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  1. Well I have played Hildryn for few hours and here is few problems... Her Balefire is well... Not bad but I would preffer beam weapon than what we have now :>. It is status based so Beam would be AWESOME 😆 The range of the Balefire is low this weapon is just not very efficient. Second ability is awesome yet for Grineer and Infested not much... Make it strip % of armor and slow infested maybe? Third ability? Only 1 problem capped shield regen at 124% what for? Remove it? The 4th ability well dmg type is radiation yet 0% status ? Could we have a status chance for radiation for 3/4 skills? LIke 15% ?
  2. When you have TOGGLE CROUCH on CTRL Hildryn does not hover down :>
  3. For real... No first week... Maaaaybe second... If not third... At the end of month...
  4. Whenever Harrow give me Covenant buff while im Umbra then using thenno and going back is removing buff :p Fix plz?
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