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  1. Public games go so fast it’s indeed better to repeat them for the experience. Modes like interception, assassination and defense make public a must for newer Tennos On the other hand, Solo can be excruciating but those are the times I felt really immersed in the atmosphere. No carrying, no rushing. I can explore maps without feeling like I’m dragging or leeching. Try solo archwing or syndicate it becomes more of a tomb raider adventure game than a shooter game
  2. PoE overwhelming, how should i prioritize?

    I kept acquiring Ostron standing from bounties but got stuck with sacrifices needed So instead of wasting standing because of the cap, I started to buy materials like bait, spear, weapon parts, masks etc I admit this is not the most prepared method but the cap led me to enjoy new stuff that I’ve been skimping to buy Enjoy the standing you get until you acquire/commit to a long term goal like Quills stuff. These will move you towards Eidolon hunting which will empower your Operator’s void powers So there’s 2 choices: Ostron for rewards or Quills for Tenno power. Which one do you fancy? Im just slowly progressing on both with random vomvalyts and bounties but some people set up Eidolon hunts to speed things up.
  3. Would anyone turn traitor? Leave the Lotus

    In the new comics Lotus shows why you can’t abandon her fold let’s just say she can pull a Teshin/Twin Queen on her own
  4. Caster Frames Should Be More Energy Efficient

    coactial drift is the exilus mod, boosting energy siphon aura. max dig kubrow and spamming her passive vacuum is meta for energy especially on the plains. how beautiful it is to polarize in the plains but I digress. when i was a brand new Tenno a YT guide said Mag is energy poor and it needs to be solved with energy mods right away. Found higher flow in trade after that lesson. another tip is to rely on Magnetize’s longevity and semi camp with it to maximize energy spent, dps and utility. with energy siphon you are gaining energy as you camp. enough to make new magnetize and the loop is set. still, she had to vacuum or roll towards orbs even while camping. roll for more survivabilty but that’s another Mag issue you can solve with this:
  5. No thank you I enjoy my main Mag so much, I rather like not having to switch to Limbo or Loki for those cheese stealth mechanics And yes, reviving mates with a squishy frame like Mag is a stressful, random hazard. I’m glad that’s been solved by Operator mode.
  6. (in my opinion) Best way to farm manic

    Thanks for clarifying
  7. 75% Discounted price, What to buy!?!?? (Frame, Potatoes etc.)

    Syndana, skins, fashion galore! Don’t buy potatoes or weapons get those in alerts or as bp I don’t think slots are part of the discount last time I tried
  8. Finding supply caches for Bounties

    Parkour around and listen as the shimmery hum gets louder The mining tool has the same mechanic but louder maybe you can practice with that
  9. Sortie Spy leeching needs to get adressed...

    Yeah I got spoiled by ciphers and suck because I yolo the lasers IMO it’s better for noobs to back off than trip it
  10. I main a squishy frame so the Operator is my Superman lol, with his invulnerable stealth mode, dash and laser beam The frame is the one that’s more acrobatic and handy with gear so it’s the Batman
  11. Mag Mains Rejoice

    Go on YT, watch x3lp or LifeofRio’s Mag videos and get with the program, Mag main And since we’re branching off to strats Solutions to squishiness aka Mag Mains Rejuvenate
  12. (in my opinion) Best way to farm manic

    This is what I thought until next post...
  13. Mag Mains Rejoice

    In game and in lore, I adore Mag the Grineer engager. pistol puller, magnetic multiplier! sending evil hordes to lick their sores; like a careless kavat, they retreat for restores. Vor, stand down! for your maleficence, can only be matched by Magnificence. (For the Lotus)
  14. Yes the solar grind will always be there I jumped into the archwing event when I was newer and do not regret it. It had its own map, mini goals and the main event was grand. The loot is good motivation but the event in itself was also worthwhile.
  15. Would anyone turn traitor? Leave the Lotus

    Has spoilers for those who haven’t done natah & second dream quests be warned Tenno http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Lotus Lotus is super powerful she can solo a civilization! lol she basically just spared the Tennos More history and yes, spoilers: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Sentient