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  1. What kind of mission across ALLLL the Starchart ask us to do anything like what is tested here? None. What kind of skill proves this test? aiming? running? Having a Limbo, having a fast Warframe not a really... why do I need to do this test? what does this teach me? it really look like poor design
  2. éso fue lo primero que dijeron que iban a cambiar...
  3. Hi Everyone! Also, will Dual Zoren ever be Primed? are Dual Zoren Frost's Weapon(Stay Frosty Pack)? Thanks for Reading Stay Safe. Atte. JCyrano
  4. Hi all. With the Parvos sister Update coming, Will Serro be considered for a weapon of the Sisters? It is a Corpus Weapon, and does the Extend thing-y already Thanks for reading Thanks to the Warframe Wiki page Have a nice day Atte. Jcyrano
  5. Hi to all! hope you're safe and well. Let's get into the Point, shall we? Disclosure: Consider all Arcanes at Max Rank (3 until this day) Residual Boils - On Kitgun Kill: 20% chance to spawn volatile hives for 12s that explode when enemies approach for 80 Heat Damage in 10m. Standing in the area applies Heat Damage type to Theorem Arcanes. Is it Damage Over time, Damage each second, once per P.R.Oc.? Residual Malodor - On Kitgun Kill: 20% chance to create a frigid mist for 12s, dealing 40 Cold Damage/s. Standing in the area applies the Cold Damage to Theorem Ar
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