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  1. Lewtenant

    Atlas Landslide and Mods that work with it

    Covert lethality should do nothing as long as you aren't performing a finisher. Are you enemies in the simulacrum AI frozen cause that can multiply damage 8 fold and possibly trigger some finisher effects. That being said don't mod covert lethality to an atlas build. Stick with raw damage. Get a killer skana/jaw sword riven and punch the world to death.
  2. Lewtenant

    Mesa Prime Umbral Build?

    Mesa is already very tanky with her 3 and I build more efficiency than power strength. I'm sure people that umbral her use vitality and intensity, probably skipping fiber. Her current build and prime build will be the same, hopefully with less forma.
  3. DE should talk to players about what is happening with existing mods in game and their interaction with melee weapons. Will life strike/dispatch overdrive/other channeling mods only available in devil trigger stance? Will blood rush apply to light attacks, heavy attacks, or both? Crit chance: maiming strike/true steel * blood rush or + blood rush? Same for gladiator set. Will quick melee swap speed scale with weapon swap speed mods since quick melee and melee swap are integrating? What is happening to focus waybounds for channeling (zenurik), and combo counter (naramon)? Will we be able to block with one handed weaopns when we have a secondary weapon active? Will blocking attacks always cost energy? Can we still shoot while blocking? Reach: is it for heavy attacks light attacks, or both? If I have a syndicate bonus on my secondary and my melee, which one will proc? Are exodias getting reworked (brave, epidemic [heavy ground slam or quick ground slam?]) DE announced melee 3.0 about a year ago now, and they have talked about overarching changes to stances, swapping weapons, and channeling. I get that the update isn't ready yet. Stances are incredibly complicated in animation and that is taking forever. However, if they are making another damage 2.5 here players should be able to provide constructive feedback. There is so much here to discuss, and the longer DE puts it off the longer it will take to implement. If you have dedicated people working on melee 3.0 (and you do) those people should work outside of a vacuum, and have community dialogue to improve the system.
  4. Lewtenant

    we need a primed streamline

    There's a pax arcane that increases efficiency by another streamline. It's called pax bolt, and it's 100,000 standing from fortuna. It also increases strength by 30%.
  5. Lewtenant

    what if prime frames had a free slot for augments

    No. Unfair to other frames that won't be primed for years. Power creep. etc.
  6. Lewtenant

    Lets Discuss the Mesa prime accessory pack

    Most of the criticism i'm reading is that operator cosmetics aren't a good prime access reward. I almost bought zephyr prime access for the commodore operator armor, thinking it was one of the best kiddo outfits. Is the criticism that it is only headgear, or that people think it is bad looking headgear? This fashion criticism hasn't been constructive. Also, aren't we early to critique accessories until they are available in game? The syndana for limbo prime access was not pictured as advertised. People should wait until 12/18 to really crap on these cosmetics. The images aren't flattering, but neither is most fashion frame I see anyway (shots fired people with titania noble on every single frame.)
  7. Lewtenant

    Christmas Color Palette?

    Did I miss the palette for 4th this year? I think they stopped doing it after people complained about having the American flag in their arsenal. They do it for the French independence day now if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Lewtenant

    Warframe Prime Time #227: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Speaking of diarrhea. Can we look at the poopy regeneration rate of rattleguts with pax charge? It burns through ammo faster than the gaze yet has the same regen rate.
  9. Lewtenant

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Jupiter tileset rework was mentioned to follow fortuna soon. Is that this year or something on the same timeline as Melee 3.0?
  10. Lewtenant

    K-Drive Screen zooming in Plains

    K-drive flips with right click zoom in everywhere, when you are at top speed (wind stream visual on screen border). I didn't observe it until I got terminal velocity, nitro boost, and grind speed increase mods, but it is there and it's a crappy feature. You don't want to run a max speed k-drive simply because of this bug, and it takes the fun out of doing tricks.
  11. Lewtenant


    I want momentum on my heavy weapons. If I need to take time to swing a hammer I don't wanna get interrupted.
  12. Lewtenant

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Could garuda's blood altar be sped up by killing or shooting the enemy? This way people can't delay stages of defense missions with high duration on the blood altar ability.
  13. Lewtenant

    Moa equipped weapon does not gain shared affinity [Fixed]

    Let's fix the duplicate mod thing here on sentinel weapons too. While we are at this, can we get claws/jaw weapons for beasts? I wanna throw bite, maul, frost jaws, hunter recovery, strip armor, hunter synergy, etc. on my cat/dog without dropping mods for survivability, utility, mech, and tech mods. I know it could be considered powercreep but heck they don't have the AI to kill most enemies, let alone move anyway.
  14. Lewtenant

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    Will kitgun primaries use Pax Arcanes? What's the deal with the Jupiter tileset rework? Can we get a look at the December prime access?
  15. Eidolon class focus lenses kept me running tier 5 bounties to lens equipment. A fortuna equivalent/side grade would incentivize still running bounties. Fortuna reduced the grind for single use items: medical debt bonds to rank up, set mods, relics, and standing, which is fantastic! Additionally, farming standing is easy by running conservation runs and effective. These are good things that should not be nerfed/avoided in the future. However, why bother doing these bounties once you have these rewards? It took me months to get the set mods in the plains (frustrating), but I also occasionally got eidolon lens blueprints which were fantastic for focus farming gear. Eidolon lens blueprints only come from the tier 5 bounties, no other way to farm them. It gave that extra incentive to run bounties instead of fishing. I'll keep going back to bounties for prime access, and fortuna part II electric boogaloo, but there is no consistent reason to run the bounties aside endo and kuva rewards, which are already in place through sorties, arbies, and siphons/floods. What would you guys like to see in the high tier bounty rewards? We don't have a furax wraith equivalent here, either.