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  1. Cris0407

    Low FPS

    First... Are You sure the GPU is on? Not the integrated GPU? MOST FUN AT ALL!!! Have You connected the power to the GPU?
  2. Cris0407

    Adaptation doesn't work?

    Yep... it is it So we need a fix for this.
  3. Cris0407

    Adaptation doesn't work?

    So is this mod broken for now? Seems like no effect at all...
  4. Cris0407

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    For real... No first week... Maaaaybe second... If not third... At the end of month...
  5. Cris0407

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    What about Exodia upgrades for Zaws?
  6. Cris0407

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.1

    Whenever Harrow give me Covenant buff while im Umbra then using thenno and going back is removing buff :p Fix plz?
  7. Cris0407

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Bla bla bla... But this week is still our aim!
  8. How about Her passive? Still the same? And does Status Duration increase number of TICKS? [Gas, Heat]
  9. Cris0407

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Kuva included...
  10. Cris0407

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    Always before update...
  11. Kuva is not rewarded... I didn't get kuva from mission...
  12. 200 Is enough... 1000 per 5 min +- While normall misssion is 600... for even more than 5min Yet with all booster I can get 5.000 in 10min... So do this surv +- 40min then flood and repeat this... So also can we have a change with normal kuva missions like... So we know charm buff right? But it is painfull... To get more kuva... Can we get Kuva each limb destroyed? So Kuva 4x1 no 1x4 So charm will be better :>
  13. Cris0407

    This year so far...

    No hotfix today :- ?
  14. Cris0407

    Baro’s Infiltrated Vaulted Relics

    Primed Intensify daah?