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  1. I disagree with you. There are plenty of things people message saying thanks for the change / about time etc for. Those people will also usually respond to negative comments with their own input on why the changes are good, so your argument that they have no reason to say anything is not necessarily correct.
  2. Using Penumbra (Itzal's second ability) automatically stops you and always has. So, no they are not joking, the new system is horrible to use, and there was always the function available to stop instantly if you needed to. As for your exaggeration of going across the entire map to stop, are you serious? It took a little bit, and it is called inertia, it exists in space, and in this game you are a space ninja ... go figure that physics might actually apply.
  3. I agree, I use Titania alot, and now thye have taken what was one of the most enjoyable frames to play, and made it horrible. It is kind of tied to the archwing update, but they did it afterward, so it should be simple to roll back, and I have not seen a single positive comment about it, so I cannot understand why it hasn't been done since there are a tonne of negative comments about it. Then again it took about 4 months for them to quietly roll back the Nekros nerf.
  4. Please rollback the archwing updates. The instant stop is just plain horrible. It makes no logical sense. Speed choices are now stupidly slow or stupidly fast. Blink is just ruined - You should have left it as itr was and just made it the operator ability in an archwing. There really was no reason to change the archwings to get everyone off Itzal, since nobody plays archwing missions unless they have to. They are used primarily for open world, and that is where the Itzal excelled. Right now I am even less inclined to do any archwing missions, so the idea here has backfired spectacularly. The game currently feels like an indie developer with no real passion has been working on it. Perhaps you need to introduce a PTS for changes like these to see what your players want, especially when you are making changes that nobody asked for. I have a couple of thousand hours in the game, and these last few changes are making me look for alternatives, which is quite sad.
  5. Placing waypoints on maps no longer works ....
  6. @[DE]Megan What does *abilities mean? Pilfering Strangledome gives a 65% chance for additional loot to be dropped, and it then can be any loot the enemy drops. Pilfering Swarm is the same, except 100% (but must get the killing blow) Nekros' Desecrate loots the dead bodies with a 54% success rate The Smeeta Kavats Charm ability can trigger the affinity boost, which is essentially just a resource booster, this doubles the amount picked up, not dropped. None of these abilities boost the drop chance above 100%, they all give a second roll for things to drop again. So that begs the question, are we talking about Resource Boosters? If we are, then once again they do not affect drop tables, but pickups. Which only leaves Resource Drop Chance Boosters. That means you have you owe everyone who has one active or bought one in the last 3 days to increase their chance of dropping a refund or a free booster to make up for it, because that is just ripping your player base off for platinum (a paid currency). (I would also point out this is NOT an ability)
  7. And games that don't listen to their player base die.
  8. You haven;t walked around your orbiter then? It looks like you traded it in for one from a scrapyard. There are scratches all over the paintwork and it looks horrendous.
  9. Just replace it with an animation of your warframe having a drink, i think it would be more effective.
  10. I think people misunderstand (due to it's name) what projectile flight speed dows. It seems to have an effect on Fall-Off distance, not actual flight speed. Perhaps it needs to be renamed to Projectile Distance or something instead.
  11. They stated months ago the reason was because nobody used any other archwing unless they were levelling them for MR. The change is simply to make the others usable again, but all they have done is ruin archwings ... completely.
  12. Primed regen counters that though, and having a respawnable compainion doesn;t restrict you to only using that companion, not to metnion you can res your pets. The charm card means you never ever use an adarza, helminth charger or kubrow.
  13. If blitz was causing Itzal to be the only archwing used, we need to make Charm a universal companion ability (without nerfing) as anyone who knows about charm, only ever uses a smeeta kavat. I don;t remember the last time I used a kubrow or moa, as they serve no special purpose. Put simply, Charm needs to be changed to a Companion card and that would solve the issue.
  14. This change to make my orbiter look shabby as hell is horrible.
  15. I agree with you here, and I would still use Itzal on Eidolons anyway becuase of the ability to collect all the loot.
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