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  1. (PS4)Chel-El

    What "is" the green reviving smoke?

    http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Mystical_Palm_Technique It’s chakra
  2. (PS4)Chel-El

    Phorid is a pushover

    Phorid assassination has become more like a sprint to the battleground then to extraction Is there anything we can do to make Phorid more challenging for squads? Admittedly, I did spend significant time fighting it on solo but on pubs it’s too easy
  3. (PS4)Chel-El

    Ember Fashion Frame

    https://imgur.com/gallery/vczz7wt Take care, Tennos
  4. Good thread i just got my diadem
  5. (PS4)Chel-El

    Ember Fashion has Risen

    Green Lantern Star Sapphire Wakanda Warrior Storm Phoenix
  6. (PS4)Chel-El

    Ember Fashion has Risen

    Let beauty come out of the ashes, Tenno. Suzaku Knightess Ballerina White Swan Flame-ingo Black Swan Princess Ranger
  7. (PS4)Chel-El

    What do you plan to wear to the Sacrifice?

    Penumbra Umbra Medic ninja
  8. (PS4)Chel-El

    What are your theories on what we will need to sacrifice???

    The sacrifice has already been done by the Lotus He will not come back
  9. (PS4)Chel-El

    PS4 Fashion Frame contest!

    When the (Mag) Tennogen is ready, the plat will come Thanks for this
  10. (PS4)Chel-El

    What do you plan to wear to the Sacrifice?

    Yasss. I hope we are ready for this Edit: just now I decided on the new Mag Ferro + matching polearm skin because of the modern-mystical vibe
  11. (PS4)Chel-El

    Embrace Rift God

    Second this Limbo is a gift to all
  12. (PS4)Chel-El

    Purrr-use these Valkyr Fashion, Tennos

    King Bast Bonus Wakanda move
  13. (PS4)Chel-El

    In defense of fun

    If you watched the Avengers infinity movie, there was a scene where Thanos taught the little girl how to balance a dagger in her finger. Not too far on each side or it’ll fall.
  14. the flute guy also wears a hat similar to Teshin there must be a hidden message there