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  1. From what I could find DE couldn't find a balance with cooldown resulting in a generic TPS and it slowed the game pace down. The most I remember of it is that it happened during my time playing on PC, people complained and it was one of the occasions where my friends and I dropped the game for a while.
  2. Actually I don't want it locked but would rather have understanding. I was simply summing up what I've been seeing with people's replies in this thread. Case in point your reply to me. As Limbo stands (at least on PS4 and Xbone, I have no idea where Switch is with patches). While you are in the rift via Banish or Limbo's portal you are unable to pick up items or interact with objects such as security panels. In addition you also need to be in the rift to fight enemies that rift bound put there thanks to Banish or Rift Surge. Essentially this can provide you with temporary protection or be used to lower the number of guns being fired at you at any one time. However with Banish and the portal you can roll out of the rift if you so wish, the issue for some is the indication as to when you are in the rift isn't always clear. Cataclysm on the other hand creates a bubble putting both enemies and items in the rift allowing the items to be picked up. Normal weapons fire can't penetrate through the bubble from either side however a number of frame's abilities (for example Ivara's bow) can. Security panels and Arbitration drones can't be activated or destroyed while in the bubble however, Tenno mode can be used for both (but not Mobile Defense since you can't pick up the activator as the Tenno) as they aren't in the rift while in the bubble. Ideally DE should make the Tenno workaround not needed by allowing objects to still be interacted with while in your frame in the rift. Just a bit of an added joke you can in fact roll out of the rift while in the bubble (at least with Limbo, I can't remember if I did it with other frames) just don't forrget to end your yay with an ahhh as you are swiftly auto rifted again.
  3. I think I've found the problem. I've been downed twice today (once as host) while in Hysteria after taking a direct hit from a minion's grenade.
  4. I've only had that issue when I've pressed R2 (accidentally at one point) since it switches to gun ruining my glide, slide, upper slice game play I had going on. Other than accidental button presses it could be a problem with autoblock. Gods knows I've had plenty of issues with autoblock doing a run on Xbone.
  5. It sounds more like you should be asking for an increase to his 2's armor (where his tankyness comes from) rather than energy. Then again more energy would help out his "press 4 to win" ability.
  6. Can't say I've had it with other abilities (granted I haven't done ESO in two months) but with Saryn, Harrow, Ember, Limbo and Ivara it was only ever their 4th.
  7. Part of the issue is that you seem to need to sacrifice at least one thing (strength, duration, efficiency, range or shields) with Harrow. Messing around with builds I was able to get his 3rd up to 160 per kill and 2 to just under a minute (over 70 seconds with one alteration) with Natural Talent but without the extra starting shield from Redirection and with lower range.
  8. Efficiency makes a bigger difference the more of it you have. For example a maxed Streamline (30%) only gives just over 4% more conversion where as a maxed fleeting (60%) is 15% with the max 175% efficiency giving 30% more conversion. Strength is also multiplied by efficiency. A max Intensify alone only give an extra 3% conversion while with max efficiency that becomes quadruped to 12%. As far as Natural Talent goes my Redirection is just a filler so could be replaced not to mention that I used to run NT.
  9. Efficiency increases Energy Convert on his 3 by a large chunk and further increases the increase from Strength. 175% Efficiency alone bumps Conversion to 40%. With my build I can generate upto 268 energy per kill which tends to easily done with a quick killing gun (I mainly use Lenz or a SR). The energy gained goes to the other abilities and the re-use of his 3rd.
  10. There already is a cool down for 4 on ESO which just results in me using 4th until it's on cooldown then using my other OP weapons.
  11. Just thinking about how ridiculous his energy regen can get he would also need a bit of a nerf or a cap if it were to apply to every player's kill.
  12. DE really needs to add a team Health, Shield and Energy regen stat to the end game screen.
  13. That's AFKers for you. Limbo is just the current tool to which they AFK with. Even with your suggested nerf they will either just play around it or move to the next frame.
  14. Yikes was that hard to read. Anyway it would be handy for me considering I have 3 extra copies of both War and Broken War but need Hate.
  15. It sounds like one of those things I should farm as much as I can now before I get the update.
  16. I find her survivability to be good. I tend to just build for Fire Blast spending most of my time hopping around blasting as I go (hop, 3, hop, 3, hop, 3). However I did build for a no effort WoF build just after her last great nerf.
  17. Yes, keep them and the ears. Don't listen to those salty trolls saying no.
  18. lol just 4 frames to balance the game. There are more frames and weapons than that which would need a huge nerf to make the game even close to "balanced". Even then some people will still cry about balance.
  19. Normal and Prime count separately towards your MR so mastering the normal versions has their advantages. One issue that could arise from being locked out of the Prime is people not even bothering with the frame altogether because of how hard they find the original to be to get.
  20. I would say at the very least she could do with a base stat boost and have her 1st looked into. Perhaps have it give a overshield and extra max health while active rather than just being a weaker 4th.
  21. Just sounds like AFKer's mentality to me with Limbo being their go to frame. Even if Limbo was to get nerfed people would just find another frame to AFK with. For example I could also AFK with minimal effort using Inaros, Ivara, Loki, Rhino, Titania, Trinity and Valkyr.
  22. And Excalibur too. Melee in general just has an issue with aim glide now. Perhaps allowing us to hold to switch to melee again would help, from here you could still quick fire your weapon but you glide with your melee.
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