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  1. Darling, don’t hate on me because I’m beautiful
  2. (PS4)Chel-El

    Share your Operator fashion!

  3. (PS4)Chel-El

    Share your Operator fashion!

  4. Phantasmag is finally here
  5. (PS4)Chel-El

    A Cetus Wisp farming guide

    Even if I’m still not getting loads of wisps, the Nova gameplay alone was worth the try. I maxed the range and was crossing 140m, on some instances getting to the next lake just by facing it in the minimap. It doesn’t look as graceful as the demo bc I’m clunky with the frame, & mine has only thief’s wit + animal instinct, but it’s a nice setup nonetheless.
  6. (PS4)Chel-El

    A Cetus Wisp farming guide

    Currently using my main with a firewalker mod, while another guide suggested Volt. That same guide told me to put on radar but I forgot! Many thanks for the reminder
  7. (PS4)Chel-El

    Share your Operator fashion!

    Wonder Woman
  8. I was taught reflex coil + focus energy for cheap channeling. Sometimes with unranked life strike for cheap heals while channeling. Great only for frames that can use a channeling covert lethality like Ash, Excal, Equinox so they heal like Inaros I also like the running speed boost that dispatch overdrive gives after. Finally, secura lecta for melee finishers if your frame can set it up. This is the best way to use the whip’s credit mechanic imo
  9. (PS4)Chel-El

    Share your Operator fashion!

    Sailor Mercury
  10. (PS4)Chel-El

    Duality Equinox. In deeps review.

    What happens when you create a specter with a duality build? Will 4 halves happen?
  11. (PS4)Chel-El

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    I just recently finished the quest and it was well done, yet again So many things to research and understand, but that’s all part of WF amirite GG and thanks for Umbra he is so much fun to style and play
  12. (PS4)Chel-El

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    Excal just got more interesting Mag just got more beautiful Trinity self dmg gave me bad muscle spasms, I’m ok with it getting removed And yet the Sacrifice upsets me for some reason
  13. (PS4)Chel-El

    Share your Operator fashion!

    Haruno Sakura Green Lantern
  14. (PS4)Chel-El

    PlayStation®Plus Booster Pack II is here!

    Guys save it for the weekend to utilize the boosters