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  1. They dont. I own all arcanes and that was the first thing I tested when she was released. Unless that was patched later, energize only procs the AOE energy for your teammates, but she doesnt actually gain additional shields
  2. I dont really think that said frames shouldnt be ingame, simply add AOE ability resistance to heavy units. And thats it. If a saryn, volt or any other AOE frame can nuke an entire room, then the remaining heavy units should be their real problem, and while other weapon enchancers can deal with said enemies with ease, they cant clean the trash that easily. And thats it, balance. AOE nukers killing trash enemies, damage/resistance amplifiers killing heavy units, and thats the end of the problem.
  3. I have 2 years in this game. There A LOT to do. Its a grinder so you have to set goals and complete them. Get every single prime item, vandal item, wraith item, prisma item. All frames. All mods. All arcanes, etc. Its all about that, getting stuff to being able to do stuff with different gear combinations.
  4. warframe.market does that. You have to be online in order to sell your stuff, an auction house will completly destroy economy because the demand will keep the same while the offer will triple today's numbers because of "always online" traders. Unless you want to have your prices destroyed by a way too high demand, avoid asking for such a thing and enjoy a more "organic" market with only online people haha
  5. A shame that they reverted the ogris change since the weapon REALLY needs some serious ROF increase in order to manage heavy armored units. That or a stupidly increased critical chance in order to make use of hunter munitions to overcome said armor (like the penta can do now with the new augment or the lenz).
  6. Since the last patch film grain seems to be enable no matter what you chose on the options. IDK if its a "new filter", but as someone that loves clarity above everything else on games this really "distracts" me. Am I the only one with this issue? OFC tryied to reset to default and the likes.
  7. c'on, I used 16x since 9800gt, thats a VERY old GPU, the taxing of texture filtering its so damn low on modern hardware, also they could just add a "performance warning" like a lot of games does nowdays.
  8. Why? On powerfull PCs running 16x its absolutly aviable...
  9. Do you even know how an anti cheat system work? How an antivirus does its job? How a graphic driver works? And BTW reshade source its public. You can read it if you want. The anti cheat engine detects routines AND software IDs. It alsp block debugger atachments. If the anti cheat engine didnt get triggered at start, it will never will unless something fails on their end.
  10. As a programmer, theres different levels of "DLL injection". Cheat engine for example DONT EVEN do that since it works as a debugger that gets attached to the main process and modify values inside it (to give you for example unlimited ammo). DLL injection can be used to bypass certain restrictions acording to WHEN the injection its realized since its not the same for it to be triggered at the rendering phase of the game engine (which its what reshade and the likes do) than on the initialization of it (where you can disable security related stuff). Word it however you like, reshade its not cheating. Period. I had a game server before for another MMO, used to use security systems with lots of data auditing and the likes AND NEVER triggered a single reshade stuff by accident because it NEVER touch the initialization process, but ONLY the rendering phase AFTER the pipeline engine finished its job so it can only work using pre rendered already defined by the game engine data to actually make its calculations. And since ALSO DE Steve said that they are not punishing reshade and other similar stuff your point about "cheating" its also not valid. Also, if you want to add a notation, every single graphic driver DOES memory injection on EVERY single graphic related program. Its the way "driver optimizations" works. Hijacking API calls at the rendering phase DURING the engine calculation runtine AND replacing said call with a new, GPU optimized one that works faster than the originally intended to be used one. Thats BY FAR more intensive and way more prone to be called "cheating" than what reshade actually do. On your example, doing that actually increase the ammount of bandwidth that the ISP its needing to use, hence lowering they general performance AND increasing theire operational costs while also invading a private server using a security failure on it. Saying than modifiying the behaviour on a program on my system with something that use precalculated pre rendered data to modify how said data looks to me WITH the developer aproval its the same than invading a third party server, changing data without autorization AND increasing theire operative costs its the same its plain stupid.
  11. Which modes are them? As far as I know all the mods obtainable from incursions are also obtainable from captains and normal bounties.
  12. If that would be the case, DE wont be preparing to do this move. Clearly its not the case. DE its not a dumb company, at least on the financial and bussiness apartment.
  13. Seems to be an integrated gpu limitation. Still you should be able to load the game, not having vrashes and the likes. My guest pc uses an integrated gpu to play and it runs dx11 perfectly, even at minimum settings.
  14. Mind sharing your hardware specs? Gpu model and brand, cpu model and ram memory ammount? With that info its possible to try and help you fixing your loading problems with dx11
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