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  1. Bonewidow 1, the new necramech repair mod, and/or use voidrig's 2 to avoid damage. Basically the only ways to survive in a mech now.
  2. I agree 100%. The grind is way too long for a reward that is very meh. It reminds me a lot of going for Necramech Thrusters. The chances are so low that its not worth ever trying for. I will say that EVEN if the extra missions didnt require waiting through 3 tiers of Iso Vaults, it would STILL be too time consuming for the rewards you get. Just a swing and a miss from DE, so hard.
  3. Ultimately, the problem is kuva and rivens in general are not really that fun. There is no way to progress your weapons without a lucky riven roll, and thats after farming hundreds of thousands of kuva to do so. If there wasnt that perverse incentive, people wouldnt be figuring a way to minimize the farming pain with Odin.
  4. Thats fine, but why disguise the reason. Just say we think SE gains are too high, so here come the nerf to it. Dont blame a legitimate strategy as botting.
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