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  1. You guys really don't like Trinity Prime, do ya?
  2. Adding on to the archwing bit specifically: Archwings are Orokin tech designed specifically for Warframes. They should be hitting speeds that would liquefy normal pilots, not struggle to chase down a single fighter. Their size should be small enough that most mounted weapons (fighter or point-defense) should have extreme difficulty hitting them, and in the instance they do get hit, they should be durable enough to handle a few shots. On top of that Archguns are practically as big as actual mounted weapons, yet they deal much less damage and have a lower bullet velocity. I understand a degree of inaccuracy (because no gravity), but most guns spray wherever they darn well want. Basically Archwings should be these hyperlethal units who's only true drawback should be no normal person could ever pilot one.
  3. So after playing some Empyrean I have come to a sound conclusion: It is really hard to hit things in archwing; especially on controller. Between archweapons no longer being hitscan, enemy fighters becoming dots past 100 meters, and both enemy fighters and the archwing itself frequently going mach 5+, it becomes really hard to land successive hits. The railjack however effectively removes this problem by giving an aim guide, a secondary reticle that predicts where to fire based on a target's trajectory. This aim guide is exceptional as it bumps up accuracy from ~10% to about 80%. So really it'd be great if archwing users could have similar help. Thoughts?
  4. Case 1: When the Daikyu is first drawn. Particles based on its energy color start firing out. They only hover on the arrow itself when idle, but start blasting out at random while moving. Case 2: After an arrow is shot. The particle fx keep playing, originating where the arrow meets the bow. Case 3: Even when holstered, the particles still fire out from the bow/arrow.
  5. So I've been getting a visual bug on my Daikyu since Rising Tide launched on XB1. Basically light particles will fire out of the arrow shaft like a machine gun, even when holstered. It doesn't seem to be related to any mods or skins, nor is it affecting any other weapon that I've seen. As soon as I get the chance I'll upload a clip of it.
  6. Probably got mentioned multiple times already, but the combo drain of heavy attacks really needs to change. Instead of draining ALL of the combo counter (220 hits) for a single heavy melee, it'd be better if it just drained a flat 2x (20 hits) instead per heavy. As it stands now, its actually harmful to use heavy attacks as it severely reduces linear DPS. Personal idea: A heavy attack drains 20 hits, but also puts a 5 second freeze on gaining more combo. That way players can't infinitely loop heavy but can still use it frequently. On top of that, it'd be great is we could chain heavy hits. Basically the first heavy needs a second to charge, but all consecutive heavies are near-instant. This gives players a means to dish out extremely high burst damage at the cost of high drain. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Oh good, I'm not the only one with this issue. Yeah, ephemera sounds need a toggle of some sort. Maybe in the options menu? Anyway it does put a damper on an otherwise amazing design. Its particularly bad when you've worked with electricity IRL, in which case this sound is one of the last things you want to be hearing.Also the sound loop has a bad habit of getting stuck, so you just keep hearing it until you reset your game. Overall nice idea, bad implementation.
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