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  1. Entiendo de donde venis con esta idea, el tema es que hay armas que sob radicalmente diferentes (vectis o tiberon por ejemplo) y que hay varias mas que son mejoras sin ser prime, como vandalo y fantasma. No es un cambio que me desagrade ni mucho menos, pero no se si lo haria "necesario". Si me gustaria que las mejoras y eso fuesen transpasables, pero lo del MR10 por ejemplo se me hace muy fuerte. Es algo con lo que personalmente no me encontraria ni a favor ni en contra, cumpliria lo que buscas lograr, aunque dudo que la mayoria reaccione bien a eso...
  2. As far as I have seen, yeah, it makes use of SMT without any issue. Game aside, SMT and other form of single core multithreading are managed by the OS, not the program itself. The program just make use of more or less threads, but unless theres something wrong the OS always manages how program threads get managed and what cores are loaded at a given time. For warframe I have seen perfect scalling across as much as 8 executing threads with lower core usage starting at 9 threads so I guess that yeah, a 3600 will perform fantasticly here
  3. Hello everybody. I need to ask for clarification on this. I want to make an AHK macro that autoclick for semi auto weapons. Since I have rheumatoid arthritis I cant be clicking like a madman and semi auto weapons demands A LOT of that. Is AHK allowed? Are there any official stance on that? Any answer from DE would be wellcome since I really appreciate my accound AMD my health Thx!
  4. Ill quit the game if that happens. One thing I loved aboit warframe was the lack of RNG stats. I dont even use rivens because I hate them for that, if they start using this kind of mechanics, I will quit the game witjout any kind of hesitation.
  5. Im loving her. Like a lot. The obly problem for me is that she is REALLY energy hungry. I own 2 R3 Arcane Energize sets so I dont personally suffer that, but the energy cost that comes from her heat managment are insane. She either need to have her energy/s cost on her 2 ability greatly reduced or her 3 and 4 costs reduced to allow for effective energy control, since without arcanes its stupidly hard to keep the heat at 90% without ending up OOM because the 3-4 spam.
  6. For me, ash's 4th ability. I dont see any use on oberon's 4th being modified since it already does a lot of damage and also strip's armor if used in tandem with his hallowed ground. Ash's 4th on the other hand... Its terrible. Horrendous TBH. Even adding a targeting reticle like the one that mesa have on her 4th ability could be better.
  7. Phaedra do you mean? You get the parts from syndicates, you cant grind for all the parts yourself, but have to trade for some of them since the syndicates that gives you the parts are oposite ones.
  8. Saryn? Someone said Saryn and her ability to contaminate whole ships with her mere presence?
  9. And while you are at it also reduce her energy pool to make her take desicions on what things you want to mark. Or even better, rework the hell out of ash's ult to make it work like ember's one
  10. If it would be aligning to berserker, it would work 1.6 per stack, 4 at max stacks (similar to berserker and primed fury ratio).
  11. Spring-Loaded Blade should be buffed ti 3 stacks and up to 3.4 additional range in order to align it with berserker (its crit counterpart). Each stack giving 1.2 additional range and capping at 3.4 (like how berserker gives 30 per stack and caps at 75) in order to not allow for stupidly large boosts. Its nonsensical that a conditioned mod gives a lesser bonus where theres also other conditioned ones that gives larger increases over its non conditional counterparts (berserker and primed fury, condition overload and primed pressure point, blood rush and sacrificial steel, weeping wounds and any pure status mod).
  12. Charge attacks are being removed buddy...
  13. WTB Split Flights, PM ingame with how much plat do you want for it and we can negotiate.
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