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  1. This bug has been present for over a year. I posted several times last year about this bug and not only was nothing ever done, but now the bug is way worse. On top of of it all, my old topics about the bug have been deleted. I just checked my post history. I spend money on this game. I'm tired of PS4 bugs going un-fixed and flat out ignored. These are huge issues that really effect user experience. Every time I sign on for the day I have problems with the first mission. Leaves a S#&$ty taste in my mouth to start my session. Why do you not care about us ps4 users? Why do you not put a dev on this issue and get it resolved? WHHYYYYY? I hate to whine, *@##$, and moan about this, but the fact that is gone completely ignored all this time and its actually gotten worse is like a big middle finger to us PS4 users. So yeah, I love you DE, but god damn you're sucking it up right now this.
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