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  1. I agree with this, but would like to point out that the message sounds wrong, and could be stated better. It's not 'play 100 hours and it gets good' it's 'play more than 10% and see how it improves'. The equivalent for other media would be, 'Read past the first chapter/book' for a book or book series. Or maybe 'watch more than the first 15 minutes' for a movie or TV show. Every good piece of media still has an 'initial phase' that may need to be overcome. It sucks to be sure for something where that hurdle is a serious length of time, like many ongoing games have now, but it's still there for everything.
  2. He's one of my favorite frames and I do play him from time to time. However, I like playing razor's edge/glass cannon for some weird reason, and Harrow is practically invincible. Takes a bit of the fun and challenge out from how I enjoy the game. I do carry similar opinions on some other frames that are underplayed, but are too powerful. (Nyx and Limbo, for example)
  3. Haven't mastered Yareli, but I don't think that will change my feedback below. I have no Kompressa feedback, as I have not acquired it yet. Overall impression: MR Fodder. She feels super underpowered. I'd recommend Banshee any day over her. The animation sets do have a cute personality to them. PASSIVE I hardly paid attention to the passive. I use Primary and Melee the majority of my time. -> neutral impression that will not change due to my play style. SEA SNARES Hard to see, feels underwhelming and like it should combo with other powers of hers. An improvement here would have it combo with Aqua Blades to increase the Aqua Blades abilities, or have the aqua blade boost the Sea Snares power. ->neutral impression that can be turned positive with a bit of change. MERULINA This is horrible. Awkward, and cramped in most levels. I'm at a point where I can VERY EASILY get out of environment at will. If I continue to play Yareli I will replace this ability 100% of the time using Helminth. -> hostile impression, I want to spit pure acid about this. A change would be to change the Merulina model to be larger (whale-themed ) to consume Yareli and use that to reduce the awkwardness. Jonah and the Whale, or Gepetto in Pinocchio is my line of thinking. AQUABLADES Feels so weak and undeveloped. I would really like to see this combo with Sea Snares in someway as noted above. -> Generally negative impression, but like sea snares, could probably be easily improved. RIPTIDE How does this work? Does it work? I watch the little ability video, but I don't feel like it works that well. If not for Merulina, I would replace this ability with Nidus' Larva in a heartbeat. -> negative impression. might be due to how the ability is presented. Coloring her is a pain too. The blending on her skirt looks corrupted.
  4. I think this will just be an echo chamber, but it comes down to what you want. Want to increase your MR and get some nicer weapons? Buy weapons, companions, and relics. He has Prisma Shade, which is my go to for solo stealth. He is also the best source for relics for some harder to get items like Aklex Prime, Volt Prime, etc. Not worried about MR and want to increase your power? Mods. Primed mods in particular for the weapons you prefer. Some of the mods he offers are not unique to him, like the damage/status mods. Take a look at their sources and you may find that you can save some ducats in easy farms. Time to look B E A UTIFUL BABY? Cosmetics, colors, decorations. I'm partial to the whole prisma line, they can blend some colors very nicely.
  5. As someone who has been 'on the other side' when servers crash during a super important time, you have my support you poor network team! As a (mostly) joke: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  6. I am stuck on the launcher 'CHECKING FOR UPDATES...' Oh. Now it shows: Update failed! The content servers are temporarily unavailable. ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT The update will be restarted shortly...
  7. Thank you so much! I updated the thread title to match the addition as well.
  8. I popped over to the bug report forum to report this, but it appears that someone already did, then that report was merged with this thread. I'm expecting that they are very aware by this point and are/have doing something.
  9. So the relay is open now and the first thing I ran to grab was the fabled Primed Chamber. However, Baro is not carrying it. I was under the impression that the TennoCon offerings were supposed to have EVERYTHING he could offer. Was this a deliberate choice to not have him sell it?
  10. Considering Warframe's history, this is very likely temporary. It's probably not a top priority due to the low percentage of Legendary players. As more people approach Legendary ranks, they'll probably add to the reward and spectacle of the rank and icons.
  11. Animals. (Mostly cats) They have animations and rigging for our four-legged friends, so why not have a Warframe that can run around on all fours for an ability?
  12. I love interacting with my pet, and whenever they are sitting at the incubator, I can no longer interact with them. I also don't want to go traipsing around my ship to find them. I realize it no longer has a gameplay purpose, BUT I WANT TO PET MY PETS! Please re-add Interact to the Incubator options.
  13. I've presumed that the issues with the Grineer reproduction numerous like: 1. No organs for natural reproduction. 2. Limited gene pool to clone from. 1 male variant, 1 female variant and just endless clones of those 2, 3. Clones of clones, based on a culture of cloning success. 4. Sci-fi reason where the Orokin prevented their DNA from being varied. 5. Orokin cloned from the originals each time, and after the war, the originals were lost.
  14. This seems like a start, but something feels off. I'm not a theory crafter, but some of the changes here seem to be potentially huge unintentional buffs. Arca Plasmor meta back in business?
  15. I'm surprised I haven't seen more speculation that maybe the Parazon and Helminth will be Operator-usable. That's sort of my expectations with Duviri still out there in somewhere.
  16. I would like to see the sculpture moved out or maybe even randomized? I wouldn't mind having a shot at some of those newer sculptures. The Endo should be either increased 5x (or more) or removed as the current state of Railjack makes getting Endo a simpler task. This has greatly diminished the value of only 4k as a reward. By the time players can access sorties, they can also access Railjack.
  17. I'm imagining Clem in the Thumper thinking, "This is MY Necramech! I. CAN. DO. THIS!" while the fight is occurring.
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