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  1. Nice day for you too! Im also a solo player (I cant get away from the pause option haha) and while its indeed an issue for solo players, we are not the majority of the player base, thats for sure. Also, as we agreed, it can be brutforced and you can always keep killing trash enemies and let the accumulated damage from multiple AOEs end up killing the heavy unit anyways, like when the nox dies from saryn's spores, even when it have its glass thingy and spores also deals body damage to him haha Also, yeah, 4 players trivialize spawns mainly when at least 1 of those player have some kin
  2. Its actually what happens now. Everyone its forced to either use AOE sourced or be the useless team member that only serves as a spawn multiplier. With my proposed change at least the guy with the daikyiu wont feel like the impaired tenno, since every single time a heavy unit shows its his/her time to shine. And as you said, you will be able to still stack lots of damage multipliers to bypass that by brute force, so its not even an issue, otherwise parvos carriers on steel path would be impossible to kill with the 90% damage reduction status imune shield they have.
  3. What im saying is that effort/reward ratio its way better on everything but single target weapons. Im up for them being buffed, but even if a tenora could on shot every single enemy in the game, it would still perform worst that kuva bramma on 90% of game content. Damage wont fix the issue. The issue can only be fixed by mechanical changes to the game. Giving heavy units innate waframe ability/AOE resistance its enough to put all kind of primary and secondary weapons that lack AOE damage into a relevant place again. Same can be applied to melee, just removing CC from them and making enemies hi
  4. Ofended by grendel overweight, equinox being fully female to avoid backlash and other stuff that one can only wonder how the hell someone have this little to do with their time to actually even care about fictional characters on a game where said characters are mass murder machines created from a tortured living being manipulated by a traumatized child who had to murder his/her own family to survive and was later utilized by some fascists like the orokin to kill stuff for them Like, for real, theres SOOOOOOO much S#&$ to be triggered at before grendel being overweight, ob
  5. Im not going to deny that haha, that being said, I would love to at least have thebchance to experience it without doubts. I mean, Ill go for a 100% 1:1 camera when we ever have weapon recoil, running motion, etc, 100% like mirrors edge. After all, managing to perform in any level with that camera will be fun itself haha
  6. For me at least, her 2 and 3 are nice, her 1 its TERRIBLE to control, like why the hell I cant actually STOP when I want? Even gauss can. And her 4 needs as you said, to spawn at least a single tornado at the place you aimed. If her 1 "float" duration scales up with duration or where refreshable and the tailwind absurd impulse where in some way stopable, Ill be more than ok, the 4 change will be the cherry on the top of that.
  7. I for sure would love a 1:1 camera. I mean, I player S#&$loads of mirrors edge and I damn love the feeling that the rolling camera gives, even if its not practical. I would love to see the bullet jump spin with my own eyes, the rolls and knockdowns too.
  8. For me, kuva (even when I hate rivens and never ever use them because they are like diablo 3 stats, full rmg without real progression, just pure luck), void traces (something that a lot of people never have enough, specially veterans like me with hundreds of vaulted relics), rivens itselfs and riven slivers, formas, reactors and catalysts (not needed as much, but always handy to test and even alleviate mr level up of trash weapons or disliked frames). If I have to chose from all of that, im super up for kuva 5k at least, void traces 100 at least, riven slivers 1 since you are limit
  9. First, you can go in and melee the drone. Slam attack destroy the drone in a single hit and the AOE knockdown prevents you from even being hit. That aside, the fact that a primary WEAPON its relegated as a tactical gadget its enough to see how bad they are atm. Its the same that saying "damage its to high? The use your melee to block damage while you shot enemies to kill them" implying that said melee lack damage to do the killing task. If I have to swap to primary/secondary just to prime an enemy for CO or destroy a specific flying thing, I might as well just take a redeemer prime a
  10. Basically any kind of 3 axis blockade dont work. For 3 axis blockades to work they need to be actual nets, not blockades as we know them, and an actual net needs a lot of ships. Granted that all the fomorian ships the grineer have (that are as far as we know the most powerful ships in the warframe universe) are not enough to stop a single tenno squad from decimating them, not even speaking about a full fledged sentient assault, something that even us, the tenno that decimated said fomorian float, fear.
  11. While I do like deep content like that, I can understand DE not wanting to touch this subjets, since in todays society with super sensitive people this can lead to serious bussines issues.
  12. Do you realize how stupidly powerful the tenno and the warframes are compared to simple, mundane mortals like syndicate members? Like, we can kill every single steel meridian operative in the universe in like 4 hours with just a single tenno. For real, when you go to a survival and kill 1000 grineers every 10 minutes, you realize how powerless normal civilians are, all the syndicates can do its to pray for our help and avoid getting caught in a crossfire, because if sentients are an issue for us, for sure they are gods for them, just lile the tenno and their warframes are.
  13. Just animation. Looking cool increase your DPS by a wide margin, you know?
  14. I personally use autohotkey to spam E or left click for semi auto weapons when my hands are on a bad day. Arthritis its a *@##$ of a company and my mice macro software its terrible, it cant even loop a macro. Pure S#&$. Please DE, we need accessibility options like auto click while holding a certain key, etc. Its super important for peiple that ita getting old or have a condition that cant be healed. @[DE]Rebecca Please reb, try to push this to the team, since they added colorblind things I really feel like the next step its to help alleviate issue
  15. Im super on for this. I have arthitis and repetitive button spams are terrible for my hands.
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