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  1. So, another random thought that may have no basis in reality; Umbra was a Dax, right? His son was a Dax. Ballas told the Umbra he would use all his bloodline for the experiments. Fast-forward to Duviri Paradox, Operator in their 'true(?)' form, Void storms, and the zombie Dax roaming the land. So, what if the zombie Dax, are the remains of those who were turned into Warframes, the part the Orokin couldn't control? Their minds and humanity stripped away and tossed into the void to be forgotten, before the Void-children come back and tame them? Again, could be completely off point from the dev's intent, but the Void-worm-thing shown in the video seems to have relevance, and also bears an uncanny resemblance to the smaller void-worm-thing you have to tame to learn transferrence in The War Within quest. Seems like there's too many links there to completely ignore, and if so then it might also have something to do with how future Umbra's are introduced to the game.
  2. This might be completely absurd, but what if they were all the same Tenno? I know being an MMO type game means they technically are but the story assumes differently, but the way Onko talks about multiple timelines and with the plot of the Duviri Paradox still up in the air, what if all of the Tenno were really just one person, and the Zarimon incident fractured them into every possible version of themselves? That's why when they came back from the void they were still able to channel it, because it was still surrounding them and every version of themselves. That would explain several inconsistencies in the storyline, and explain why every Tenno experiences the same major plot points in the story, because they're all the same person. When the Lotus put them into the Dream, they all slept, because they were all the same - and when Vor awoke one, they all awoke. So when you play with other Tenno, you're playing with other versions of yourself who have experienced the same fixed points in time (the cinematic quests) but have taken very different paths there, and the Duviri Paradox explains this as you venture into the wreckage of the Zarimon and uncover the truth as you converge on your joint future.
  3. 10 Plat says the Duviri Paradox has something to do with how they introduce new Umbras...
  4. The way this was written made me think we'd be getting a kubrow skin, which would have been awesome. We could use more of those.
  5. Forma requirement should definitely be singular, but good work on the changes made so far. Wonder if 'Intermission' will fill the gap between series from now on? Hoping to see Warframe slots return with Series 2 as that's something old and new players alike get stuck on, especially if you're a hoarder.
  6. I don't know what oversight allowed it, but you really borked the controls with this new update. First round I had no sprint, no bullet jump, and double-jump was mapped to bullet jump input. Also the option screen skips two pages instead of one when using the shoulder buttons to advance the page, and the full screen map tries to close instantly.
  7. Can plants on the Earth and Grineer Asteroid tileset (like those that must be scanned for the Titania quest) be made breakable pickups like the plants in the Plains and Orb Vallis? It's awkward to scan them so many times and just strange that scanning gives a pickup. Can you increase the distance that the sentinels follow? Too often they hover so close that they actually clip through the Warframe's head, and it would be neat if they circled around at varying height and trailed off occasionally to examine an object. Speaking of, could the sentinels be changed so that all of them scan automatically like Helios, while Helios either scans without consuming scanners OR actively marks objects on the map? There seems to be no reason to use other Sentinels except cosmetics and pets are better at attacking so this seems to make sense. At least make it a precept maybe? Could we get Archwing and other vehicle configurations linked to the main arsenal loadouts like Companions? If loadouts are set up to fill a certain role or mission type it makes sense that vehicles should also be purposefully tuned. They could fill the place of Gear and Emotes since those don't seem to change per loadout and could easily be moved to a different screen. Can one of the empty stations in the orbiter next to the navigation panel be dedicated to Extractors? As in a screen that functions like the mobile app handles extractors, as the nav panel is great but deploying and retrieving extractors from it is awkward and I find myself ignoring them until I log out and then handle it with my phone, as it can be done in half the time. While I mention it, will the mobile app be updated to match the new GUI once all the screens have been changed in-game? I would also like the ability to swipe between screens to be restored as it was when I first began using it but was disabled sometime around the Plains launch.
  8. I have a question I would love to hear answered on the Devstream; In a game that you have called a 'power simulator' at what point did someone think it was acceptable to disable Warframe abilities for certain battles? With the abilities already limited by energy use (which doesn't recharge naturally) and in some cases cooldown, there should never be a scripted disabling or an immunity to any of them. In the most extreme cases this should be handled with resistance (no more than 60%) or an efficiency debuff due to a counterable environmental effect. While nullifiers are tolerable because you can easily bullet-jump inside and melee to end the effect, completely disabling for the duration of a fight or with no way to disable is simply broken and in no way fun. This has been said before, and yet you take it one step further by disabling void dash, thereby removing the only mobility of an already limited platform. Know what would be more fun? Reflectors, interesting enemy powers, friendly fire auras, enemies that are healed by certain types of elemental damage, enemies that become imbued by certain damage types and change form (think Chroma), environments effected by ability use to create obstacles (think sabotage endings), debuffs and buffs to certain abilities based on environment (again no more than 60%), or literally nothing being able to effect abilities. Seriously, immunities, disabling, and bullet sponges are no fun and also disparagingly unoriginal. Vastly out of the spirit of the game and a game this great deserves better. Cut it out. Please.
  9. I don't so much care about having other Umbra frames, especially since we have Umbral Forma, what I'm interested in is having the Umbra passive available on any frame I use. The custom warframe could be a suitable alternative to this, as it could already have that passive, and I don't think it would invalidate the other frames any more than a Prime or Umbra would, because you would have to craft and then rank up to level 30 before a frame could be 'consumed' to strip just one of it's powers to the custom frame. The power would then be base level and would have to be leveled indepedently of the frame, like operators. Mods could still be used, but abilities would not be based on mastery rank so in order to raise the level you would have to consume another warframe and apply it to one of the four power slots. The slot you applied a frame to would determine which of that frame's powers were added. Applying a duplicate frame to a slot would increase its power level similarly to how arcanes work, while applying a different warframe to the same slot would change that ability to the consumed warframe's ability. To start, this custom warframe would have no powers, or maybe only the first power of the frame sacrificed to build it, but with the 'Spectre mode' passive and a built in focus lense - because I'm letting my mind run wild with this concept and I see it as the operator essentially becoming a warframe themselves in physical form while still retaining their void form. Just an idea, and I'm sure it could be balanced at least as well as anything else in this game. It would also solve the Umbra conundrum as well as giving a use to the infested room and tying together the Ballas, Lotus, and Alad V arcs as the operator ascends to their 'ultimate form'.
  10. Because having a dozen unwanted powers does not equal having four hand-selected powers.
  11. Not likely, but if adding a warframes, say 4th ability to your custom frame required sacrificing that warframe, it might be more plausible. You'd have to at least own a frame to use one of it's abilities, and if they upgraded similarly to arcanes we'd have a reason to build frames multiple times. Might revitalize the market, who knows.
  12. I want a Warframe we can customize like our operator, mix and match powers from other Warframes we've built, and have it's stats based on mastery of each school. 'Patient Zero', or a made from scratch Umbra could fit these parameters.
  13. You know what? I frickin' love the new melee. My only complaint was the lack of blocking, since I used it heavily to vary up combat before when the system was much more, spin-ny. But the auto block functions reasonably well and the aimed slam attack- well that's worth any other shortcomings that may follow and I'm already unhealthily addicted to it. I would like to see one change in the coming phases though. With the new system, weapon switching is not quite as important, and in fact is a little cumbersome between primary and secondary guns. The combos, while weightier and more impressive to look at, become repetitive when you get the same 1, 2, 3 - 1, 2, 3 over and over. Yeah you can mix gunplay, but still... I was hoping to see heavy and light attacks added, and not just the 'hold and release' type, but another input entirely that gives more damaging attacks with less defense, to use like finishers on still-standing enemies. Or maybe a Soul Calibur -esque horizontal and vertical system, but a Warframe - unique variation with regular attacks on one button while the other melee button hurls you toward an enemy similarly to the ground slam. My proposal for this 'Heavy Melee' attack button would be to replace the current 'switch weapon' key, so that (on Xbox) regular melee is on B and functions exactly as it does now, while heavy melee is on Y and delivers finishers (with a chance for the enemy to block, causing you to be stunned) at a normal press while a long press launches you in the direction of your crosshair like a groundslam, but horizontal so the enemy is flung into the air. As for switching weapons, this would simply be done by HOLDING X, while you can still reload by tapping it. This arrangement should solve the current issues with weapon switching, while also further improving combat. Y could function as alt-fire when in gun mode, or used to bash someone with your gun to leave them stunned. I could take it one step further and say to return the ability to block by simply making walk/run an analog function controlled by stick angle and mapping crouch to the former sprint toggle and block to the former crouch, but that would interfere with muscle memory quite a bit more and kinda screws PC players. Still, maybe worth a look?
  14. So I'm guessing the Umbral forma just adds a polarity? With regular forma now getting the bonus of a second energy color, maybe Umbral forma could add a second passive? Say, spectre mode like Umbra? Damnit I'm tired of Excalibur 😆
  15. I could play devil's advocate and say that auto-blocking could be a cool lore element where the Warframes always defend themselves even if they aren't entirely sentient - but that would have to show through in other areas than lousy controls. I quite appreciated being able to block in a shooter, and having just taken a liking to the sword and shield weapons, this comes as a slowly waving middle finger from the developers. 😞
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