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I like Warframe, I would even call it a good game that I enjoy to play often. To that extension it also seems Digital Extremes (DE) is a company with friendly executives who care about the community.

HOWEVER, don't take that statement to mean I will blindly accept additions and changes made to the game without heavy critic that some may take as me "attacking" the game and that I take everything that those in charge say with a grain of salt. Like I said, I like Warframe, and I criticize at times out of love, not hate, so that this game can grow and evolve to a better state. Or at least have some concerns addressed, even if the solution is one I disagree with.

Anyway I don't attack people personally, and I try to stay on topic with arguments or logic. But if I have a bad day and I go off the rails, call me out.

Right, well, let's have fun ya'll.

You can also find me on some other Warframe sites (non-affiliated I believe) like...


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