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  1. I’m questioning what on earth you’re going on about with that post.
  2. You want the latest updates, pull your finger out and go buy a decent PC. Stop whinging and be grateful that DE are trying to get updates out to us faster.
  3. Its from the Donwyn Glyph pack, which I think was a limited valentines day glyph pack in the market unfortunately.
  4. Looking forward to adding my royal purple onto Umbra's scarf. This is probably the first time I've considered not using a syandana on a Warframe. With Umbra it seems a little overkill.
  5. Seriously, anyone who gets that hyped needs help. It's a one hour quest, not the Philosopher's Stone.
  6. Huh, well I know when I'm wrong. How weird that they released an update that late.
  7. What update did they roll out in the early morning and what day did they do it? If it was on a Friday then that's understandable, since it's the weekend and all. But during a weekday seems a little odd.
  8. I think they can get away with not changing much. After all, Umbra has different stats and so does his EB. So it's technically not copying the Founder gear.
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