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  1. So... I recently finally got the War BP from our stalker friend. And realized I still need my second broken war to build it with. So, I decided to farm some Conculysts for the parts and found out, over the course of about a dozen runs of Plato, that the Oculysts were not showing up despite the standard Oculyst message. In different attempts I tried killing faster, not killing, killing slowly while running around like mad through rooms in hopes they were just appearing father away. Nothing I did changed the outcome, my assumption is that there might be some sort of bug that is preventing the Oculysts from spawning. Update: I ran a total of somewhere between 30-40 runs of Plato by the end of the night and had 6 runs where the Oculysts showed up as normal and I was able to successfully trigger the Sentient spawn. I have been running with Nekros for Desecrate but have not tried a frame with large aoe like Saryn in attempts to trigger any Oculysts that might be clipped through or behind walls of the maps.
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