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  1. You need further multipliers and scaled specters to be able to hit 75m. You can actually take more damage than your energy can handle, you just need enough damage. I'd recommend max range Xaku for destroying containers, its 70m on his 4. (It goes through walls)
  2. What I mean by "gray area" is they do not want to say what type of macro is tolerated.
  3. It's a gray area, the answers they give to this question are vague. I would guess it's okay as long as it doesn't remove the human element from the game.
  4. Thanks for hotfix. Please make the resource drop chance boosters affect steel essence. !!
  5. A lot of data suggests that it will be infested open world. Firstly a hivemind syndicate appearing on almost every worldstate tracker (while back), leaked ores and glyph descriptions (recent), etc.
  6. Blood Rush/Gladiator mods are bugged again, let it expire in operator and you can basically keep stacking. I have no clue why and how this bug was re-introduced.
  7. Could you make the wing colors darker/greyish and wrap them around the entire tree? I'd like the wings to wrap around similar to this.
  8. If you're implying Steel Essence/Riven Slivers are just currency and not resources, then you're just plain wrong. Vitus Essence is a perfect example of this, it is affected by both the resource drop chance booster and the dark sector bonuses.
  9. @Jithvan DM me on Discord so I'm able to know when I can toss you the advance platinum. Emperor#0483
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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