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  1. So this is going to be something of a broad topic. To put things in extremely simple terms: Warframe suffers horribly from "powercreep". That is to say that as the game keeps developing and new content is added, older content becomes increasingly obsolete. Originally I thought this was an issue that could be slowly addressed and worked out over time on DE's side, but with the release of the new "Disruption" game mode this no longer seems to be the case. With the introduction of Disruption, players are met with the task of defending special terminals from both mob enemies and a special unit type called a "Demolyst". These Demolysts are obscenely tanky and immune to several Warframe abilities. To make matters worse they will beeline to the terminals without pause, and will quickly destroy it should they reach the terminal. Essentially they are what is known as a "DPS Check", an enemy/problem that can only be defeated/solved with ungodly amounts of firepower. This kind of enemy design shows that DE is not only accepting "powercreep" but are actively incorporating it. Now of course simply making a buff enemy is not powercreep in itself, rather it is this in conjunction with other variables that make it so. The weaponry of the Tenno are vast and varied. They have simple rifles like the Braton to guns that create miniature black holes on a whim. But all that glitters matters little if it cannot kill fast enough. The first weaponry the players start with (Braton, Lato, Skana, etc) are only viable until about Jupiter, afterwords players will be hard pressed to get something better. This is not powercreep in itself as starter weapons are expected to be underwhelming in most games. However even the "upgraded" versions of these weapons (Primes, Vandals, etc) only have so much use before they too are insufficient. Warframe has a strange unspoken rule that newer weapons will arbitrarily be better than the majority of older weapons. Just take the a look at the Soma: Once famed for being a DPS monster due to its formerly rare high Critical Chance; it is now a relic of lost glory due to so many newer weapons having high Critical Chances on top of high base damage. Overall Warframe has shied away from giving consistent weapons with similar DPS but unique feels, towards simply giving stronger weapons with or without a neat gimmick upon each update. As a result players are less likely to use weaponry based on their personal preferences and more because it currently has the best DPS. So here are the two key variables: Enemies keep getting stronger, and weapons keep getting stronger. When these two variables combine they create a spiral in which the game is constantly trying to "outdo itself" and creates a large amount of wasted material and potential. If it continues then the game runs the risk of collapsing under its own scaling curve. The only way to counter powercreep such as this is by "lowering the curve". Essentially the difference between a starting enemy and "endgame enemy" should not be an exceedingly large percentage. Likewise weaponry and their mods should be designed so their lethality is relatively close to one another. Example for enemies: A level 1 Grineer Lancer has 100 units of health and 100 units of armor. A level 50 Lancer has 3,701.5 units of health and 553.75 units of armor. This is an extreme increase. However should a level 50 Lancer only have 500 units of health and 100 units of armor, then a larger number of weapons would be viable with proper mods. Example for weapons: An unmodded Braton has an average DPS of 210. With a maxed Serration mod its DPS becomes 556.5. An unmodded Braton Prime's DPS is 335.3, while a Serration mod bumps it up to 888.5. The difference in the unmodded versions is 125.3, but the Serration widens the difference to 332. This type of modding creates an exponential curve, but if the Serration mod gave a much smaller boost then it could be swapped for another mod depending on one's preference. Overall some weapons are going to be better than others, but so long a their scaling curve is kept in check the margin of viability will greatly expand. Thoughts?
  2. So this is something kinda petty, but bugs me to no end. Excalibur Umbra seems to have clipping issues with his scarf and chest armor. If the scarf piece would hang over armor pieces instead of clipping through them, that'd be ideal.
  3. I kinda have to agree. While Umbra is a beautiful Frame, his distinct Orokin (East Asian) design often clashes with base Excalibur's more generic/western design/skins. Having his "Umbra" parts toggle-able would vastly improve his fashion potential. Side note: Thoughts on making his Radial Howl into a Radial Blind when Umbra details are off?
  4. (Not sure if this is too sensitive, but whatever...) What is the main cause of the hiccup between Tennogen on consoles with the introduction of the Switch? Was it a mainly technical issue or a mainly legal issue?
  5. Really "Mandatory Mods" are simply a symptom of a bigger problem: Enemy scaling is far too dramatic. If you take a weapon built to push through sorties to pretty much any node before Pluto and you will one-shot everything. The majority of enemies at the start of the game will rarely have over 300 EH (Effective Heath), but almost anything past level 30 will have well over 3000 EH. Get to level 100 and even the common peons will be pushing past 90,000 EH. Naturally the only way to combat such a scale is to dramatically scale up weapons to compete. A gun that does 50 damage a shot? Cram as many damage and status mods as you can so you can dish out 5000 damage a shot. We become gods and then complain that we no longer bleed. Ideally there should be a system where enemies have a similar overall time-to-kill regardless of level, so long the player's items are of similar or higher level. That way players will build more for consistent DPS and better feel rather than raw damage. "Mandatory Mods" could still exist in this model, but in a heavily nerfed form that may only prove situationally better rather than a universal upgrade. Really there is no easy fix. DE can patch things here and there, but the only way they will ever see an end to these debates is to totally overhaul the scaling systems.
  6. That's a different discussion in itself. While I've raised ire over the leveling of armor, it has little influence over how Warframes themselves act on the defensive side.
  7. This is just a wild idea I thought up a while back. Basically its a Warframe inspired from the Irish hero "Cu Chulainn", also sometimes known as Irish Hercules. Basically Cu Chulainn (born Setanta) is renowned for having unbelievable tenacity so much so that even while dying his enemies were afraid to approach. As such, it makes sense to make a sort of "defensive berserker" off his design. Base stats (level 30): Health: 400 Shield: 50 Armor: 500 Energy: 200 Passive: "Tenacity" Setanta will stop lethal damage by draining energy with 50% efficiency. Ability 1: "Hound's Roar" Deal an Impact and Puncture proc to all enemies in range. Setanta gains temporary health regeneration for each enemy afflicted. Ability 2: "Protection of Spirits" Grant increased armor while also vastly improving Setanta's "Evasion" stat (Evasion determines how accurate enemies are when targeting the Warframe). Ability 3: "Druid Rune" Place a charged rune on a surface. Enemies that pass by this rune will experience Heat damage with high proc chances until the charge is depleted (only afflicting enemies depletes the charge). Likewise place the rune on an enemy. Afflicted enemies will run in a fiery panic and set other nearby enemies on fire. Ability 4: "Riastraad" Setanta enters a bererker frenzy. Armor value and all weapon damage is greatly increased, but Setanta slowly loses health. Enemies killed while channeling Riastraad have a greatly increased chance to drop health and energy orbs. Signature weapon: Gabolg. A stave (spear) weapon that deals heavy slash damage and moderate puncture damage. While its base damage is lacking, its high critical and status values make it deadly with the proper build. Unique effect: When wielded by Setanta, aerial attacks will throw the stave and home onto the targeted enemy with +300% critical chance.
  8. Now before anything else is said: This is NOT a cry to bring back Excalibur Prime. That ship sailed, sunk, got raised back, set on fire, and decomposed by the briny deep. However, this does address one little nugget regarding the topic. Since nearly the beginning of Warframe DE has always held this promise: While cosmetics may be one-time deals, actual gameplay items will always return in some fashion. This can be seen with items the Braton Vandal, Snipetron, vaulted Primes, etc. This is done mainly because of how Warframe's leveling system works. In order to achieve higher Mastery Rank (MR), one must master more weapons and Warframes. If a weapon is eternally locked away, then players that missed out on that item would never have a chance to reach the current maximum MR. But now there is a problem... Three items with MR value and actually unique gameplay stats are in fact locked away indefinitely. These items are Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime, and Skana Prime. So now we have the conundrum of how can DE honor both their desire to always allow fair MR opportunity while also keeping these three items exclusive to the Founders? My proposition: Add an item to "simulate" these Primes. I call this item "Primer". Similar to Forma, it is added to a compatible item to modify its values and behave itself as though it actually was the Prime item. Excalibur, Lato, and Skana would become "Primed" Excalibur, "Primed" Lato, and "Primed" Skana. They would behave, both in MR and gameplay stats, as their primed counterparts but would not gain any cosmetic addition. By doing this, Founders can still have their "trophy" as being an exclusive cosmetic (and unique name), but the average player can now catch up to them in MR. I even thought up a bit of lore behind the "Primer": Most Primes were safely sealed away when the Orokin fell, but the oldest of the Tenno's Orokin artistry was lost to the ages. Indeed only the most devout Tenno were able to hold and maintain these relics throughout the centuries. Through great research and effort a way to approximate the power of these lost crafts were found. Using this Primer on a compatible item will infuse it with the Orokin tech needed to function similar to its lost Prime. Thoughts?
  9. Still waiting for the Dual Kamas to be unvaulted... Ah well at least we got something to hold us over.
  10. Health Orbs are almost a discussion of their own. Basically relics of the earliest builds, they don't heal much (a meager 25 hp) and their drops are rather inconsistent for how many are needed to actually heal. Just spitballing here, but it health orbs could go one of two ways: they stay relatively uncommon but heal a good chunk of health (like a medical kit in other games), or they continue to provide relatively little health but drop much more plentifully. Likewise there could be "scaled drops" where health orbs become more common the more damaged the player gets. Really its worthy of a thread in itself.
  11. "You want to heal back the occasional Slash or Toxin proc?" "Yes?" "Then slap on this Aura mod. You'll likely need to use a Forma and you won't be able to use any other Auras." "But... My build needs a different Aura." "Don't worry. Its for the sake of build diversity!" Forcing people to shoehorn in equipment just to offset the occasional chip damage is the enemy of build diversity.
  12. Fair point, but that's just a band-aid solution (pun not intended). Players Shouldn't need to modify their builds just to handle the occasional scuff or toxin. Really this is more for people who are early/mid-game. By late game nearly everyone has the capacity to heal themselves within seconds via arcanes and whatnot.
  13. We've been in a situation like this before: We're playing with a squishy Warframe (Mag, Nyx, etc) and just got done clearing out a hoard of enemies. You're now low on health and not having any luck getting health orbs; so now you're playing more cautiously. Everything is going fine until a stray Toxin or Slash proc hits you. Your health counts down: 10, 4, 2, DEAD. If only you had on a Rejuvenation aura. Ideally Warframes should be able to heal themselves at the tiniest of increments. Not enough to actively heal a good chunk of health between fights, but just enough that the occasional flesh wound will patch itself up after a minute or two. Like (+1 hp / 2 sec) or something. Thoughts? EDIT: I've been seeing a lot of comments saying it will "make the game too easy". I'm just gonna throw down some math to offset these argument. The average Warframe has 300 health at rank 30 with no supplemental mods. If they were given health regen of 1hp per 2 seconds, it would take ~10 minutes to fully regenerate their health from near death. I personally cannot think of any situation in which a player would be on the defensive for 10 solid minutes without health orbs dropping. The focus of this entire argument is that small amounts of chip damage should not spell death.
  14. Oh good, you guys are already on the 1-hour survival problems. Good to see that was acknowledged quickly. The problem isn't so much its a challenge, but rather its just a drag to do. Pretty much all other challenges can be done within 30 minutes of dedicated playing or within a couple days of sporadic playing. I feel as though anything that forces you to stay at the controller for more than 30 minutes at a time is counter-intuitive to Nightwave's "Pickup and Play" mentality.
  15. Gacha Wiggle: MOA casually wiggles while humming a lovely tune. Literally just this just in MOA form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojMqY1JJi70
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