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  1. It has been a week now. They said they would get the stuff done today in yesterday's reddit post. DE hasn't posted anything on it being delayed, and they haven't even posted about the devstream tomorrow yet. If DE wasn't ready for the event they shouldn't have posted the update in the first place. They could have done a mainline without the thermia event. We had the double affinity weekend, twitch drops campaign, mainline with Revenant's sword, all last weekend, but they added hyldrin and the exploiter in on this update. They shouldn't have had the buried debts trailer saying play today, if I coudn't play today. They shouldn't have had hyldrin's profile if I can't farm hyldrin yet. But they did. They did and they should know that it wasn't a good thing.
  2. Is the boss fight even in game yet, or do we need another 2.7 GB update to fight this mother? I know we still can't enter the code that we solved a couple days ago, for hashes that I scanned 5 days ago, for a warframe that came out 7 days ago. I understand you want to time gate hyldrin, but can I just kill the spider? I want to kill it with fire, so bad. How glitchy is this fight going to be? Were the knockdowns from profit taker moved to the exploiter? I'm sorry for the salt, but please don't artificially gate community goals with pokemon snap style objectives that lack any in game clues to their location. You guys ARG'd in game content, not some lore tidbits like fortuna's release, and it's not a good look.
  3. At least I won't be missing anything to play Anthem loading screen simulator with Warframes javelins. Good luck with the mainline!
  4. Can resolute focus work on velocitus and corvas charged shots?
  5. The run time for tier 2 is about 5 minutes, for a 7.5% chance of systems. The orb fight takes about 6-8 minutes with a pub squad, and the repeller drop system rate is slightly higher. Plus you get way more standing guaranteed with crisma toroids. I dunno why people don't farm systems there. You also get the chance for critical focus, which is an awesome arch gun crit mod.
  6. Well the drop pools are already pretty padded with these drops. >40% of the drop table for the profit taker fight is between gyro atmos and repeller. I'd rather be able to farm the archwing mods easier. I've only spammed the orb fight with no resource booster to get to shadow, baruuk, and a couple full sets of arcanes. Still no critical focus.
  7. The orb fight is outstanding credit farm that rivals the index, while earning faction standing and rare mods for arch guns. Once you are shadow there is still about 1 million standing in upgrades to purchase when it comes to max ranking the arcanes available and building the new tier 7 amps. The drop rate of repeller was low to gate earning standing, and it took 2 drops to rank up. For these reasons I disagree with you.
  8. Did they actually make the null star antimatter drop color match the color of tint 4, or is it stuck as gold? Rhino's iron skin is the best example of a prime recolor. Frosts ice wave has gold spikes in it no matter what accent you use, which is cosmetically unfavorable.
  9. Since arbitrations are drop limited to 10 waves/minutes/2 interceptions, you will get at maximum 6 drops if you start at the top of the hour. However, with announcements, your best comment of the stream, and the art panel, you will probably only see ABCC. Good luck with those 2-3% mod drop rates!
  10. Speaking of diarrhea. Can we look at the poopy regeneration rate of rattleguts with pax charge? It burns through ammo faster than the gaze yet has the same regen rate.
  11. Jupiter tileset rework was mentioned to follow fortuna soon. Is that this year or something on the same timeline as Melee 3.0?
  12. Could garuda's blood altar be sped up by killing or shooting the enemy? This way people can't delay stages of defense missions with high duration on the blood altar ability.
  13. Will kitgun primaries use Pax Arcanes? What's the deal with the Jupiter tileset rework? Can we get a look at the December prime access?
  14. Can we get deadzone settings? Why do we have horizontal and veritical deadzones on the joycons? Can we give L a hold to crouch instead of hold crouch & press to roll?
  15. What is the status of Melee 3.0? Arch gun weapons replacing primary/secondary slot? Can we skip the gilding process for modable weapons since it is still just an unnecessary step? Can the paw prints be integrated into the map in the UI settings so we don't need the tranq gun out? Can the paw prints show what type of animal before we find the poop? Are we getting operator melee with vox solaris or just amps? What is in the Orokin Dig site? Can frost umbra be used as part of the research for terraforming venus?
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