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  1. I Run a Triple Monitor Setup I got 3x a resolution of 2560x1440 in Landscape Nvidia Surround mode wich results in 48:9 resolution with beezel corrected up to 7850x1440 so here is my Problem: Pls do Fix that i can Move the HUD Borders to my center Display, In screenshots i attached Links, the black borders is the beezel corrected dead zone. Options menu: https://imgur.com/8MqLNtT Pls do this! https://imgur.com/ss5ygQY While ingame pls do this: https://imgur.com/Espz481 Thanks in advance for supportin this Triple monitor Setup!
  2. New Patch brings bad stuff with it for me sadly... Before patch: https://imgur.com/aDPlerO after patch i have this annoying white bar on bottom and right side: https://imgur.com/AoYrQUR after patch white annying bar even ingame and after veryfi game data: https://imgur.com/iNixXkB sorry DE pls fix it
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