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  1. Well apparently the rewards you see during the End of Mission screen are ordered alphabetically rather than by actual level of importance. If you sort by either IMPORTANCE or NAME, pretty much the same thing happens. You can also see this happen when you try to exchange Toroids for standing in the syndicate screen for example. Toroid types are ordered alphabetically rather than by the actual amount of standing they give. This UI just a mess...
  2. It's been fixed. It just wasn't put in the patch notes.
  3. I can confirm Virtuos Shadow has been fixed.Tested both in Simulacrum and Poe, Void Dashing into an enemies head procs Shadow again. Thanks a ton DE, crisis averted! 🙂
  4. Proccing Virtuos Shadow with operator dash doesnt work, please fix.
  5. Can confirm, also happened to me. Tried both in simulacrum against vomvalysts and in PoE and it didn't proc. Propa is crazy unreliable now without the buff, please fix.
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