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  1. Remember that you can now buy umbra mods from simaris, I have a few umbra intensify just for that, having it at different ranks in order to fit it in some builds where fully ranked mods wont make it. Also, the reward from 29 to 30 was 3 umbra formas. Does it justify to get to mr30? No. But its nice for the ones that enjoy leveling up mastery rank to have this little bonus. Its not about something that makes you grind up to that point, but to have something that feels nice, and 3 of the more scarce power source in the whole game as a reward its indeed a nice thing, specially for someone as high in the rank mark, where you already have everything in the game.
  2. Honestly, my gear have little to no customization in terms of visuals, im not that kind of player, and all my umbra formas where already used, so I need more of them (and I have at least 10 umbra formas already defined for my most used gear)
  3. Its all about the frame that uses the arcane, my chroma can tank steel path mot enemies (140lvl, x4 damage from void T4), so I can get hit enough to trigger grace, on a frame like mag you cant tank damage so velocity its better, but in the end its all about the frame that uses it, not the arcane itself. The absolute true safe and quicker heal its magus repair, and paired with magus lockdown you literally heal you, cc the world arround and keep going.
  4. Honestly, that alone would make me use caster frames. Having my weapons removed from me its terrible, specially if said weapon have a damage buildup like melee weapons and combo counters have.
  5. Nope, you need to wall jump to reset it. If you do a wall jump, wall latch or any kind of wall interaction, bullet jump and double jump gets reseted and can be performed again. Basic conclave movement technique, but rarely seen outside of it :P
  6. The main thing is that the orokin language its based on sounds, not letters. When you read it, think of it as sound, like if you where pronunciating a word that soulds like it. Its a bit tricky, but its doable.
  7. The fact that shotguns are inferior to melee weapons in close quarters and inferior to rifles in open spaces gives one the idea. I wont be against a more agressive fall off if we get at least 2.5x the current damage, and some shotguns like tigris family REALLY need to be updated since the patch that removed the 100% status thing destroyed them. To this day most shotguns are bad at status proccing and at damage dealing :P
  8. I dont see you get unbanned, but uf that even happens, my best and only advice its to NEVER use chat again. Ever. Im one of those bi persons that dont really gets how others can get that damn mad at an insult or any prejorative thing, but that doesnt prevent me from being banned too, so in order to prevent any accident from happening I just dont chat. Period. No chat = 0% chance to break any rules, even by accident.
  9. Gyess that it can be something like MR30 reward. Umbra forma, etc. Its not a bad idea, since its a good way to actually make people want to get to said point
  10. Well, I wont be opossed to a BP that can be bought for plat and return enough plat to rebuy it, its a plat sinc since some people wont be completing it (on the same stupid fashion they dont complete regular nightwave), so its useful for DE as a company to remove plat from circulation, it act as a hook for players and its actually players friendly too. Its not ideal, but if its added as a second nightwave layer, like IDK, double NW credits, replacing cosmetica with the plat and adding an extra umbra forma at rank 30, im up for that.
  11. I don't think the economic side its not important, but as a game designer I can asure you that its not the only one to measure. When you design a game, you have to weight some stuff. How much pleasure a player gets. How hard is the player punished for mistakes. How is your economic strategy fitting in this equation. And so on. While you are right, they need to make money, they also need to consider the short and long term impact of a monetization. Seeing this thread, while it seems like a good idea on paper, the backlash and PR mess caused by it will outweight the net gains in the long term, so even if it looks like a good idea, in the long run it wont be as good.
  12. Paid nightwave wont be purchasable for plat, the same way prime accessories are IRL money only. There wont be a "get platinum back" because there wont be a "pay plat" to begin with.
  13. Why instead of a paid nightwave don't we care for REAL content. Skins are not content, nightwave itself its not content. I'm speaking about new maps, new enemies, new mods, new weapons, new frames, new game modes. Gameplay related content, not cosmetic content, specially if said cosmetic content will be behind a paywall that its not for all players, but for a few ones. Battle passes are the most lazy way to extend a product life, and its used for that, extend a product life and monetize over already prebuilt stuff on games without evergreen monetized things.
  14. You can built a new engine while reusing code from previous work, in fact UE4 have code from UE1 (the instancing manager used on the DX11 renderer), an engine its a toolset, so they could do a new engine while reusing previous work too, Dark Sector used Evolution too. Still its incredible how much the engine evolved, from DX9 and a forward renderer to DX12 and a deferred renderer its a very big change, and doing that while keeping compatibility with an already prebuilt project (warframe) its short of a miracle. I have some mad respect for this.
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