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  1. Definitely not the case for me either, my screen brightness both in game and on my monitor are very low, my problem is what i explained above, the overly aggressive white screen that gets constantly spammed by certain enemies, like the examples given, Alad V and some bursas, there's no way that a constant barrage of white screen one after another in a short time span cant hurt your eyesight, no matter the settings of your brightness Sadly i already dimmed most of the effects, leaving only certain particles on to avoid this as much as possible, but still i believe this is a problem that can persist regardless of your settings, as for me i have most effects off and my game looks very decent to my eyes but there are other people that dont have the same settings or play on defaults and the issue i mentioned above will definitely be a problem for them, and even playing a well lit up room doesnt keep you 100% safe from these hazards.
  2. Hello, im not sure if this is the correct category for this but i already placed it in the forums a couple times already and no one seems to see it, in fact it got deleted twice now, but i still think this needs attention, it's regarding that blinding effect that some enemies can give to the player, Alad V for example with his fight alongside Zanuka, the problem is that this is EXTREMELY aggressive and actually dangerous for people as it is very bright and a burning white directly exposed to the eyes of the player, this alongside the constant particles and the extreme work that the game does to automatically dim out the extreme brightness from certain guns and frames is really and extremely dangerous to the eyes of the players, i would heavily request that this is looked up or at LEAST investigated a bit, its only a matter of time before this causes severe damage to someone because some bursas LOVE to spam this and its a constant barrage of blinding effects one after another, same as Alad V, please consider looking at this as this is really important in my opinion and its not something that should be in the game, while im not against the idea of giving a small stun to the player like the blindness does, i dont think that a massive white screen on the player's eyes is the correct way to do it and if it's possible i would suggest to change that so that the blindness gets given ONLY to the frame and not the player as well, replace the white screen for a simple animation to the frame that makes it react to it and not something to actually handicap the player phisically, or even some kind of noise effect on the game screen would be good like distortion to the transference link or something like that, i would think that's better than a massive white screen directly on the player outta nowhere.
  3. Still no changes towards emmisives being on the wrong spot? Mag helmet energy color is based on energy slot and not emmisives. Ember prime flames use the energy and not emmisives either Nekros details on his deluxe skin use ENERGY and not emmisives as well, the introduction of these changes make absolutely no difference to these frames if thats how you guys planned to make this work, as the so called emmisives barely do anything on some frames, mag ferros skin for example, it only changes the tiny little dots on her body and a helmet, ember barely does anything to her, completely pointless, nekros... do i even need o say it? all it does is change his energy lines.
  4. Still nothing about mag helmet colors based on energy and not emmisive? this literally makes no sense for as the supposed way of this working is to allow warframe emmisives and abilities have different colors if prefered? for mag this makes no difference if her helmet STILL uses her energy and not emmisives, literally making it so her fashion frame is completely inconsistent. Like say i want my mag fashion frame to look white and green on her energy details, but i want her abilities to have a cyan color? trying to do so will FORCE me to make her have cyan energy and disrupting my look for her. PLEASE CHANGE THIS!?
  5. Also any reasoning as to WHY mag ferros helmet colors are based on energy and not emmisive??? IT REALLY MEANS NOTHING to her if only some minimal dots change color with her emmisive, same as chroma, white colors are still forced for ice chromas.
  6. Also makes absolutely no sense that mag ferros helmet color are based on her energy color and not the emmisive... wth DE
  7. Still nothing about the unnecessary change to garuda bleed chance math on her seeking talons, Before 200% Power Strength = 100% bleed chance Now 200% Power Strength = 99% bleed chance And yes The chance system is so stupidly broken that the 1% failure happens a lot more often.
  8. Any plans to address to odd change to Garuda seeking talons bleed chance? you could get 100% with 200% power strength but now its exactly 99% and seriously that 1% happens more way too often.
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