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  1. Kinda have to agree here. Transitioning between the different modes was way more fluid before the fix. This is one of the rare cases where the "bugged" movement felt better than the intended movement. In general I dont understand why DE wants to stop us dead in our tracks when entering void mode. It really goes against the principles of WF's fluent movement system of chaining together movement tricks to traverse maps as smooth as possible.
  2. They are supposed to take that many hits. A mainline bug caused synovia's to take more damage than they were supposed to but this was fixed in yesterdays 25.7.6 hotfix. Now synovia's have the intended damage reduction applied to them again.
  3. How about yes? Trivializing content even further in an already super easy game like WF is not fun... Even in a power fantasy game atleast SOME difficulty has to remain.
  4. Please fix the reduced damage reduction on eidolon limbs for next hotfix. :( Eidolons are one of the few pieces of difficult content left in WF, but this damage reduction bug is sucking the last bit of challenge out of it. All the optimizations are much appreciated though, game continues to run like a dream.
  5. All the fixes are much appreciated, like operator momentum, dual oculus glass and toroids, but the medallion change doesnt make sense to me. Why would I now grind Disruption over and over for that 5% C rotation drop chance when I can farm thousands of guaranteed standing in dedicated syndicate missions every day? This reward is dead on arrival now.
  6. Glass material on operator accessories is currently broken/too dark, as well as metallics having lost most if not all reflectivity. Just look at the rectangular metallic handle on her shoulder. Lighting is also too dim and makes colors in the orbiter and arsenal look desaturated and dull. I would strongly suggest NOT trying to fix this with these trail-and-error type hotfixes like 25.7.1. Please take your time finding the cause of these issues or just revert the changes for the time being even if it will be a huge PITA to do. Both 25.7.0 and 25.7.1 were both WAY overtuned trying to fix it and only made the problem worse to be honest. As much of a meme "fashionframe is endgame" might be, cosmetics are a big part of what makes WF and DE stay afloat financially and a lot of ppl are rightfully mad their fashion got messed up.
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