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  1. We as tenno neeed a real threat to justify a war. Like, for real, we are more than capable to clean the origin system of every single living organism in just 2 weeks, let alone a group of space nazis like loka or veil, all the operatives they have wont last more than just a hour, if not even less.
  2. Personally I think that all damage avilities should scale. Lvl 9999 enemies are meme content, no real player targeted one, and for all warframes to been able to be used, scalling its needed since frames scales only with ability strenght mods. That or you need to allow the player to mod critical stats and status stats on abilities, since flat ability atrenght cant compete with how much multiplicative damage sources weapons have. A frame with flat numbers needs to either be broken at low level, or weak at high level. Scalling abilities fix that, making the frame deal a flat + % damage
  3. I play PSO2 since episode 3 on japanese servers, PSO2 have by far the most terrible monetization I have seen in years, its just absurd. And PSO2 NG its not connected to main game outside of some customizations carrying on and endgame tier gear turning into midgame tier gear, the rest its an entire new game, just FYI, new classes, entire new leveling, no trading carried on, anything at all. Also PSO2 NG its in no way superior to actually deimos running on the new renderer, in fact the performance its terrible (japanese closed beta tests shows it). Its not an upgrade, but a brand
  4. People seems to REALLY forget the fact that this is a F2P game released 8 years ago. Like, for real, what they did upgrading the engine, the graphics, the performance (damn god, there where some SUPER deep performance improvement like atomic tasks reduced from 13ms to 5ms that are just damn stupidly hard to do), the insane ammount of content to consume without even starting to forma stuff and build every single item ingame, just regular story gameplay and world exploration alone can sink deep as 100 to 200 hours, AND ITS #*!%ING FREE. People compare this game to paid to own games released
  5. Please, no. While I get the point, unless you can disable it, no. I like to see my frame as I color and fashion it, not as some kind of energyesque thing full of stuff that I can not change, nor disable (like the damned iron skin that destroy 100% of your fashion, or atlas's passive that covers him with poop)
  6. Good old energy leech eximus, the bane of everything but a few selected frames haha. And the toxic one from infested, that can kill you with the aura if they level up high enough
  7. Specially now that shield gating literally negates the downtime between casts. She is safe as hell, its like impossible to die playing zephyr unless you are putting yourself at risk against infested enemies.
  8. And zephyr can just press 1 and keept hovering instead of jump spamming, so its even easier
  9. 3 + hover to be 100% invulnerable to damage, use firearms to exploit her innate critical rate bonus. Use 4 to mass cc the room and shoot the tornadoes or her 2 to pull enemies and kill them with weapon fire. And thats it. Nothing fancy, just get her job done with 0 actual risk.
  10. Well, for starters, if theres a network limit, then by all means you wont be upping solo play limits, its a terrible idea from a gameplay perspective, so its pretty possible that even if they can increase the AI ammount on solo play, they simply wont for consistency. While its doable to overcome 64 AI limits, its not easy to implement that on a game engine AND hosting a network gameplay from it, I know it first hand from previous works that I did on MMO servers, while we have stupidly larger AI ammounts than just 64, we also enjoyed an insanely larger CPU power to leverage said AIs and th
  11. The limit its not that engine related, but network related. Since we as players host the missions they have to account for that, and having to sync too many enemies can lead to severe performance issues due to the main game thread waiting for the data sync, this is a common issue on path of exile. If the game where hosted on giant servers with gargantuan internet connections, there will be no issue at all. As for the AI limit and engine age, a game engine its not a monolithic piece of software, its a toolset. Its built with a lot of stuff that allow for a game to be built, so its pre
  12. It dont, hydroid its "charging" his ability, much like ember's 1. The fact that his charged ability its S#&$ at best means that the uncharged variant its useless, but that seems to have never been fixed, they could just remove the charge, make charged base and that alone would be an improvment
  13. Trade bans are usually for long missions, its an old system that check how many items you got after a mission and if it seems "illegal" they 2 weeks ban you to prevent said items to flow into the market. So far support wont answer before the ban lift by itself, and its a known issue to people that like me enjoy doing long survivals, defenses, etc. If you are sure that you didnt do anything wrong, dont worry, the ban will lift itself in a week and some days, so just enjoy your time till then, you are on the safe.
  14. Im experiencing this same issue too. After long gameplay sessions the game ends up using 4gb of RAM and takes A LOT to close after I close it. The main process ends up in the ram memory for a lot of time using both ram and hdd for some minutes. Sometimes it closes itself just fine, sometimes it dont. My system Ryzen 5 2600 8gb 2400mhz teamgroup elite ram 2x western digital HDD working in a RAID 0 configuration GTX 1060 3gb running at stock frequencies So far this is the only single game where I have this issue, with and without deferrer renderer, running on
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