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  1. This. It doesn't affect the performance of the Railjack, of course (thankfully !), but I can't help but notice that the engines are not lined up correctly when I go back to my Dry Dock. Also, the weapons have a similar issue, they are not tilted according to the skin (but are placed at the right position at least).
  2. I've had similar issues. It seemed to me it was somewhat related to using Scarab Armor.
  3. https://imgur.com/VKZ0Wehttps://imgur.com/VKZ0We5https://i.imgur.com/VKZ0We5.jpg[/imhttps://imgur.com/VKZ0We5I'll probably post more as I go, but 2 problems here : Huge tear in the textures of this rock wall (Venus Ice Planet) No character shadow (Venus Ice Planet)
  4. I'm not going to say otherwise (I love playing Rhino, I see what you mean) ; it's just the stats are still pretty weak for his "role" in my opinion.
  5. Some Warframes didn't receive buffs in your post (Rhino Prime, Exca, etc.) ; is this intended ? It's mostly because Rhino (and Prime) is supposed to be the "tank" but has somewhat "meh, not so tank" armor values. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Tu peux passer en mode "mêlée pure" pour ne pas reprendre tes armes quand tu fais clic droit. Par défaut, tu maintiens la touche de changement d'arme (F si tu n'as rien changé) au lieu de faire une simple pression ; pour arrêter et reprendre tes armes principale/secondaire, tu appuies simplement sur la touche de changement d'arme à nouveau. Ou,alors tu peux très bien continuer tes combos en continuant d'appuyer sur la touche d'attaque en mêlée avec le clic droit. C'est juste que si tu ne fais rien, juste le clic droit, ta Warframe va sortir son arme pour viser.
  7. Avec le nerf du Catchmoon, je crois que pas mal de joueurs se sont rabattus sur le Tombfinger, ce qui a eu pour effet de baisser sa disposition. Il faut reconnaître qu'il tape fort, le con, et il n'est pas aussi limité en portée effective que le Catchmoon.
  8. Je dirais que le vrai intérêt, c'est de pouvoir installer un Mod Exilus sans devoir perdre ses cheveux pour tout agencer. Mais si rien dans les Exilus ne t'intéresse, c'est vite limité.
  9. I just happened to test Archwing Melee (I have to level up my Knux), but it is literally unplayable now. It might be the fault of the new Melee system or not, I can't say for sure. What happens is that you no longer "lock onto" enemies to hit them, so it has pretty become pretty hard to land a hit and, for whatever reason, the camera zooms so strongly it clips into the Warframe, obstructing the field of view. So now, I'm blind whenever I start striking and I hardly manage to scratch an enemy. I don't think this behaviour is intended, but if it is, it is really bad. Anyway, I'll assume this is a bug.
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