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  1. Direct X 9 is severely outdated, it would be detrimental to anyone with a modern graphics card to roll the game back to directx 9. It would also render the gas city rework ireelevant. Windows 7 is approaching End of Life. 4GB RAM is bare minimum for anything to run currently, and your graphics are built-in base level graphics. No offence, but asking for a game to be rolled back to suit your outdated PC is just crazy.
  2. Time to roll back the Nerkros "fix" NERF. As if kuva farming wasn't bad enough, 3500 required for 9+ rolls,you go and make it harder to do a kuva survival without using the oxygen. Hydroid is not the answer, and not everyone has khora. Nekros is achievable by anyone who can get to kuva fortress. Then there is farming in general. You go and make some stuff stupidly easy, such as no longer having to make arcane/magus items, and render almost everything from Plains of Eidolon useless to satisfy people who are too lazy or whinge that it is too hard, then you go and remove the ability to farm things which are rare enough already, such as Endo, MUTAGEN SAMPLES (5000 for a ghost clan to research the Hema). Do you even care about players who have played the game for any length of time anymore? The path you are paving seems to be to bring new players onboard, get them to buy some plat and spit them out.
  3. Can we please have an option to "Show Owned" or "Hide Unowned" relics. PLEASE! I have 5 types of Axi relics, and they are the only ones i need to see, not 50 other ones.
  4. The game already has some safeguards built in. 1. Ignore someone and matchmaking will not pair you with them. 2. Report function. This comes with a warning that false reports will result in you getting a ban. This indicates that DE take those reports seriously. I would honestly rather deal with the occasional jerk, report and ignore them and move on, than deal with a system where people are kicking for: *No reason *They forgot to set to private *You're not the frame they want you to be *You're levelling weapons / frames / gear *You're MR is too low *You're not playiung the way they insist you play *You're Volt *You're Limbo *To stop you getting the cap/kill on the 3rd Eidolon *They are jerks What happens when people start getting kicked and they lose kuva / relic rewards / mods / statues and so on? Inevitably that will happen. People being kicked, even if it places them in a seperate / new session, how many times does host migration fail / cause loss of everything? I guarantee such a system would get abused and result in thread after thread of complaints, people reporting people for kicking them unfairly etc. As I said in my previous post, for the most part, people in this game have a good attitude, it is the odd one that is a troublemaker.
  5. Some of your points are valid, but have you ever played games which have Vote to Kick? It gets abused. This community is typically quite good, and a Vote to Kick mechanism would be inviting a toxic culture into the game. There are alternate ways to deal with this. 1. Change to force start, to require 50% or more of the players to force start, the same as extraction. - That would resolve your first 2 situations. 2. If you choose a public game, you risk getting paired with people of a lower level, and inevitably leeching is going to occur. It is not always a persons intent to leech, sometimes it is a lack of knowledge, of how a mission should be done, and sometimes it is actually a benefit. For example on a spy misison, I prefer you leech if you are not confident of stealthing the objectives successfully. It is a multiplayer game, and the only way you are ever going to totally remove people leeching, is to play solo or with friends. I am guessing however, that when you started playing, you leeched a little off your friends, or alternately you let some of your friends leech off you. I hate when I end up with a Volt, and he keeps casting his speed buff, but once again, if DE ever decide to give us the option to ignore Volt's speed buff (the backflip is a joke - not even a possibility as Titania) there is a simple solution without needing to kick anyone.
  6. It is still quite difficult in the limited time you have to choose a relic reward to tell the difference between uncommon and rare rewards. The gold pulses slowly through a silver line. When you hover over any reward, they name is written in GOLD. Can;t we make the names Bronze / Silver / Gold when hovering over them, or even better, on the selection screen itself (currently they are all written in white/silver) This selection screen is stupidly confusing. White for the name of everything. Gold for the name of everything when you hover over them. Relying on the Ducat value is both a poor answer, and not necessarily effective. Some Rare (Gold) rewards have a Ducat value of 65, just for fun .... There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original selection screen, it was far, far easier to read. I understand changing it to suit the UI, but when that change goes from something intuitive, to something near impossible to navigate, that is not a step forward. 1 other thing. The Ropalyst rewards need to have something like an Aura Forma as a 0.5% rare drop available. Once you have Wisp and the Amalgam mods, there is zero reason to go back and fight it. I was done with the ropoalyst in less than 2 hours, including breaks to make and drink my coffee. This is really sad, because you have put so much effort into making this boss/fight, and it is actually an enjoyable fight. That said, you don;t give me any incentive to come back and continue doing it.
  7. Can we PLEASEEEEEE have an option to hide relics we do not have.
  8. Unable to level up from Neutral to Brave in Steel Meridian. I have enough standing, yet it says not enough standing. The issue appears to be a -5000/-5000 instead of 5000/5000
  9. When you upgrade a relic now, it then resets the screen to all relics and deselects the relic you were upgrading, this is damn annoying.
  10. The Nekros nerf - REALLY? Nekros is now useless ... completely. Khora has 65% drop chance and Hydoid 100%. Why would you ever play Nekros now? UI 1. At the end of a relic can we please have the items names in the corresponding colour (brown/white/gold) - Also can we please show our names, not just that tiny yellow triangle to see hwat we have selected. 2. On the relic screen, could we please have an option to only show the relics we own. "Show Owned"
  11. Where have the Arbitrations gone? You released an update which increased the drop chance of Aura Forma mod and Ephemera, and then took the mission away. That is a decrease in drop chance, all the way to 0.000% EDIT: Just realised you have added 2 new nodes ot the solar map ... might have been nice to mention in the patch notes.
  12. They said in the last Devstream, June 12th
  13. This is spot on, but applies to numerous abilities and situations. Limbo bubble disappearing in a Mobile Defense sortie = failed mission, most of the time. Rhino skin gone in Arbitration = Death most of the time. In other scenario's it is just annoyinh, you get 60k armour and use stomp to maintain it, then a host migration wipes it. Saryn's infections disappear - on ESO this is really annoying as it can cost you 30k focus Razorwing build for Titania being dropped back into a sortie / arbitration = instant death I think it also knocks Loki and Ivara out of invisibility, and kills off Nekros' Army. On top of all that, everyone starts with base energy again whenever a host migration occurs. Really annoying when you just used 2 large energy restores, or you use an ability which is duration and/or efficiency based like Razorwing.
  14. First, he explaihned himself already and answered your question of why not go even faster if you can? He said (I agree with, and you quoted it) " because I like going exactly as fast as I want to go". As for controlling your warframe, you have obviously never used a frame with all speed mods and then had a max strength Volt hit you with his speed buff, as it is impossible to control at that speed, especially with frames who have high speeds to begin with or Titania who's "hitbox" is bigger than she is, causing her to catch on open doors etc as it is, which is made worse by having less control over her when affected by the buff, not to mention, you can not backflip while using Razorwing. You also say "Another idea is to ask the player using the volt to not speed boost you?" 1 - I should not need to stop playing to type a message, which may or may not be read or cared about. 2 - Often times when you ask someone to stop doing something, they do it all the more or start namecalling and arguing about their right to do it. - To the point where if someone is running Volt on Hydron for example and speed boosting, I will leave at 5 rounds rather than say anything, to avoid toxic arguments. You call people control freaks, where I see it in the opposite light, that people can and do play Volt in order to troll. The point is simple, people are just asking for the ability to opt out. In that scenario anyone who doesn't care about being buffed can be. In the alternate option I have seen listed here, Remove Range from Volt's speed buff ability, then it would only affect Volt. I would like to see the option to be immune to Limbo's Banish / Rift Portals aswell, if I want to be in void mode, I will use Limbo myself. I will point out that I believe it should be an option for both of these things, so that players who want to be buffed / don't have access to limbo and want to be able to be banished can be.
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