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  1. Relay remaster with a MR section going above 30.
  2. It hasn't been butchered (unless we count the buzz words) it's just that people still believe that the term P2W has a set definition when really it's an opinionated subject with people having their own varied definition. The main three definitions of P2W I've run into is a variation of If you can pay real money to auto win a match. If paying real money is the only way to get a non-cosmetic items. If non-cosmetic items can be bought with real money. In addition people look at how much PvP there is with some only including a game if PvP is the main focus, there is at least some PvP or even if the game is just PvE. So an the end of the day all this P2W argument comes down to is "my option right your option wrong".
  3. Depending on your definition of P2W for some people it has been P2W for years.
  4. With Harrow I find that you need to hang back a bit striking from a distance or try to stay mobile if you're fighting close quarters. Condemn - I can agree with it needing a wider spread although I find my self spamming the ability to use up some of the energy I generate from Thurible. Penance - I personally find the cast time to be ok but admittedly I don't use this ability much since I don't really require the buffs but I will use it if my team really needs a healer. Thurible - lol where do I start with this one. I agree the cast speed could do with being faster. I do however disagree with team mate's kills also regenerating energy while active since I believe that the ability would also require a huge nerf. Finally there's the argument I normally get into with people about this ability. Most people suggest that strength is needed most to increase energy conversion to which I say you're idiots. maximising efficiency (175%) increases the conversion to 40% while you would need something like 1000% strength to do the same. Efficiency not only increases the ability's conversion the most but also multiplies the increase from strength a few times. Covenant - the ability could do with more base duration.
  5. That's usually the issue I run into. I could attempt to kill myself which (unless it was changed) would also drop the bonus I had but the issue is getting my team mates to be there to pick it up.
  6. I have to disagree. At most I find that you may have to jump around dodging attacks while you build up his 3 but after that it comes down to the odd kill and spamming of his other abilities before you repeat.
  7. Starting with the issue of making things challenging. Allow players to start custom mission with sliders for Starting level and level progression - what level enemies start at (100) and how quickly that level increases (10 levels every 5 minutes). Stats - decrease/increase for things like energy, frame strength, weapon damage, ability cooldowns, etc. Revive - how many you get and how fast players are revived. Enemy numbers and types - nuf said. And much more. Rewards are also scaled based on what options you pick . As for modes Add raids back in with unique bosses and sub bosses. Boss rush - fight every boss in the game seeing how far your team can make it. PvPvE - large maps, deathmatch/objective based modes, teams are fighting alongside/against the Grineer or Corpus and against other factions. Map and mission creator - for those who are more creative. Layout your map how you want, decide enemy types and bosses, select or create a mission type (if you want a ESO/Arbitration/Defense mode then go for it).
  8. Add a mission creator. I'd spend a good amount of time creating maps and modes such as a boss rush, a combine rescue and exterminate mission. It could also help solve the challenge issue.
  9. Personally I'd rather have an exchange where you can convert one resource into another, for example trade 10000 Nano Spores for 1 Neurode. Remove the money grabbing for plat options too.
  10. No thanks. It's bad enough that I have to carry people through Uranus spy let alone Lua or Kuva.
  11. I thought it was going to be a permanent thing when I first heard about it. At most I was guessing that there wouldn't be an option to disable it at first but that would be added later. Now I just hope that the parts are tradeable.
  12. Io - Banshee SO and ESO - Harrow or Saryn MOT - Ivara or Titania Syndicates and Lua Spy - Limbo Spys other than Lua - Loki Fortuna - Mesa Index - Mesa or Rhino Eidolons - Trinity
  13. Saryn is just another nuke frame and one that uses Viral damage making her great against Grineer and Corpus but weak against Infested. While other nukes have other abilities that allow you to increase damage to enemies, create shields, give extra speed, heal, etc Saryn has an ability that does DOT and has great synergy with her nuke ability. Honestly if you want to nerf one nuke you're better off nerfing them all as people will just move on to the next.
  14. I'm wondering the same thing. There was a mod locking other threads which is likely how this one got moved. But it seems like the mod didn't even bother to read OP's post or even look at some of the last few pages before dumping this trash here. It not being locked may be down to no one bothering to report it because we're too busy laughing at the people tossing around insults.
  15. I know. I just would've liked to be able to see a graph of my frame usage per MR. Granted it may look a bit odd considering I built some frames in bulk.
  16. Looking at the graph I want two things. 1) A graph of the most used frames per mode. 2) A way to generate a frame usage graph from my own use.
  17. To be honest I'm all about taking a frame and trying to make it work how I want. The result is usually a build designed to speed up and trivialize gameplay because I'm playing to farm . As for the list I don't use Hildryn and Wukong but With Rhino, Frost and Oberon I build them to maximise their 4th, so basically I just spam one button (and Rhino's armor) to nuke the map with them. For example (I believe I posted it in this thread at some point) I had an encounter with a Saryn a few days back on Hydron where I ended up teasing her by nuking the map with my frost as soon as she landed her spores. I used to spam Zephyr but now I've been using her to skip the wires during the Ropalolyst fight. Between her and my Operator they trivialize the fight a bit. As for Wisp. I had crit, speedy, spin2win heavy sword builds going as it was, Wisp's speed just makes it crazier. I also partner her up with the Cyanex which is a deadly weapon without added speed. Her 4th while not the best DPS ability is still deadly especially down halls. After the Survival arbitration I did with her last week she might be one of my main frames for a while.
  18. I know I'm probably the worst judge of skill but what are these frames you are talking of?
  19. Because it's a subject people like to argue over while also having an insult competition.
  20. Ironically I'm already sitting here eating my left over popcorn I made earlier while watching Shaft.
  21. It just seems like this thread has turned into "here's my point and here's a mandatory insult to prove my point".
  22. Yikes, some of these arguments are starting to get a bit out of hand.
  23. I find Grineer interception and exterminate to be great for Saryns . With defense she is ok but I tend to outkill her with a few other frames. Just yesterday I was doing the NW challenge to kill enemies using ice and a primary weapon, so I used my Frost and Ogris and went to Hydron. The Saryn I was with kept trying to start up their spores only for me to nuke the map with my 4th each time.
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