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  1. Well, no. Sekiro its horrendous for a horde shooter, idk about the other game, but for this kind of game the combo system its fantastic. They can add back combos and side combos, but having a streamlined input for every single weapon its fantastic, and wait combos, mixed inputs for combos, etc are not something warframe can pull on any accessible way. Old system was heavy DMC based and those mixed inputs per combo where a nightmare for any meaningfull ammount of enemies. We need more combos using the current input idea of a single input for all the combos for each cathegory. E a
  2. Honestly, merging 1st with the augment and changing the 4th ability to work like embers, instant cast to everything in LOS up to certain range will be enough to bring him to relevancy. Armor strip with infinite PT, invisibility, an on demand melee finisher and an AOE finisher with combo counter scalling, and sinergy with his passive.
  3. Up until now I have never realized this. Considering that grineers are a matriarcal society and this is the place where the queens lives, I can see it having a certail symbolism, its not out of what DE does with other stuff anyways, using symbolisms to reprecent abstract concepts about how societies and factions works.
  4. From the wiki info it says than normal panthera have the same issue with multishot making blades to be launched side by side causing unrealiable long range aiming.
  5. Basically whan @Tiltskillet said, the weapon its interesting, but with the desviation thing related to multishot its a hell to use. Also PT mods are inconsistent with ricocheting AOE thing, ricocheting itself AND PT itself, meaning that half the time yo get the expected outcome while another half projectiles just dissapear haha If the accuracy on this weapon wont get affected by heavy cal that be enough of an improvment, or doubling ROF gained from mods on the same fashion as bows, or considering multishot another tier of base damage (like how it does on secondary fire), theres a lot of f
  6. Just a suggestion, swap a bit of primary fire disc damage to the explosion, so its 60 on hit, 60 on AOE instead of 100 on hit, 20 on AOE. Since panthera have a dispersion thing that prevents you to use it at long range this at least helps with that without turning it into an AOE beast and also allows you to properly benefit from its on bounce explosions too.
  7. Steel Path has highlighted a problem that for me, and its cold's mods vazarin polarity. Im the only one that have a fully formaed weapon just to use the exilus slot locked on a single build because the bazarin polarity dont allowing me to swap naramon elemental mod order? Why dont de just turn cold mods inti naramon and just gives a forma for every vazarin polarity on weapons?
  8. For me companions shouldnt die. At all. More slots for functionality and less mandatory sustain slots that serves nothing at high level content. That or they should scale with enemies stats instead of ours, like specters do.
  9. Another fun thing. Inaros CAN contribute with CC that open enemies to finished damage, even from weapons. Its more of a lack of need for such stuff than an actual lack of it. On currents meta you contribute by either killing, buffing the DPS frame or gicing it energy and resources to keep on its task. Everything else its just plain ignored, more of a game design issue than a lack of tools actually.
  10. For me he's ok. A CC that open enemies to finishers and allows him to heal, another CC that completly removes enemies from the combat, another CC that heal your team paired with more armor for you and another CC that allows your team to heal by themselfs AND get invulnerability for a short period. Its ok, let him be just a thank.
  11. That baza was for sure wrongly built. LvL 100 modified enemies wont take that much hits, Im used to do 4 hour survivals and that tops WAY MORE health and armor that the showed preview. Also, you will be able to put a lot more builds with harder to kill enemies. If they can no longer be cleamed by single AOE damage, more monotarget focused damage start to get its place.
  12. Yo can go over 100% status chance, you know? And if you are getting over that, adding status chance on top of WW its diminished returned compared to adding other stats. While I agree that PF its not a wow what a mod, it have its place on melee dedicated builds that use naramon and use both berserker and PF to exploit the multiplicative nature of berserker.
  13. Damn yes. Even if its a paid skin for like 20 plat, I dont mind. Its a fantastic idea haha
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