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  1. Have you evaluated that the content isnt meant to be completed in a few days, but a few months?
  2. Charge attacks are being removed buddy...
  3. You know that market prices are dictated by offer and demand rule, right? Arcanes are more sought after than specific rivens and the item generation rate its lower than the demand compared to rivens, simple as that. Also rivens are unless used on non meta weapons, absolutly useless compared to arcanes that in the case of energize, grace or guardian are universal buffs for almost all frames (compared to a riven that its locked to a specific weapon)
  4. WTB Split Flights, PM ingame with how much plat do you want for it and we can negotiate.
  5. If I have enough capacity on my aklex prime build to fit it, everyone can fit it on theire weapon with a fully polarized weapon. Its just a matter of if you want to do the added work or not. Personally I cant wait to add -recoil to my aklex prime 🙂
  6. Go to void, do T4 exterminate. Enemies cant activate alarms there, nor they can detect you because of that. Did all of those rivens with ember and an ignis.
  7. When you are in the dojo and go to the arsenal, it places the camera behind it instead of in front of it
  8. Take the worst weapon you have, stick a combo counter mod, lots of attack speed and slam countless times the same enemy with the weapon without actually killing it. I did all those rivens with just 1 or 2 enemies haha
  9. Well, just asking. Why theres no secondary dualstat punch through mod for secondaries? Like shred of seeking fury? It would be neat to have something along the lines of +PT +MS so we can replace lethal torrent with it if we want more crowd control while keeping the multishot. Also, when primed seeking fury? Haha
  10. And in 1 month you never requested any assistance, nor in game or in the forums? I mean, if you came to the forums complaining about something that never happened because you never requested any assistance before making the thread, expect some heavy backlash, its just natural. Adressed that channeling was indeed keept in game, theres nothing more to speak beteween us since im neutral to the rest of your post. Have a nice discussion!
  11. Block combo from this guard. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Eleventh_Storm
  12. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Eleventh_Storm Block combo from this guard.
  13. Theres a combo on the shield guards that throw the shield, its not a propper throw, but visually a throw still, like the one on the tonfa's guard, a nice multi hit attack with a bit of added range and a nice animation.
  14. Problem is that they indeed said that. Mentioned it along patch notes for almost a full month. Also speaked about that on devstream and twitter. I mean, you had a lot of time to learn that the controls changed. Also, even if im neutral to channeling, the description you made about channeling was plan wrong. Channeling only boosted your damage like an added combo counter without the combo counter's actual interactions with mods like blood rush. It wasnt even a big damage upgrade to begin with once you where at combo counter 3 or higher. Oh, also reduced damage received by 100% while blocking and reflected a part of it to enemies (not like they cared about that, but still valid to point it) while draining A LOT of energy because bullet ammounts.
  15. I liked it. A nice mod TBH if you dont want to play a DPS. I take it with any frame that can regenerate health. The new arcanes and mods are really nice in general. Swift Momentum was a build changer for me, allowing me to exchange a combo duration mod for another extra damage one. And A. Tanker its stupidly strong with rhino. Ridiculously strong.
  16. Loved the frame. My only suggestion its to scale the time needed to charge his 4 to 100% inversely with duration, maling it feel less clunky, since he seems to take A LOT od time innorder to get said ability working. Spending 60 seconda charging from a 90 seconds ability its a lot of time on a frame with such a quick gameplay.
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