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  1. Gauss could really use some new skins, I like the Agito one on the workshop, even though he doesn't have his own section and I'm not sure if it has a redline form but if it does and it's complete that'd be really cool. I'm not a huge an of the mag helmet and I don't have any other options. I'd really like any kind of sentai-esque helmet for gauss though. I hope if he doesnt get anything for tennogen that DE's working on something anyway. He's definitely my favorite/most fun frame by far, I can't wait till he gets augments too
  2. I just wanted to throw this idea out there if no one has really thought of it yet. I think it'd be a dope addition, also considering Gauss has basically no options currently for cosmetics other than the mag helmet which im not super fond of, whereas I'm actually super cool with the way his body looks i apologize for my terrible handwriting and crappy art, I have basically no artistic talent whatsoever Basically the ideaa is that when he goes into redline, as opposed to his usual mustache, flames could vent out of the areas in black, so it would look something like this the "antennae" would fold up and the vents on his face could fold slightly inward, kinda like an air conditioner or something, and the one spine by his forehead would fold outward also, is this even the proper place to post just a concept?
  3. the community has seemed pretty wholesome to me, far more wholesome than any other MMO ive ever played tbh. generally friendly, sometimes just quiet; the worst of what ive seen is on the forums idk where the scamming thing is coming from, and i barely ever trade rivens or feel the need to trade rivens or any of that, so i have no idea what fiasco youre talking about. i have a huge amount of respect for DE, for making this game pretty playable without spending any money on the game (though spending money makes it a little easier). the only thing that sucks is that i've been waiting for a 75% plat discount for a while now because I want to spend money on the game but I haven't gotten one in months. its not even for forma or rushing things either, I literally just want to buy skins i dont agree with the elitism of common "pay to win" arguments. this is a cooperative game and in general, most people dont have as much time as many of the people who are geared or endgame or basically any higher percentile in general, unrelated to actual skill. the only thing the people who spend their time working and have expendable income that the people who dont work as much is money, and thats more or less the tradeoff as i see it. if youre complaining about the game being "pay to win" on technicality, thats it. technicalities are worthless though; and in reality, its basically insane to ever argue that DE should provide servers, development etc. for free, without ever making any money. they have to make money, none of this would be possible without money. if you take issue with the fact that its "pay to win" then what is the alternative? its a far better system than ive seen in anything else. DE not making money isn't an option, and it could be far worse than it currently is. if you dont take issue with the fact that its "pay to win" then what was the point of complaining about it in the first place?
  4. I would prefer this, because I actually deliberately use my middle mouse button for heavies and my melee key for doing combos, and nothing inbetween yet I perform unintended heavy attacks which eat up my combo counter
  5. I'm not sure what you're trying to add with this reply. That he has enough melee damage or something? I'd say that isn't really the point of concern really, because its an augment mod, so it'd be replacing something. If his 1 could be used to more effect without crashing into the environment it might make it more fun to use, and less situational. It'd probably feel more fluid if mach rushing through enemies cut/stun/staggered them rather than knock them over too. I'm actually pretty satisfied with his speed if I'm going to be honest, but I don't even really know what exactly adds to his mach rush, so I just build as much sprint speed as I can. It would make him really odd to play outside of free roam if you build him with so much speed that he just kind of becomes difficult to control in narrow corridors. I feel like unless people try really hard to outrun me, I still beat them to any location, but maybe that's just my own experience because I don't hold the key down, so I burst down hallways and turn on a dime. I don't really fully understand how "gauss is acceleration and volt is raw speed", but I think mods in general should affect the actual speed of his movement, or sprint speed mods (if they don't already) since it doesn't appear in any list I can see ingame when I apply them. I still think Gauss should be the fastest frame in any case, not considering straight out teleporting; which you can't really compete with in any case regardless but has other limitations.
  6. I think that whenever they add augments for Gauss' abilities, one of them should be an augment for mach rush that makes it so that enemies charged through are struck with a melee attack of the equipped melee weapon, possibly with some kind of damage multiplier and maybe an increase in energy consumption or something for balancing; be it nikana or galatine or whatever. One of the reasons I like Gauss is for utilizing his dash to close gaps, but it feels weird that I more or less only knock people down rather than actually hurt them by charging through them. I typically knock them over with a short dash then turn around and melee as they ragdoll towards me, but it still feels relatively unsatisfying when I don't think it should have to. Though, really my opinion on this extends to all movement in this game. IMO momentum is something that should be greatly accounted for but currently isn't. For all the speed and mobilty certain frames have or just through their ability to leap and such in general, you can barely utilize any of that beyond just getting around. I think adding momentum multipliers similar to games like Mount & Blade (just as an example; I'm quite aware Warframe has more or less nothing in common with it) would make movement in general make more sense as far as meleeing is concerned and it would make accurately timed strikes in mid air or mid charge a little more rewarding as well. This is also something that kind of occurred to me for slam attacks. It doesn't really make sense that a slam from several hundred meters in the air would do the same amount of damage as one performed barely above the ground.
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