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  1. Now that you mention it, it is odd there isn't a sort of "inverse draw" crossbow. The main point of the original crossbow is to have a single shot ready at all times. With futuristic Tenno tech, it'd make sense to adapt the ballista model into a weapon that trades draw/charge time into an extended reload time.
  2. Love the idea. I've weened away from Rhino Prime, even though he's one of my favorite frames, simply because his Iron Skin makes him look like a giant metal ingot. It'd be great if they added a "clear" modular option that makes Iron Skin look like a clear film, similar to default Rhino's version.
  3. I'm guessing you're referring to the "limp" thing a bunch of sugatras do? I've noticed this with a lot of sugatras where their lower connecting half will be fairly stif and just out and their further half just dangles like a half-boiled noodle. Certain sugatras do it on certain weapons, so its anyone's guess as to what causes it.
  4. They both act as an upgrade system to weapons. Wraiths and Vandals are always an upgrade (or occasional sidegrade) to their base counterpart. Primes are always an upgrade. Save for the occasional oddity like the Braton and Latron, weapons in these categories are largely exclusive to their respective upgrade class.
  5. Vandals and Primes are suppose to be largely analogous to each other, with Primes being exclusive to Tenno/Orokin weaponry. These two weapons have similar base damage, but one is suppose to lean toward status while the other leans toward crits.
  6. Counterpoint: Its an old weapon. Old weapons are kinda screwy with their MRs and stats due to being brought into the game in a very different setting. While I respect the fact that MR should play a role in determining the relative effectiveness of a weapon, it should not be used as a concrete design for weapon stats. After all, this is one of the single hardest weapons to outright earn in the game right now.
  7. I'm really just saying this because I'm one of those guys that just love the "starting weapon but stronger" aesthetic in games. The Braton Vandal is really lackluster compared to the Braton Prime and even to its "friend" the Lato Vandal. This is made worse by the fact its one of the hardest weapons in the game to get. I'm thinking this is just because its an older weapon that is being held back by the "old school" stat system. Really though, it just needs two easy buffs to ramp up its lethality: Bump up its fire rate to 9.58 (same as Prime) and increase its Critical Change to 26%. With these changes, it would make a good crit/hybrid weapon. Thoughts?
  8. Now that you mention it, it did kinda bug me that there was no genuine reward for exploring mission maps, aside from getting some extra resources. It would be neat to have a sort of "treasure room" mechanic where people who really wanted to get some extra goodies had to make an effort to sniff out a cache and found out how to break into it. They could even throw in a sort of "time attack" detail where you have to loot as much as you can before security systems kick you out, la Knox's Armory style.
  9. I'd say doubling is way too much, but I do agree that Warframes feel too sluggish at their current speeds. You'd think turbo-roided space ninjas would be running circles around Usain Bolt by default, but in truth their current sprint speed is only slightly faster than an average human (Sprint speed of 1 is equal to ~7.1 m/s. The average human runs ~6.7m/s). I'd say make the average sprint speed around 10m/s (currently ~1.4 sprint speed), so they feel genuinely athletic without being needlessly fast.
  10. Well the idea here is to act as a sort of trade-off instead of a complete buff. Severely reducing the range makes using Virulence at range less practical, while splitting up the damage means you get lower focused DPS on specific targets without the use of Larva. The up side is that the player can effectively deal with a somewhat spread crowd and/or exceptionally close enemies without instantly needing to use Larva. You also have to consider Virulence is Nidus' only truly offensive ability and which the rest of his kit revolves around, so it only makes sense to be abnormally strong right off the bat. Really I just want to see him have a bit more tactical choice instead of simply throwing down a Larva and stomping at the meatball.
  11. Well augments are suppose to be a buff to a degree. Perhaps if the damage of each path was split?
  12. Above is a crude model for an augment for Nidus' Virulence ability. Essentially it converts the Virulence path from a single medium range line into three short range paths that seek out targets. This allows Nidus to fight more effectively in CQC engagements at the cost of limiting his mid range capability by sharply reducing the overall range. It could even potentially have the bonus effect to where each path gains mutation stacks separately, making it so hitting a single enemy with all three paths gives 3 mutation stack instead of 1. I call it Scattering Virulence: Virulence now divides and seeks out enemies. Virulence range is halved. Virulence damage is split between paths. Thoughts? EDIT: People are concerned its a bit too strong, so I've added in the idea that the damage would be divided between each path.
  13. Well there really isn't too much DE could really do. Whenever they release something "challenging" players just find a meta build to nuke the new thing in an instant. DE could potentially had a sort of health-gating mechanic to prevent nuking, but then people complain about how their builds are being oppressed.
  14. 1. Warframe itself is a huge bundle of spaghetti code. Whether or not something is a "hack" doesn't really matter in hindsight. If DE wants something, they make it happen. 2. Not currently, but there have been numerous talks of such. One main example is DE having talked about converting scythes in the Heavy Blade class and even there been shown fluid beta tests.
  15. Well they are overhauling melee altogether, so it wouldn't really be a huge surprise if they revised a bunch of their stylistic inaccuracies while they were at it.
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