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  1. If the blinking notification is not up, the site hub.warframestat has a tab with the timer/mission
  2. Anyone knows if these bugs have been adressed? >Entering crewships/bases your weapons will be unmodded ( this is quite annoying especially when going for veil missions); >Your companion (in my case kavats) insta dying out of the blue even when inside the railjack, and not even showing a rez promt
  3. Would be nice if the matchmaking didn't pair me with people that are already down to 100 health failing the mission within the first 3 minutes, about 20 ish pub matches, roughly 15 were boiled down to : Already doomed missions, people literally afk, people too under geared to take down enemies efficiently, players that can't even take arms against level 20 flying enemies. If the issue was a learning curve within this update that'd be fine, but the requirement bar for railjack is too damn low making pub matches a slog. In short, avoid pub, otherwise having a blast in pre mades. Aside some bugs here and there I bloody love this
  4. Nope, quest fully complete in the codex
  5. So, today I got finally my railjack complete, ngl I was quite excited to roam around to see if I could find easter eggs of sorts, aside from the main man void boio in the capsule. Now, I'm all for the lichs and all, those wee greedy bunch, but they are moving up in the world, now they have gotten into shipjacking. After login in again, decided to go back to the railjack and check if we could costumize it (we can't sadly big oof), and surprise surprise, my railjack is gone, fully vanished, not even the prompts to get in show up, if I find the lich that stole my ride I will shove my Nagantaka down his kuva throat. Jokes aside, this is tad bit big of a bug to go un noticed, a whole ass ship gone, if anything the resources which I really don't feel like re farm, well, doesn't give me an option to rebuild another railjack regardless.
  6. Thanks, I hate it. Nerfed the only thing to make the third bar bearable. Brute force will still be the best method then, cool beans. Side note, the experimental thing, it's actually pretty great, curious to see how it will develop even more in the near future
  7. "Instead of each Murmur requiring the same amount of Hints, the first and second Murmur require 60% of what they used to, with the last Murmur requiring 140%." Bruh, so brute forcing it by trial and error is even better now? Ok then
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