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  1. bones7056

    Hotfix +

    yay now i can actually enjoy the operation. 1 cell at a time kinda sucks. kill most of the enemy pretty far from the scanner :/
  2. bones7056

    Status On Wednesday Update

    well i hope its 14.5 or else i kinda have to say what? seriously?
  3. bones7056

    Hotfix 14.2.3

    - MK-1 Weapons have been added to the Market and can be purchased with credits. - MK-1 Weapons can now be seen in the Codex. not seeing any of this
  4. bones7056

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    so ruin a few late game and buff some guns i mostly dont have and even after the buff still rather not even have? great cant wait for this update.
  5. bones7056

    Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra

    Redtext lied
  6. bones7056

    T-Shirt Design Contest- Poll

    number 6. i will be slash dashing everywhere
  7. bones7056

    Update 13.6.0 + Pyrana

    No event or primes? alright see you in week
  8. bones7056

    Hotfix 13.0.6+13.0.7+

    still cant log in anyways but no Easter update? and the reduced exp boost from dark sector, great the one thing taxes couldnt affect
  9. bones7056

    4/16/14 Update/connectivity Issues

    the ninja Easter bunny is coming!
  10. bones7056

    Hotfix 13.0.5

    a fix before it happened :O
  11. bones7056

    Hotfix 13.0.1

    thank you for the no crashing
  12. bones7056

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #26

    all good stuff but hydriod?
  13. bones7056

    Build, Prepare, Endure

    i only see 10k credits right now?
  14. bones7056

    Build, Prepare, Endure

  15. bones7056

    Hotfix 12.5.3

    see you on wenesday!