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  1. Since Fortuna release the spawnroom /point option was not there in any hall. I am the warlord / founder of the clan, and the option was simply not there, Other ppl had the issue aswell.
    But i see its fixed now since i can assign new spawnlocations again so. happy remodeling!! 🙂
    Cause it was not working earlier today.

  2. Dojo spawnroom is still a bug.. As in the Hall(s) dont have the make spawn point option ( even as warlord / founder).( This is an issue from the fortuna launch btw.)  So by not be able to assign a spawnpoint you cant deconstruct your hall(s) / dojo.  Pretty much causing the infinite loop of cant deconstruct your hall(s).

    Seems fixed now, tyvm 🙂

  3. Dojo destruction is not possible as there is Not anway possible to set a new spawnpoint in any off the halls since the option isnt simply there. (pretty much stuck for + 1 week with fixing a dojo which i cant fix cause off the cant set a spawnpoint problem.).

  4. Hope you had a nice vacation rebbeca ( and hopefully the rest off the crew aswell is or haveing / gonna have a a nice vacation)!

    Tbh we got some 'new' Prime weapons kogake ect ect.. Tbh i dont mind the  'meta' shake up regards the new weapon updates.

    Side note
     a QoL type off thing(s)

    Would be nice to see a option regards return to former / previous color before you changed anything to the frame / weapon ect ect.
    OR same with the mods for weapons and warframes. Cause Min maxing or changeing a build and going back / revert to the former  spec or color pallete can be a pain.
    That would be  a nice welcomeing option  / QoL  thing. Had many times pressing escape and you made a booboo color / build wise  and regret it instantly.

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