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  1. Tl;dr Consoles need to get a confirmation from third parties in order to ship X update, they could fix the prices across all platforms if Pc was to wait till the console fix and then extend this event time
  2. 100p for 1 roomba but 400p for 6? This math ain't adding up lads
  3. Maybe with this delay it's time that Baro brings some leaked items, like a certain kavat bust + prisma AW weapon
  4. So, seems that not just me that have the ephemera drop broken, my gf got it, while I've been in the stream since the very start and nothing. My twitch/WF accounts have been linked for 2y by now, always worked well. Was going to try and disconect/link again but wf site is down
  5. Exactly, new players, I'm talking about for people that pretty much already cleared it
  6. So, for people that already cleared this intermission, could we get atleast the "prestige" thing? Otherwise there isn't much reason to do it during this next week
  7. +following because same, missing over hundred achivements in steam when in game it's 90-100% (even getting a new achivement ie. stay frosty, it didn't trigger the old achivements to pop up as complete over steam) edit: Doesn't bother me much this , however due to the recent steam "event" it would be quite nice if this had been fixed already, from what I've seen this miss-sync has been a thing for +2y (?)
  8. So in tl;dr, I no longer need to use recruit chat? Back to solo mode I guess
  9. So, my only complaint so far is wth is wrong with the rewards? The mods I don't mind honestly, they are sort of cool and pretty gucci, but relics? That's a kick in the gut, rewards influence a lot the replayability of a game mode, not mention when there's a clan endurance event running. Other than this, some bugs here and there but enjoying quite a lot the overall update. (edit) I'm loving this boss battle, short and sweet, the mini cinematics that it has, hel yes, I need more of this. On top of all, it's quite fun to do it, ain't getting tired of ridding it while singing in my head "ram ranch"
  10. Yo, anyone else having download issues? My speed just want from 4Mbps down to 50kbps out of nowhere
  11. Senpai teasing us like there's not tomorrow
  12. Giving specific deadlines (in this case a specific day) is a big no no from DE's part, that never ends well
  13. Inb4 they are curing their hangover from yesterday
  14. Even if it does not drop today, an update on the build/state of the content would be nice
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