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  1. Did you saw the New War trailer... Rocky won't see it... unless the mother decides to do tricks on a board... I know I wont lift a finger to finish the quest until I get to unlock the pages with "Vent Kids" Reputation Points until then... Sleep well Rocky was nice knowing you... Edit.: I know I should feel sad... but I don't... DO NOT TRY to force me into things I don't like(i used to like k-drive, but then rework happen)
  2. I'm tired of even trying to get more the 300 points on a single trick, I DONT CARE how, why, if, or, anything. I get 300 points max, I can do that several times, not a single problem with that... besides the obvious ones (k-drive 2.0) but I get several Several Ventkids standing points by pretending that I care doing "tricks", can I pay the pages with that? please thanks in advance, the rest of the Update is great!
  3. I've been in every single "plain" and tried all the grind-y things and the fly really high, and nothing, never get more than 300 points, READ THAT PART ----> I'm wondering if is because Mouse sensibility or key-binding, or something <----
  4. What kind of mission across ALLLL the Starchart ask us to do anything like what is tested here? None. What kind of skill proves this test? aiming? running? Having a Limbo, having a fast Warframe not a really... why do I need to do this test? what does this teach me? it really look like poor design
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