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  1. This is the sentiment I shared about Greedy Pull. What for me is a perfectly fine ability, has this weird taint in the eyes of others. Are they just tired of it? Or was it the nerf (which I didn’t get to see) So Mag’s power rollercoaster may indeed be a part of her current reputation. But id like to wait for her prime unvaulting and Fortuna performance then look at the charts again. Mag needs to perform well in the new Corpus missions or the big spider bot. If not then I agree to buff her because that’s close to her theme - magnetic damage. What if her polarize shield removal was absolute? 100% gone in a button. People look down on shields anyway, so let Mag take it away easily. Let her bubble give 100 status chance just like Chromatic blade, so people can scale even without looking up the meta Mag guns
  2. Duration Counterpulse Mag to test with Corpus robotics Greedy Pull Mag for long range looting Mag Ferro in the morning Mag Pneuma in the evening
  3. (PS4)Chel-El

    Mag users! Help!

    Agreed. LifeofRio suggests it. From experience it performs well in Onsluaght and Index with Mag bubbles. Personally prefer the Furis with healing, Mutalist Cernos for colorful bubbles, Ogris for explosions, Dual pistols for style, and sometimes just for variety, I throw in the Exodia Contagion projectile.
  4. truth is slippery here I see why move the goal post from Mag to PS players? we’re not that bad, LifeofRio and Summit come from PS4 and look what they achieved with Mag!
  5. (PS4)Chel-El

    Melee weapons on Ash

    Warfans, dual swords, polearms for the flashy animations. With the other finisher frames I even go to the front/back to try out the moves Otherwise it’s covert lethality dagger for speed, Skiajati for added invisibility
  6. (PS4)Chel-El

    Ember = trash?????????

    Mag is trash too I heard? Ahahaha these trendy topics got me fooled
  7. breakdown the 424 sequence then you’ll see 4 is quick cc, that adds ehp 2 targets the high priority armored gunners 4 picks up anyone else & takes advantage of bonus damage on the 2 target it’s a closed system that works. if you add the healing Furis targeted at the bubble then there’s more hp. same idea as Inaros’ 1 lifestealing cc i learned the idea of ability loops/ sequencing from Overwatch. even “non meta” heroes can perform well once you unlock this proper sequencing the modding varies, initially I modded Mag with as much health/shields, as I got comfy with Mot and got less defensive, Ikept adding range and got a more offensive build Doubts can be devious! Do try the tips and you’ll be chilling with the Frosts, Rhinos and Inaros.
  8. 424 or 42,weapon or 42, healing Furis is Mag’s version of continuous radial blind or cursed sand. CC as survivability is hectic but it’s fun. Fleeting/Streamline to spam 4 Only Index and Rathuum will ignore this, but up to Mot and sorties it’s ok. Index is a different beast because no gear, I have a ranged greedy pull build that grabs orbs from stations. For damage mitigation both Summit and LifeofRio suggest the Healing Specter from New Loka. This has saved me from repeating quests/missions. There u have it, cc and ehp solutions for squishiness. Try it on Mot or the upcoming elite alerts will u? results from a Mot relic farm. Mag caster tank?
  9. missing the point again in the passive what’s trash passive to you, was a widely used passive ability for a starter like myself. yes we had Kubrows remember? that’s why I asked you to start there, “work your way up” before even trying to unravel magnetize, which took me a while and several viewings/guides to understand someone mentioned Mag Ferro? Noir skin
  10. On the history of WF documentary, DE Steve said some people get daunted by the game’s complexity and time investment, but he wasn’t worried. He even complemented people as smart for noticing that. So why worry about Mag’s mechanics in a game that embraces complexity? If you apply the same logic as Steve, those who are willing to invest the time and research will do so. If you apply the same attitude, then there’s no need to grab Excal and Mesa players from that chart to try to get them to play Mag.
  11. This video illustrates the point of practice over theory I just don’t feel as strongly as you do about these theories, op
  12. The first title of this topic was Can we... Mag is trash the intentions are not that altruistic, if we’re being intellectually honest here
  13. Falloff of Mag you noticed Yet you missed the rise of Mag Prime which is vaulted I might add. Another thing in the previous pages you refused to acknowledge- availability. That directly affects usage as seen in the readily available primes Compare Mag P to unvaulted Nyx P and you’ll see why DE’s rework is targeted at Nyx and not Mag. Just don’t with raw data if you’re gonna skip the variables Plus a rework should wait imo, until Mag’s innate magnetic damage, counterpulse, and shield buffs are seen on Fortuna.
  14. I know I said don’t stress about Mag’s mechanics but don’t go crazy and forego complexity altogether highly doubt they’ll move Mag as starter, when she’s the face I see in Fortuna promos, in the WF trailers and comics.
  15. bit ironic that ur salty about Razorwing vacuum and come here to change Mag i main Mag and won’t pretend to remember everything about her mechanics so don’t stress about it. certainly don’t change things before understanding them. this happened in OW too, we can see player profiles and it’s frustrating how some post the worst things on what they don’t play 😄 maybe start with Mag’s passive? I used that passive so much as a starter. in a farming game it was actually a fun mechanic. try a Mobilize mod or a high leveled elemental bullet jump mod and just vacuum stuff. these mods make her very dynamic too. then maybe you’ll get that vacuum you were salty about and start to see what Mag is about. every adventure starts with a single step