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  1. Who care about a trailer for frame? WHO? SPACE HYPE TRAIN FOR RAILJAAAAAACK Then the new pre sequel to the new old war 😄 !!!
  2. Well I have played Hildryn for few hours and here is few problems... Her Balefire is well... Not bad but I would preffer beam weapon than what we have now :>. It is status based so Beam would be AWESOME 😆 The range of the Balefire is low this weapon is just not very efficient. Second ability is awesome yet for Grineer and Infested not much... Make it strip % of armor and slow infested maybe? Third ability? Only 1 problem capped shield regen at 124% what for? Remove it? The 4th ability well dmg type is radiation yet 0% status ? Could we have a status chance for radiation for 3/4 skills? LIke 15% ?
  3. For real... No first week... Maaaaybe second... If not third... At the end of month...
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