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  1. Why do we get swarmed by Corpus ground units at all? Especially if they have spider bots? I can see the Grineer swarming us because they're a hoard of clones, and infested go without saying, but give some variety. Corpus units are tech-driven mercs, so let them play smart; smaller numbers, bigger guns, vehicles, and lots of drones and tech. That's usually how it is in smaller nodes, so don't change it for landscape. Instead, give them flanking scripts: if a player is facing a Corpus unit have other units move behind, or simply script corpus units to flee in an curved path if less than 'x' units are in proximity and they render on a player screen then attack when not in line-of-sight. I'm so tired of bullet-sponges, lets see more dodging, flanking, and baiting. It's only a few lines of script if you reduce it to response triggers.
  2. (XB1)Kavriel

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    What if the big plot twist of The New War is that Stalker and his acolytes are all sentient warframes united by Hunhow to destroy the Tenno and thus the last relic of the Orokin empire and finally free the system from their influence, but Lotus has kept the system in chaos because of her attachment to the Tenno through Margulis? Also, having Raids return as breaking into Vetruvian archives for Umbral Formas to awaken your frames and secure their loyalty to you before Hunhow could sway them would be a fulfilling alternative to individual Umbra quests and remodels, especially if each player has to fight their own Warframe in operator mode to complete it as a nod to the first Umbra. Maybe a clever 'universal' memory sequence? I'd grind it 😛
  3. Dadefuye: I like everything you said in the first half, but once you got to rewards you lost me. As nice as it would be for some cosmetics to drop as loot, it would be better as high-level bounty or arbitration loot, and should be purely cosmetic. If you apply an effect that only triggers in Venus, then everyone in Venus will end up looking like clones, not to mention the hastle of switching out cosmetics to go to a different landscape. The most that armor or syandanas should ever have is an arcane slot, and even that might be pushing it. Maybe give armor bits a universal 'enhance arcane effect by %10' attribute to encourage armor use, but nothing to distinguish one piece of armor from another so that 'fashion-frame' never conflicts with attribute modding. However, mod sets are a great mechanic, and if you convert your idea to new mods instead of armor I'd back you 100%
  4. (XB1)Kavriel

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Are we ever getting the K-drive launcher back if we already lost it? Tried replaying the mission and still nothing.
  5. This is all kinda dissapointing. For one, archwing guns seemed a simple addition; they should launch from the gear wheel like the archwing and K-drive because they are vehicle weapons. Maybe you have to grind for a launcher, but then you've earned it so you can use it wherever you can use the other two. The only thing that should prevent you from using an archwing gun once you've unlocked it is practicality; it should have a slow ammo recharge, lower your movement speed, and prevent parkour due to being so heavy, but base damage should be doubled and it should have some major knockback and recoil. You should also be able to equip them in archwing mode to negate some of the impracticality, hopefully leading to being able to use the arch-melee in a future update so that archwing will be complete again and not just limited to specific missions. Aside from doing double base damage from regular guns, maybe the archwing guns should also deal reduced damage to anything in an 'immune state' that couldn't normally take damage. Then if you can manage to equip it in time it could be useful for all sorts of things, not just orbs. It would be the go-to for things like Lephantis or Teralysts or even a Juggernaut, while simply being too cumbersome and awkward for anything else. As for the Orb Mothers; each one seemed to have a different elemental shroud, seems like a great chance to play into the games damage types by having an orb deal massive damage in one elemental type and have huge resistances to that type, while being weak to the opposite type so that players have to consider their mod setup. This could also make for very interesting scenarios if multiple orbs cross paths and combine damage types to create environmental hazards like the last stage of a sabotage mission. Rather than timers or immunity, have it turn the landscape itself into a custerfluck of elemental hazards, forcing Tenno off the ground and into some vehicle or another just to avoid the damage procs (maybe make K-drive tricks or archwing abilities ignore procs for a short window) then you pull out the 'big guns' during the orb's recharge phase between main attacks to blast it to bits. Once it's stunned, a single player should be able to slip inside of it to it's control board and have a short length of time to destroy or hack it before being forced out and the orb regaining a third of its health to attack again. Having a ridiculous damage threshold but one simple little kill-switch if you can get to it is how I think something like this should be handled, rather than kitschy bullet-sponges with invulnerability phases and nullifiers. Have it realistically avoid or resist damage in the terms of the game universe, move or hide its weak spot not just say "Nya nya, you can't hit me" then turn into a bullet vacuum on the peekaboo. And not dropping Arcanes? WTH? I figured that'd be a given with the way the Eidolons where handled. Are those just for Sentient bosses? If so bring on the New War, if not then let us personally pry the arcane from the busted up core as the only way to kill an orb mother, and to integrate the prize into gameplay as that would be pretty cool to see the arcane in game and then fight to wrestle it out of the beasts internal systems. TLDR: Environmental effects and stat balancing are always better than lockout timers and immunities. Also quit making everything accessible out of the gates when it shouldn't even be seen until midgame then be an incentive to push on further to see more.
  6. I don't like loops. If I go out in a landscape, I might stay for hours grinding non stop. If I go to my ship, I might stay for hours and just sit. 😛
  7. Players should be able to individually leave through the exit without effecting the other players, no count-down to leave, maybe a 'so&so left the area' and a host migration. The game doesn't wait for everyone to load before anyone can enter a landscape, so why force them to leave at the same time? The squad system should be extended to allow players to be in a landscape, relay, orbiter, and eventually railjack, and remain connected. Maybe some temporary grouping between squad and clan? Or allow voice chat and a 'go to' function to clan members. This could help immensely with connection issues as well, or at least be a cushion. The in-landscape bounties, however, I've had a lot of fun with. I like the concept of taking over outposts and deploying further bounties from there, and I hope it comes to the plains soon. It does need some kind of reward though, like an extra revive maybe? They should also have an ammo supply, making them a major factor in long-term survivability. If ever they let us ride coildrives like they eventually did the dargyns, or whatever other vehicles, the outposts should be a primary launch point. I had hoped that different outposts would offer different bounties, disappointing that they're all the same. They should at least offer everything that Eudico does, aren't they all lifting together? Still a hell of a lot better than running through a pair of loading screens to get another job. I understand only having one outpost, but I could also see capturing each base in turn between defending the captured bases from Nef's increasing panic as a high level goal. Securing every outpost in the Valis seems like a better reason to go back to Fortuna than boredom or repetition.
  8. (XB1)Kavriel

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Have you fixed the K-drive launcher disappearing from inventory? Can't get Ventkids rep on foot.
  9. (XB1)Kavriel

    K Drive Launcher Missing

    Went tricking in the plains for a while and when I got back to the Valis my Kdrive launcher was gone, not just from the gear wheel, but from my inventory entirely. Not sure if its related, but I've never been able to see the Kdrive customization in the Vehicles page either, maybe since I only have the starter board? Seems like it would still show something. Also, first time I added gear through the equipment menu while in Fortuna it cleared everything but the first 12 items when I went out into the Valis, hasn't done it since but I hesitate to try. Please fix, the weekend's coming and I wanted to boost my Ventkids standing. Can't do that without a board.
  10. (XB1)Kavriel

    K-Drive launcher missing from Gear

    Had this problem on Xbox just now. Did some tricking in the Plains then went to Venus to find my Kdrive missing. I guess Roki needed it back? 😞
  11. (XB1)Kavriel

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Can we please get a Synth Charge mod for Sniper rifles? Imagine running that on a Vectis Prime with Prime Chamber. Pretty please? At least something neat that only effects the last round, alternating effects each shot could make for some interesting gameplay. (Edit: Obviously with some balancing and removal of the mag size limit.)
  12. (XB1)Kavriel

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    While the cursor is somewhat usable now with heavy tweaking, it is still less than ideal. Some suggestions? -Give an option to use right stick as cursor and left as dpad. It is awkward to use dpad for menus with an Xbox controller and though scrolling with right stick feels nice, it would be entirely unnecessary if dpad movement scrolled like it should. Also, it feels more like aiming. Turn the menus into a high-speed shooting gallery and you'll have the best interface ever. -Fix dpad scrolling. Seriously, as much as I hate the cursor I think this is more detrimental to the game's apparent level of polish. It just feels unfinished, when it was so streamlined before. This one has been pointed out many times already. Hope the Endless Gear wheel means this is fixed, same thing right? -Add a slider for cursor acceleration. As necessary as the sensitivity slider, which should probably be doubled still, we need to be able to change how quickly the cursor goes to max speed. This could accommodate for most of the awkwardness with some tweaking, and maybe allow a deadzone. Pretty sure this has been mentioned too, just reaffirming. Also. Please tell me this 'unified code' will help with the rampant server drops following each update?
  13. (XB1)Kavriel

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Starting to think the real reason they cursored the UI is to make the backdrop shift when you move the mouse. Could've mapped it to the right stick and it'd be nifty, but the 'holographic projection' theme of the old UI was cooler and fit better not just with the lore but with immersion. What's the point in closing the menus off with backdrops? In trying to avoid a spreadsheet simulator they've so far only taken steps closer. If you wanted a cool artistic interface that matched the theme of the game, look at 'Escape from Butcher Bay' on Xbox. Then, imagine your warframe projected into the palm of your hand whenever you press start. Tilting left and either up or down on the left stick will select weapons as if in the arsenal, while unable to change during a mission, each would display information on the item when highlighted. A changes item, X for appearance any Y for mods. Tilting up would do the same for frame, and right would show gear in vertical order and additionally allow their use if in mission. The right stick would rotate the projected frame and zoom by clicking. Left trigger switches the display to four quadrants, each showing the equipment of a squad member in full. Selecting a quadrant allows additional options for that player such as mute or profile. Additionally, this panel could include running stats such as percentage of damage dealt or current status effects, making it useful for 'support' style play. Bumping over to the third pane with right trigger, you'd find a mirror of the arsenal pane but for operator (if unlocked), and another for landing craft if onboard. Alternatively, mesh all three of these into the second pane by allowing shoulder buttons to switch between them. The final pane would be the options menu, but additional panes could be added for companions, vehicles, mailbox, market, codex or whatever other cool features that might be added one day. I'll never find the quote but I remember reading a decade or two ago that the golden rule of console UI's is that nothing should ever be more than three clicks away (including scrolling and selecting) and that cursors mapped to a joystick were a big no-no. This takes that into consideration and is easily expandable, copies themes already present in the game, and best of all is always in the palm of your hand. When onboard the orbiter the respective panes can be triggered by the action button and centered on the relevant ship components instead of your hand. Bonus is there's no cursor in sight unless you plug in a mouse, and then anything selectable can also be clicked. Fully compatible with and identical on all platforms.
  14. (XB1)Kavriel

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Hardcode each input scheme and script a hardware trigger. Problem solved. I have personally seen this coding in other multi-platform games.
  15. (XB1)Kavriel

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    The most frustrating thing about this (aside from actually trying to use it) is that it was lauded as a new, updated UI to be launched with The Sacrifice. Though it was prematurely launched I wouldn't have minded so much if it had been followed by a streamlined, modernized scheme that made everything more cohesive and unobtrusive as well as being customizable. We did not get that. We got the streamlined console interface deleted so that we were stuck with the native PC interface that had only just been modified in a previous update to be somewhat practical with a controller, bastardized to work on a console, followed by a half-assed patch to add back some of what was deleted. There were ZERO new UI elements, and what launches with the Sacrifice is a couple of backgrounds for seller screens that are barely noticable other than seeming as rough around the edges as an amateur user plugin for Morrowind, and a login screen that might have been cool if the rest of the UI matched the theme. As far as selectable themes? We got two recolors that look like someone just fiddled with the tint slider on a CRT. The only good thing to come out of it is a modest reformat of the inventory that honestly could've been slipped into the existing (deleted) UI and probably would've received tons of praise by those that noticed it, instead of 75 pages of frustration. We even got a couple of new mini-games and an Orokin hacking system (finally) and it seems noone even noticed. These new additions would have been the only excuse I could think of for 'requiring' a cursor, but having played them I think they would have been much more enjoyable with the previous controls than watching a disembodied square-thing mozy along the screen at about a thousanth the speed of button response. It just boggles the mind that a competent developer would ever make this change. I have a lot of faith in DE, and prior to this update the game had been polished to the point I rarely saw a bug (on Xbox) other than minor distractions in the plains. Now it seems like everything's broken again, with dissapearing heads (PC), random weapon switching (PS4), and Operator mode hangups (All). And for what? To REMOVE functionality? Don't deny it, there is no added functionality, only deleted QoL and a gimmick. This is not an added feature that users can debate about liking or disliking, this is the removal of the medium used to actually play the game in exchange for the medium used to build the game (you know, without the ability to actually go in and change things), which is the equivalent of trading a steering wheel for a welding torch and calling it a revolution. I understand people who like mouse control defending it, but cursor use could have been added as an option instead of deleting the system everyone was comfortable with because someone might like it. And for the excuse of shortening cert time? The Sacrifice has already been in cert longer than plains was so I call BS. If your plan to shorten cert is to simply cease optimization, can it. Cert time was perfectly tolerable as it was, this is not. This seems to suggest an abandonment of consoles rather than an improvement, and I desperately hope that is not the case. As much as I love this game, third-person perspective, platforming, and melee combos are unfit for PC gaming in my personal opinion, and require a system to run at a consistent framerate, which most multi-purpose PCs do not do as reliably as a gaming rig. Xbox is my gaming rig, if you try to make me play on PC, whether directly or through emulation, I will laugh pitifully and find something else. Yes, I'm ranting. But I've stated my intent more than those critiquing people for being frustrated with backward progress. TLDR; OPTIMIZATION > Cut,Paste,Send. Ugh.