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  1. Eros Arrow skin does NOT work for all bows

    Same and saw someone in PS chat noticing this as well
  2. How We Gonna Farm Ash If DE remove Raids Temporarily

    Got mine in Ophelia survival don’t bother with defection or raid
  3. Operator void mode beats panic buttons

    Cool technique
  4. What about a Battle Royale mode?

    No pls no Part of why I think WF is Non-Toxic is because of the dearth of PVP mindset Even in other PVP the PVE feels more coop and friendly and generally nice Let’s keep the WF atmosphere that way
  5. Operator void mode beats panic buttons

    Oh ye the procs does the Tenno mode really remove them? @S0V3R316N
  6. Operator void mode beats panic buttons

    Ok do as u will but I’m not taking away your panic buttons Really, I’m actually adding more to it in terms of options, time and game interaction. @Anthraxicus I used to revive/hack and hope not to die. No one is convincing me to go back to that, it was very stressful and anxiety inducing. Same with panic buttons it limits my playstyle, so why come back to it
  7. Does 100% mean all of the time?

    90+ is enough for me If you have Growing Power aura it will post an indicator on top upon activation, this is a good way to test your status builds
  8. Operator void mode beats panic buttons

    @Anthraxicus But why would anyone willingly tank bullets on their back while hacking or reviving
  9. Operator void mode beats panic buttons

    Room wipe abilities takes energy and will not always be available to you Perhaps then you can try my suggestion
  10. Because it opens you up to a wide array of information, options and plenty of time to decide based on these info. When I access the void mode I can look at my HUD for map awareness, squad positioning & plan escape routes with void dash. This gives me a proper breathing room to think then move or strike accordingly unlike the routine panic button (for my main frame Mag it is Polarize) So I save energy too just by replacing panic button. So next time instead of instinctively mashing your panic button try void to get more options
  11. Gameranx lists WF in 2017 top free to play

    This immensely popular reviewer (plus skillup’s review) pulled me in last year So expect more awakened Tennos after this compilation gets steam.
  12. This immensely popular reviewer (plus skillup’s review) pulled me in last year So expect more awakened Tennos after this compilation gets steam.
  13. Mags build and why?

    Like Legion said stacking is nice Stacked Power: Growing Power aura, Intensify, Power drift, Blind rage Why: her 1 will increase kills and orb drop chance, 2 will increase in bubble damage multiplier and bursts. 3,4 for obvious Stacked Duration: Continuity, Constitution, Augur Message Why: her 3 extends with duration, range affects the shield/armor bursts. For those without siphon or zenurik duration can hold their 2 longer on choke points Stacked Range: Stretch, Augur Reach or Overextended 1,4 will CC better: you can cast these defensively/preemptively to survive or protect specter objectives , bubbles will be bigger, Greedy pull gets more and more stuff Stacked shields: Vigor, Redirection, Sentintel or pet shield share, Augur accord and Augur’s overshields, Crush overshields, Brie’s respite Why: because 2000 shields that’s why Stacked energy mods: Energy siphon with Coaction drift, Rage, Hunter Adrenaline, Greedy pull and bullet jump mods for faster orb pickups Why: some struggle to fill her energy meter and now that it’s buffed why not fill it up by different avenues. Also Zenurik and Sahasa Stacked augments... personal preference but I prefer Greedy pull and polarize. Once I pulled in 2-3 orbs I know I can spam her other abilities
  14. Where is Mag's Shield Transference augment?

    That looks like a strong setup, very nice. Can we also take a peek at the melee build mentioned? Very sorry for your build nerf but think about the other Mags (and their squads) who will gain overshields! Sounds like a fair trade from solo tanking to squad supporting. With the faster cast it also saves us from farming/equipping Natural Talent. Newbie Mags who have no idea I mean, access to augments gain the overshields you lost too. Played with the old shield transference augment myself but did not have Augur accord and P Vigor, so I slotted Vitality and Equilibrium. Maybe this will work for you too, since you don’t have energy drain as you say. Tavier Corsair himself uses Vitality on his Mag. Plus didn’t you have to recast it like crazy anyway? Other options for defense: Vigilante pursuit radar is powerful for protection and avoiding flankers Elemental bullet mod bursts her out of sticky situations and buffs her passive. Mobilize is only 5 capacity the other have cool effects. Greedy Pull is a fun augment IMO. A friend told me energy is still cc so that’s more survivability in the end. I proactively pull in slash-y sorties to avoid instant death. This augment just adds icing to your spam. Sentinel shield share and stacked Augur mods won’t give you 3000, lol. But perhaps these can all stack with all your current shields plus crush’s new ones?
  15. Mag

    I like GPull for fissure runs, because it makes reactant collecting more interactive, orbs too lol Once you check out her modded abilities chart, you’ll know exactly which reactants are within reach. Why bullet jump 6-7 times when one GP can grab them in one go? BUT, If that old greedy pull worked for everyone, then everyone would have to adapt to that Mag and follow her to get their stuff. Even if it was easier, it means one person is manipulating the playground and that seems too intrusive for the other 3. I didn’t know it could phase items through walls that just sounds ridiculous