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  1. You know what would be nice? If ALL Grineer troops dropped murmers upon mercy-killing, regardless of mission type - instead of further compartmentalizing the game by requiring specific missions to collect murmers and thereby ensuring the mode will be forgotten unless specifically farming. This should at the very least be true in Lich-controlled areas. This could later apply to the other factions when they get a Lich equivalent, and Invasion missions could reward bonus murmers from the faction you're working for, allowing the potential to farm two faction murmers at once - giving Invasions added usefulness and relevance.
  2. NEED the ability to place a waypoint marker added to the Railjack when piloting. This was a nifty tool in the game before but is almost necessary in Empyrean yet strangely absent - replaced by an absolutely useless off-center external cam. Also need the squadmate UI to be visible while piloting, though perhaps smaller than it usually is. A map or radar of sorts might be useful as well. And the Omni-tool could hugely benefit from the 'stickiness' recently added to mining gear, where melee use does not default back to guns instead of gear. This would make repelling boarders while struggling to repair before catastrophic failure just a little less frustrating.
  3. Can we get a toggle for the 90° vertical lock in archwing? The new controls are very nice but I miss looping and spiraling around enemies. While you're at it, could you remap blink to the right stick button, unless you plan on enabling melee in archwing sometime soon. Mapping up/down to the stick buttons and afterburners to the jump button could also work. There's just too many functions on the left bumper right now. Finally, when will we be able to shove our converted lich into the Helmuth chair and turn them into our own custom Umbras?
  4. Is it just me, or was the right stick button just begging to be the blink/dodge button? Would of made much more sense. Cramming blink, dodge, and move down onto the same button is sloppy - especially when you have two other buttons that do nothing, and blinking half a mile ahead when you intended to just go a few feet lower is going to get old real fast. Thanks for the quick update though!
  5. The right stick button is just sitting there, begging for this functionality. Also, melee is now feasible in archwing if you lock into melee mode, if they'd allow 'Melee with Weapon Fire input' and only eject when holding 'B'. Overall, the new archwing controls are smoother and more responsive, but the 90°vertical lock is obnoxious and paralyzing in a dogfight. Please give us a toggle for it at the very least.
  6. No you can't. There are separate loadouts for archwings, but they are not tied to warframe loadouts. Switch to another loadout and deploy an archwing and you get the same one you had with the previous loadout, same for Kdrive. This makes a mess of 'fashion-frame' and fixing it would make for better strategic planning. Also PLEASE restore experimental flight controls. This 90* vertical lock is unacceptable for space flight and makes acrobatic maneuvers impossible. I quite enjoyed looping over arches in the Vallis, thank you very much, and was very eager to backflip over a railjack to surprise our laterally-focused enemies. Way to dash my hopes. PLEASE FIX. PS: PVP Railjacks in the Conclave. That is all.
  7. I'm curious about the end date as well, I've said before a timer for the season, next to the weekly countdown, would be helpful. I try to pace myself so I don't get burnt out, but I don't want it to end suddenly before I hit max rank. And while the option to convert to Nightwave credits would be nice, people really shouldn't complain about duplicates or repeating rewards in an INTERMISSION, that's the whole point is to give a second chance at rare items and something to keep you busy until next season. Wait until a numbered season gives nothing but reruns before making a fuss. I do wish Intermissions were only 15 levels though, like the first one. Save the full-length grind for story series.
  8. Really miss the 'Prime with Prime' deal. As rarely as it happens - and as many Warframes as there are - I don't think DE is going to miss out on anything, especially when the primes are vaulted most of the time. But a Warframe I could get on a whim just by killing a boss a few times is not much of an incentive, nor is decor when it only covers one room of the orbiter. I don't mean to complain about gifts, but I was actually hoping for Ember Prime since I've been hunting for neuroptics for months. I got the base frame inside a day.
  9. Enjoying the new update so far, but had a few concerns - mostly due to misplaced expectations. Posting them here in hopes they'll be considered. Dedicated Melee: I was concerned when we lost it at Phase 1, but it turned out to be a non-issue except where shields are concerned. With Phase 2 it returned, but now it feels like a crutch. Could it be removed again, and block added to an unused button like 'reload'? Or could it be a more interactive toggle where 'Gun Mode' auto-switches with the aim key, and 'Melee Mode' auto-switches with the fire key? Looking to preserve the streamlined feel of Phase 1 without losing the functionality. Power Attacks: Love the addition of power attacks, hate that they just remap the heavy attacks. Any chance the 'hold attack' could return independent of the power attacks to give us low, middle, and high strength attacks? Also, the combo timer should have been given slower drain instead of faster build up; by the time I look at the multiplier and spot a target it's already expired, so it's essentially useless. Lifted Status: For some reason I was expecting this to bring aerial combat inti the game, something like in 'Legacy of Kain: Defiance' (or I guess DMC). But if that was the intention it was poorly executed, as the combo bonus rarely lasts long enough to use it effectively and the enemies don't stay suspended long enough to jump back up and hit them. Longer airtime, as well as a sweep attack that launches them into the air with you, could make for some fantastic combat scenarios. Parazon: I like this addition, and hacking feels much more in the spirit of 'Warframes'. Curious why the mods aren't fusible like others though. Also, any chance of including a slot for cyphers, so they aren't cluttering the gear wheel? They aren't usable separately, so including them on the Parazon like an exilus or arcane would make sense, and open up potential for specialized cyphers like 'Grineer cyphers' that mark caches on the map when used on a Grineer console, or Corpus ones that disable security traps for several tiles when used on a Corpus console. Just an idea. Loadouts: I appreciate the rearranged loadouts moving companion and vehicle loadouts to tabs, but vehicles are still separated into their own loadouts. This is an extremely frustrating relic of an older version of the game where archwings were limited to dedicated archwing missions. Now with them being integrated into landscapes and presumably Railjack, the need to switch your vehicle loadout every time you switch your warframe loadout is cumbersome and dissapointing when you summon a vehicle during a bounty just to realise you forgot to switch out. Vehicle loadouts need to be part of player loadouts, the same as companions and operator setups are. It just doesn't make sense to separate them anymore and vehicle loadout slots could just be converted to Loadout Slots. Please make this a thing before railjack.
  10. Seconded. I'd even reason that Nightwave is content, as it creates incentive and a means to earn gear and resources and thus reason to play. So if goals, items, and story do not quality as content, what exactly does? Tilesets? Those are just scenery and don't give you anything, and many complained about recent reworks. Quests? This game has never been quest-centered, and they're usually played once and then you're done. If you're going to complain about lack of content, why not offer suggestions as to what you consider adequate content? Or is it just complaining that does it for you?
  11. Boohoo, catch you later. Most games do not have a steady flow of content like this game does. Most paid games with paid DLC don't have half the content that this free game does. This is the lamest complaint I've ever heard about anything, and people keep using it in reference to this game like it means something.🙄
  12. MR should not be tied to Forma. Rank it once and done, maybe an extra chunk of affinity when applying a forma, but not for ranking up again - that makes MR ranking simultaneously cheap and tedious and eliminates the incentive to use a variety of weapons. Also, the Kuva weapons really should come with a slot, even if that slot can't be opened up for another weapon. Think how they handled Umbra. It seems suspect for what is the equivalent of a quest reward to require a monetized 'resource'. Paracesis should also have it's own slot, especially if there is intent to require it in 'The New War'. Then again, I'm of the opinion that Paracesis and Umbra both should have been a modifier you apply to a weapon and frame of your choice, permanently enhancing that single asset with the new qualities in preparation for the final battle, instead of forcing you to use an Excalibur with a sword despite all the variety of 'regular' gear - but I guess that's just me.
  13. End of migration when? Seriously, they've already said they're looking into cross saves - which renders migration obsolete.
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