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  1. Lewtenant

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    We're gonna have to wait for her to drop to judge these effects. From the stream it seems like anything that shields and energy are now the same. Reb mentioned that quick thinking could interact with this shield mechanic. Magnetic procs are the real concern here since they take out the 75% of shield capacity, so her 5k shield is pointless. Mag procs also do 100 energy/proc so they could even do double damage. Arcane nullifier will probably be mandatory. However if that 4.5k shield unmodded is real, that's bonkers EHP. Redirection and primed flow could scale independently, giving her 10k's of shield to melt through. If shield gating prevents health damage before shields than toxin and slash procs aren't a concern. Hunter adrenaline and rage might work, which could remove the recharge delay of the shield since she gained energy if she ever runs out of shields. We also have incredible ways to restore shields already. Arcane barrier exists, so instantly regening full shields would be pretty broken. The rakta dark dagger finisher on a rad proc'd enemy would instantly restore full shields and overshields. Syndicate procs to restore shields. The augur mods set/aura, which for initial ability casts wouldn't cost shields but give her more shields as she spammed abilities. The raksa kubrow would constantly instantly give her shields and would have super shields with link shields on, or the sentinel mod to fully restore shields on depletion (guardian), if she ever runs out. Her base shield regen will be in the 100's with her massive shield pool, and could be triggered by any of these shield gaining effects. Energizing dash could eliminate the energy regen delay entirely. A capacitance volt, an EV trin, harrow, or octavia would give her shields, energy or both, making her extremely tanky. With every weakness shields have there are a ton of ways that hyldren could be broken on release pending how DE interacts with these other abilities. Arcane energize would double energy/shield regen with energy pulse also. A mandatory arcane is probably magus glitch to keep her from getting transference static.
  2. Lewtenant

    So...is the Gaze is that bad?

    It has a few problems: It's only slightly better damage/damage type than the synoid gammacor, but doesn't have a channeling penetrating energy restore. It's a puncture based beam weapon, so status is pointless. Beam weapons have a high fire rate, so status is usually good, but not as good as discrete weapons. Status limitations: For projectile weapons status increases multishot, but not for beam weapons. Multishot only increases damage. So a rattleguts with high fire rate and multishot will proc more status than the beam weapon. Building the beam weapon for status gimps crit chance and damage, meaning you can't capitalize on the primed crit mods. Secondaries also have the highest modded multishot and firerate with double barrel and lethal torrent getting 180% MS and 60% fire rate. It's range limitations came out during an open world expansion. You need more than 41 meters of hurt for vallis enemies and orbs. The ramp up for beam weapons mean you need to hold your lazer pointer on your target before it melts. Faster time to kill for other kritguns. Too much precision: you have pintpoint accuracy in short range, where you want to have cone of damage. This is why heavy caliber is good on an ignis or an amprex. So it's outclassed by other beam weapons, it's outclassed in status as a beam weapon, it does crap damage that needs to ramp up, you can't shoot distant targets in an open world, and it doesn't have damage spread like every single other kitgun. I've gotten 2 kitgun rivens, both are for the gaze. I can't make that pile of garbage work to save my life. Rattleguts is my baby for now.
  3. Lewtenant

    Melee 3.0 - Quick Switching

    Nah I agree with OP. I have Q mapped to equip melee. Controllers should be able to do it too. Just map one of the D pad directions. I just hope hitting Q is sped up now. I'd like to equip melee instantly and start blocking. Also this way I can switch back to my gun without shooting it, assuming firing starts when you left click.
  4. Lewtenant

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    Baruuk is faulty for 3 reasons: 1) Old Mate: In order to get past tier 2 of Vox solaris standing you have to rank up to old mate in Fortuna, and then rank up to Hand in Vox solaris to get Baruuk. That's 400,000 standing of just thresholds to reach in factions before you earn a warframe. No other warframe is locked behind almost maxing not 1 but 2 factions! Garuuda farm was locked behind tier 4 gems with Solaris United, which was frustrating when she came out. This is especially egregious for the switch because they literally just got Fortuna last week. They are just starting the old mate grind, and most of their player base is new aside from the PC account migrations. Additionally they should be getting Baruuk very soon, since the bulk of the update latency was built around getting the Fortuna landscape to run on the switch's mobile GPU. 2) Vox standing rewards: the blueprint is tier 3, and the components are tier 4, which is backwards. You can't start building the frame until the components are done, and you have to farm the toroids and alloys to get the frame. It should be components tier 3, blueprints tier 4, so you can build the components as you rank up. 3) Hespazym alloy: you need about 160 for baruuk, but the problem here is that resource drop chance boosters make farming this alloy worse. There have been many complaints about alloy farming due to the low drop rates in comparison to gems, and resource drop chance boosters tilt the tables further in favor of gems. Resource boosters are the only effective augments to farm baruuk. I crafted baruuk after making every kit gun, every moa, and every k drive. I mined their resources myself. I still had to farm almost all of that hespazym alloy exclusively for baruuk, even though I only needed it for one k drive that I remember. It took me 2 hours to get that alloy straight mining with a resource booster, not a drop chance booster, and that was pretty egregious given the dozens of rare gems I accrued during that time. I know the hyldren thread isn't the best place to list all this, which is why I have done so in other threads in the forums and on the reddit. However, one thing DE almost never changes is how a frame is farmed (frost/excal/trin are the only changes I know of). When hyldren is introduced, she should not be part of vox solaris standing rewards because of the old mate requirement. There's no reason for the old mate requirement for heists other than to artificially pad update time. We didn't have to wait for Suraah to use the quills or fight any of the tiers of eidolons.
  5. Lewtenant

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Can resolute focus work on velocitus and corvas charged shots?
  6. Lewtenant

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    If you had to be suraah with cetus before you could do orb vallis content then the kitguns and moas would be a baruuk level grind. That's not the case. Also Trinity is easy to get because other players can taxi you to the pluto assassinate. Also trinity prime is available through twitch prime.
  7. Lewtenant

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    People will grind standing, to a point. How many people actually have full elevate sets? How many people have full exodia sets from operation standing? We don't actually know these stats. There's a limit to these things, and this is the first syndicate and mission to lock mission content behind another faction grind wall. Yeah we don't think of this because we were playing and maxed imperium standing before vox. Also can we just acknowledge that Baruuk's blueprints are backwards?! The blueprint is at the lower stage, and the components are at the next tier. It should be the opposite, so people can farm the materials for the components and build them before getting the damn blueprint. You gotta put the carrot close to the horse to make it run man. Putting 400k standing between a player and 1 warframe is obscene. It's the longest time to farm of any frame, by far (now that khora's drop rates are fixed). Just cause you already had solaris standing maxed before vox was even locked it doesn't feel as awful.
  8. You can already do this with gun blades. They're the only melee that can charge attack from a quick melee.
  9. Lewtenant

    If umbra forma -

    Umbral Frost. Frosts snowglobe scales off of strength and armor so the umbral mods are a massive buff to his strongest ability. He's tanky so he takes the extra health and armor like a champ. Strength is great to crack armor with avalanche. If the forma actually gives an umbral passive, then frost is also a great pick. Spamming his 2 to CC enemies and then sitting in his 3 as operator is awesome.
  10. For controller alt fire is clicking the right thumbstick. Quick melee is B button. Can't press both at once. For PC makes sense though.
  11. Lewtenant

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    Saryn farm is fine. You get a taxi to hydron, get carried by some pubs through the arena, and then run the fight a few times and you have her crafting. What I'm saying is that people should be able to start playing this game, set a goal to farm something, and be able to farm it. If I want gara or revenant I can do their little quest, and then grind their parts. There's minimal MR blockage in farming it. Baruuk is blocked behind 400,000 accummulative standing. Relative to every single other frame in the game, he requires by far the most grind of anything. The more you require prior content to access new content, the more of a slog this game becomes to choose how they want to play, and even eliminates player choice in how they spend their time. I can swing my 4 year old account all I want, but if I introduce a friend to the game, I don't want to explain to them that they need to play for months to get one warframe. That's not how this game has worked in the past, and it shouldn't persist.
  12. Lewtenant

    Weapon exilus slot

    Primaries and secondaries need a way to deal with mod drain if you're adding another slot. Melees have stances, which are fantastic for soaking up additional mod drain. Paracesis's mod capacity is the most beautiful thing in this game, but I can't stuff any more mods on it.
  13. Drahk Master's that steel your equipped gun normally have a waypoint where the gun drops. Was running sedna interception and my rattleguts kitgun was stolen. No waypoint. Didn't get it back until extraction. This has been a bug since November. Either stop Drahk master's from stealing kitguns, or let kit guns get picked up.
  14. Lewtenant

    Archgun problem

    Is the archgun deployer item in your gear wheel from the arsenal? That needs to be added to the gear wheel as well. I hope you chose the imperator vandal or the corvas for that first gravimag!
  15. That's actually part of the problem of letting vet players play these things first. Your farmers, min maxers, and the sweatiest tenno play the fight first. They trivialize the fight before any other average joe even plays it, and then the average joes chime in with the vets saying: BOSS TOO EASY 80 SECONDS! Running a chroma, orberon, rhino in a public squad is more like a 5-10 minute fight, which feels pretty good IMO. The shield gating sucks. The 5 minute timer can go rot in a ditch. But a 5-10 minute fight isn't bad. The devs put out this update, and they get feedback from a small vocal fraction of the population, instead of general audiences. Your balance argument is totally justified anything maxed out trivializes everything else, but I think this vets first argument produces biased opinions of new content. I do think that all players should have the same standing cap, that's my opinion. The sheer scale of difference in standing rate based on MR however is astronomical. At around MR 12 you really hit your power spike regarding weapons and warframes. You have your buff frame forma'd, you have access to those big meaty crit weapons, and you may even have a couple busted rivens. Those MR's should be able to earn about he same amount of standing as high MR players, but they are restricted to half that amount! Just because I have more mastery fodder in my trash pile shouldn't mean I get to earn more money than you.