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  1. (PS4)Chel-El

    Shape Shifting Frame

    Power is akin to Mystique from X-men but can copy abilities. Can be used for capture or spy because they think you’re one of their troops Passive- similar to Ivara’s pickpocket but makes a copy of target in proximity limited to humanoid copies 1- cycle through 4 copied “faces” 2- stealth finisher move 3- cycle through a boss type including abilities 4- cycle through other warframes including abilities 1/3/4 are channeled
  2. (PS4)Chel-El

    mind take over

    I had a similar idea but shape shifting frame. Power is akin to Mystique from X-men but can copy abilities. Can be used for capture or spy because they think you’re one of their troops
  3. (PS4)Chel-El

    Post your Positive Riven Reactions

    Appreciation and enthusiasm I like where this topic is going guys
  4. Darling, don’t hate on me because I’m beautiful
  5. Income- when I wasn’t ready to unveil rivens, they were a steady source of 15-60 plat (pistol-shotgun) Content- now that I do unveil them they open content through warframe experimentation and plains exploration. Never would have scanned the plains from a specific POV, or brought specific frames to specific maps had it not for the riven challenges. Dusting off old frames and weapons and being forced to use fresh load outs is still content imo. Ash with Venka Prime and combo mods to maintain counter? I don’t even like the combo counter but it was a good challenge to reach that mark. Kills dropship goons while invisible? Huras kubrow with Ember WOF in IO Jupiter. These required research, persistence and a synergistic loadout. Problem solving skills- as stated above, rivens turn the tired corridor shooter into a problem solver. Potato saver- a riven as sortie reward can be a seen as potato alternative. I don’t have potato for most weapons, but rivens can be a means to buff stuff without the Orokin tech, which is rare. TLDR- Rivens are not just a source of more plat or power. The challenges they bring are just as much fun and content. Thank you.
  6. (PS4)Chel-El

    Glitch Lotus Glyph: Opposite of what I want

    It’s a new glyph part of the designer series yes MagP I was gonna use poignant but too ornate It is what it is.
  7. No one wants a sad relationship with space mom amirite
  8. (PS4)Chel-El

    Mag Prime build without Primed mods

    it doesn’t have to look exactly like this ofc but an exaggerated range/duration build with 2 augments also works. try it in plains and other open maps like excavation or defense. the idea is to scan and grab blue orbs with greedy pull then cast stronger abilities. damage is nerfed so either replace the aura with growing power (artax on the sentinel will auto activate), or carry a powerful weapon to shoot at the overextended bubbles
  9. (PS4)Chel-El

    Mag Prime build without Primed mods

    this is the build mentioned above For fun you can also stack Redirection, Augur accord, maybe a Vigor too. Just to see the overall capacity with the overshields and the link shields with a pet. (This setup does require a healing specter for it to tank). Dont underestimate greedy pull with range (don’t use overextended it will kill the overshields). The 1 augment will provide you with energy orbs in the plains and other open areas, especially if you camp in higher ground.
  10. (PS4)Chel-El

    Sentinel mods and buffs

    Because I wanted the request to reach the feedback section ie the devs, not just be a an open forum discussion
  11. (PS4)Chel-El

    Mag Prime build without Primed mods

    Ye some people intentionally shorten duration to get more Magnetize explosions. I did that for a while too then found MCgamerCZ’s mag prime build that favors all abilities. Just use regular continuity until you find the prime continuity from baro (I even stocked up on these as they sell well and really is a service to builds) In today’s Ambulas sortie I did a Polarize build with Counterpulse. Good duration is excellent for assassination bubbles, and an expanded pulse.
  12. (PS4)Chel-El

    Mag Prime build without Primed mods

    Learn to stack and see the results Streamline + Fleeting Exp turns Mag into a spam caster Umbra Intensify +Augur Secrets is great overall Stretch + Cunning Drift + Augur reach very good for crush shields and pull augment fun, also for big bubbles Constitution + Augur Message for longer polarize wave and bubbles, great for counterpulse. I like constitution for melee Mag just replace the Prime continuity with firewalker as this synergises with her vacuum passive, & makes her parkour much better or transient fortitude for more power, meaning overshields and shorter but stronger bubbles
  13. (PS4)Chel-El

    New POE Meta: Mag Kuaka Hunter Build

    Interesting hypothesis Less is more with the Dargyn pilots I see. The thing with Mag bubble is that it reduces the aiming needed for the dargyns
  14. (PS4)Chel-El

    Sentinel mods and buffs

    Going with this topic, let’s include Shade too It’ll be nice if they had a useful Simaris mod upgrade, like looter level useful
  15. (PS4)Chel-El

    When other sentinels get buff?

    Taxon is awesome I got 1000 overshield yesterday (wiki says cap is 1200) with a redirection Ember! The Artax beam is so useful it guides my aim even from behind abilities it procs cold procs the growing power aura doesn’t kill my targets for more fun replaces Simaris traps and slows them down I already asked DE for Taxon prime and Simaris mods for those other guys that don’t have it yet