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  1. what a great mentality... no one force you to play this game dude if you're not happy with how things turns out just don't play it. Don't spoil other people experience ;)
  2. imagine arguing about the fact that you have to farm on a farming game, big brain right there, guaranted drop will kill this part of the game thats why drop rates exist dude welcome to the MMO types of games 37.5% is already a good drop chance, if you want to argue on the drop rate of something do it over the fact that some random mods that add nothing to the game have less then 0.5% drop chance 😉
  3. Oh yea and make them drop per 40 too like that we'll get another useless resource in abundance in our inventory for years until they decide to do something else with it.... (thats the joke part) (now for the real part) great update. 10 keys for veil is a good change you guys did good on that one. No need to change the drop rate tho 30% is already good. would be cool if you guys do this too.
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