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  1. Then you just ritualistically sacrifice yourself on the spot.
  2. The root problem is the scaling. But of course we all know DE are never going to touch that with a ten foot pole.
  3. This is the feedback section my friend :) I posted feedback, not whining. Nor did I demand anything I said that IMO he could do with a tweak. Opinion =/= Demand/Request Then please, show me what skill with Harrow is. After all, if you are so good, it should not be a problem at all for you to prove it. I'll happily admit how lacking in skill I am, if you back up your belittling with some evidence. I'm not a prideful moron Sure. This is my current in-flux build, while I figure out what type of approach I like best. I'll be taking out Natural Talent and Energy Siph
  4. Not begging. You're free to do what you want my friend :) Just asking you to back up your boasts. When you put yourself forward, yes you do. That's basic logic. Can handle a Kuva Flood just fine. Just saying it was a particular pain in the behind with Harrow. Anyway, my offer still stands, if you wish to prove me wrong when I say you are in fact lying about your skill and completely suck using Harrow in high levels.
  5. Huh. Guess he wasn't such an expert after all. Oh well.
  6. I'm not being hostile. I'm genuinely asking to be shown how its done by a supposed expert. If he doesn't want to do it (because he actually can't) then he shouldn't blow his own trumpet, since all that does is make him look very silly. As Jamie Lannister once said - "Only a fool makes threats he's not prepared to carry out." Precisely. Only it's more reliable. But it sacrifices the only defense Harrow has; his shields and Harrow just cannot trade hits with enemies. I find it's not worth it personally so I use Life Strike. That way I don't have to sacrifice anything and get
  7. I mostly had trouble because I was busy trying to get Thurible up in order to use condemn. Penance I don't use because it takes away all shields which is the only thing Harrow has going for him most of the time, even though they are terrible. That would be decent. Still don't know why Harrow came out with a central ability that can be stopped by a small ledge or a tree. Not really. Quite a few frames thrive just as well in the plains as they do in regular missions. Still, pointing out that other things are bad, suddenly doesn't excuse another bad thing. DE are still looking at
  8. Thanks I'll be playing around with his builds a bit more. I really want to like Harrow since I do like a bit of a challenge, but like I said I feel like he's missing something. Suppose I'll either encounter some sort of breakthrough, or failing that just continue to stick by my opinion that he needs a bit of a tweak. Wouldn't mind seeing how @(PS4)RenovaKunumaru plays Harrow, since he's apparently a very good player with him. But I suppose that depends on whether or not he wishes to put his money where his mouth is and so far he hasn't replied to my request of a survival.
  9. I play Banshee a lot, so he should be at least familiar. But something just feels off with him, like he's missing something.
  10. Well, now I know for certain that's you're a very mature and level headed person. Perhaps later on you can show me how to "git gud" with Harrow by accompanying me in a high level Void survival?
  11. This is a really good solution. It would definitely have to be looked at more in-depth but as an idea it would take a just a little off the unnecessary pressure, but still leave enough there for it to feel like a good challenge. I'm of a different mind, but I respect your opinion. If the toggle Penance and Thurible were implemented and his 1st was changed so that it doesn't stop when it goes over a hill or hits a small rock, he would be a very good frame IMO.
  12. Yea he's good in hunting squads, but not much else in the Plains. Practised with Harrow a fair bit before taking him into the high level mission. Also, you realise this is the feedback section yes? So instead of being sarcastic and boiling down/brushing off my feedback as complaining, why don't you actually be mature and address my post properly.
  13. Don't want an easy mode. Just asking that Harrow gets a little more to his name so that he isn't superfluous to frames like Banshee, his "big sister" you could say.
  14. Very probably. And that's the issue I have with Harrow; he's just unnecessarily stressful to use. His 1 may be one of the best corridor CCs in-game. Put him in an open section or, gods forbid, the Plains and that power just falls flat. Banshee's CC is far more reliable and the stun is great. I suppose Harrow is more suited to corridors, while Banshee is suited for anything. Which just only further highlights my "Why bother with second best?" notion. He's like Micro-Micro-Management the frame.
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