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  1. ok, hopefully someone reads this. I don't know if this works as Feedback... But I love the Poem they have choose for the Requiem Mods...
  2. I CAN'T Agree more, it's physically Imposible... thanks
  3. You have Zaws that have access to zaws arcanes, and Kitguns that have access to kitguns arcanes... and in some point the primary modular guns will come... glad we have solved this...
  4. your theory says: I don't need to cut an Enemy hand to make him believe he lost it and fell the pain... now... How the hekk you convince your minion she still have a hand... IF She can't Grab the Gorgon!!! See it's all in the mind, until you actually need to use that body part and you don't have it cause someone Shoot it OFF of your body... your mind tricks don't heal... WILL NOT HEAL, you tried your best, but... No, I already granted you the Psychic Beacon, Healing NEVER, NO. No, why would I cast a confussion CC that is Unreliable by default if I can Mind control a Bunch of enemies... so THEY get shotted and not me. You might care for the minions, I don't, they are meat shields with guns... they ARE my enemies, only confused to shoot the ones I also Shoot... they are not friend, you are NOT they friend. great, keep them Killable I like the Killable part, the more the better... Super Killable
  5. your New mind control on multiple enemies only make chaos worse if you count your passive Healing the mind controlled minions... why? how? what's the actual reason that heals them, Nyx turned bullets, rockets, acid goo, plasma rays, on healing caresses?? She alter perception thru Psychic prowess, Not Reality, But perception On the other hand if you want to use your minions as beacons to blast an area around them with a Psychic blast at the same time you release your 4°, that's Nice...
  6. yes Banshee with 300% armor buff... not really... especially Since several stats are multiplicative not additive...
  7. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    Frost need a better passive There IS a PROBLEM THERE, also read above
  8. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    You're not wrong there, but Limbo has no fundamental problem that we need to get into, on the important matter(FROST): The Passive: is useless at worst, and inconsistent at best. If Frost would gain armor when he is Near Frozen enemies that would be a more consistent kit related passive and helpful for the kit. on Freeze: I like your Idea of a bouncing Glaive, NOT THE DISGUSTING EXALTED BULLSH!T, but the bouncing glaive, that could for example: Freeze enemies affected by Cold Status. NOT EXALTED BULLSH!T. about Ice Wave: the augment should be part of the Base ability, it would do negligible damage (FROST is NOT SARYN, deal with that) but the utility is a lot better, and the augment could do awesome things... like If enemies stays to long on the area they freeze and maybe drop a energy orb... for the Snow Globe: again, a few seconds Damage Reduction buff if you exit the Snow Globe would be nice. Avalanche: I think is effective as it is now, I can make way through most content and in team play it's a game changer ability.
  9. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    Saryn destroy this argument, Nezha, obliterates it, Wukong annihilates it. They are fun granted that, But they are massively effective, compare to before, Effectiveness was the 1° thing in mind, Look Volt 4° ability, overhauled and now does CC huge damage it's cohesive with the kit, Pure effectiveness... I believe that if the game where not as Fast Passed as it is your 4° ability for frost, would be Nice, But then again, to fast game, to slow Ability.
  10. betwen katsuro and krc473.... i'll go by the one that has 5 years playing the game....
  11. I'm going to answer with your own question, or a part of it... that part!! yes, also, that part...
  12. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    The one that picks effectiveness over shiny crap? usually any player base does that, only few accept Incompetent things... though if the game were different, is not a bad idea.
  13. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    NO exalted Bulsh!T I'll keep repeating
  14. Jcyrano

    Frost Rework

    Call it for what it is, an ability that IS affected by Mele mods, Not an exalted weapon; AGAIN let's NOT give Frost an EXALTED BULSH!T... I repeat: NOT give exalted BULSH!T. I like the cold sprinkler you offer, but no thanks; I keep the bouncing part of the kit, funnier, and hope it bounce from terrain, so I can hit enemies behind cover using math.
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