellet said 993 on the highest pellet, total damage of the weapon is 1026. (523+90% = 993.7) With prime point blank 1383(highest pellet) . the total damage from the weapon equaled about 1428 (per pellet) (523+165% = 1386). By highest pellet, i mean damage not added by procs such as slash. So it's working perfectly fine for me. Now maybe yours specifically is bugged, or maybe it's saying it's maxed out, but it's not. Or maybe the enemies have armor, or you're trying to add it with other mods that're giving you false numbers. not all mods that add a damage % do so honestly. But base damage mods like primed point blank and hornet strike and such, are quite honest about it. A dishonest mod, is one like Physique, for aura slots, add 18% of your base health, if your character has 100 base health, it's only adding 18 health. Even if at rank 30 your character has 300 health. Physique will STILL only add 18 health, and isn't affected by, and doesn't affect health mods like vitality, and is probably the worst possible aura mod ever imagined. Even for Inaros it's a terrible mod, you're better off with steel charge or power donation, and then using the extra capacity for more health mods like primed vigor, and/or umbra vitality + umbra fiber. At least then you can fit bigger mods and you get more melee damage.
  13. LazyBunnyKiera

    Suggestion: Keybind, Warp pets directly to self.

    Added some screenshots, i'd like if other people posted screenshots of their companions getting stuck really far away and not teleporting to the player. If we can get enough support, DE won't have much choice but to give in.
  14. LazyBunnyKiera

    Suggestion: Keybind, Warp pets directly to self.

    @Soclever Function keys for example for PC users. Some of these should affect sentinels too. Can be bound to what ever keys, numpad etc. F1 Attack specific target, aim at a target, press F1 and it goes after that target. Make a companion a good hunting buddy for capture missions, let your kubrow go police dog. F2 could rotate between Attack anyone freely, fire at will style. Attack only when the player is attacked or attacking. Passive mode F3 could rotate between Follow Hold Position F4 rotate between long range, close range and melee attacks. I guess it's good for controlling specters for now. F5 Warp to player.
  15. LazyBunnyKiera

    Suggestion: Keybind, Warp pets directly to self.

    @(PS4)haphazardlynamed What if it's a button combo like Select + X+[ ], or for xbox select + A + X I don't play console. So it may just be one of those settings that'd be for the PC, but not for other systems. But a command would work too, /warppet for console users. And a keybind for PC users. After all, we already have a lot more keybinds for stuff, that console users need to move through the menus for. Either way, this has to get fixed. The auto-warp is too finicky and undependable, and even Venari's is terrible. The day before i made my OP here, my venari was stuck about 250m away, and nothing i could do would un-stick her, even going back to her and changing the venari stance didn't work. and i couldn't re-summon her.