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  1. They should definitely be buffed to keep on par with normal weapons. It's like how when every melee was buffed, zaws were kinda left behind.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Messing around with avionics on my railjack. Hyperflux +99%'s math is wrong Base flux capacity is 350 (no reactor bonuses) 350 + 99% = 696.5 + 200 = 896.5 Flux, 200 is from a maxed Lavan. Game shows 820 350 + 99% = 696.5 + 100 = 796.5 Flux, 100 is from maxed Sigma/Vidar, Game shows 720 350 + 99% = 696.5 + 300 = 996.5 Flux, 300 is from maxed Zekti, game shows 920 If it was taking into account the flux capacity after reactors, the bonus we should get would be even higher. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Throw Lavan hyperflux on a blank railjack avionic tree, math is wrong no matter what level the grid is. EXPECTED RESULT: These are with maxed reactor values. MK3 Sigma with maxed hyperflux should give 796.5. Not 720 MK3 Vidar with maxed hyperflux should give 796.5. Not 720 MK3 Lavan with maxed hyperflux should give 896.5. Not 820 MK3 Zetki with maxed hyperflux should give 996.5. Not 920 OBSERVED RESULT: Hyperflux is giving 76.5 less flux than it should. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time
  3. Clan/Alliance Name: Shadows of Aetheria Preferred Payment Type: Platinum Design Details: Somewhat similar design to one of your previous works: Get rid of the lotus emblem that's in the back and replace the shield with a burning tree (Yggdrasil, Ash Tree) Get the hooded figure looking at us downward some, looking at the burning tree, same red eyes and such. Give him some dark wings that wrap downward around the burning tree Additional Comments: If it makes it easier for you, contact me on discord: Emperor#0483 Currently trade-banned til the 12th, so you can wait until I am available to give plat in advance.
  4. Only a good idea if rivens are allowed through them. Psuedo-exalted weapons are not really good besides Whipclaw on its own, so rivens are kinda needed for them to mean something.
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