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  1. This is probably the laziest made suggestion ive ever seen. It doesnt, what exacly should happen when doing that? Start from the beginning and reset all quests but keep weapons? You realize that you can replay most quests, if not all. Reset your mastery? Reset the level progress of your weapons? What do you want to happen when doing that?
  2. true, however if you want all mastery points unfortunally you have to build the normal chroma too
  3. Either i misunderstood something or i dont know what you want, the title says that it should stay removed while the content of this topic says to readd it in the new UI.
  4. For those who dont already know, if you press space in the extraction screen (when you finish a mission where you can see your rewards and stuff) while solo, the countdown will be set to 1. However this wont work in multiplayer, my suggestion is to make it a thing but when pressing space that you instantly leave the group while the countdown is set to 1.
  5. Id rather have a complete rework than a nerf, depending on how you build things many weapons can get ""overpowered".
  6. Basicly, it was litteraly the first time ive encountered him, all my teammates (including me) died about 40 times because his damage was too high, it wasted 10 mins of our lives because he had such a ton of HP, the host was bad so i couldnt even switch to operator without having to wait 5 secs. And after so long, we defeated him and his ladies, and didnt get the blueprint of his hammer like WTF WHY ISNT THE DROP CHANCE 100%????????? Seriously, when the chance that he appears is lower than my skill in CS:GO the drop chance he drops the hammer MUST be 100%. The drop chance must be set to 100% and everyone who already killed him and didnt get the hammer also must get this thing and i honestly dont care if the chances he spawns incrase or if there are any other reasons because its still way too low.
  7. My suggestion is about a Gasbased alchemy frame, which throws gas bottles, fills big areas with gas that can be normal gas dealing gas damage only, this eidlon gas slowing down enemies or a gas that gives the team buffs, an ability that confuses enemies and a passive making him immune against gas
  8. I do not want to waste 3 forma that required me multiple days to craft just for a mission when i dont even need to polarize anything, same with gilding, why craft a weapon to gild it for a mission when you dont need it at all at the moment, whats the point. Im aware that i only need like 60% of these nightwave missions but still, why.
  9. It would be neat to be able to chose between who you want to "lead" a mission after lotus is gone, ordis, a syndicate or a hologram of lotus. Reason for that is that a hologram of lotus is quite boring tbh.
  10. Imo there just should be more on radio and things like secrets, emergency calls where you can accept some little quests and so on.
  11. i would rather rework him to make him more teamfriendly and make him a supporter than nerfing him
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