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  1. Oh yeah that's perfectly fine to you? if you think for a moment and stop being so biased towards DE stuff and trying to look like a goody 2 shoes you will realize that the ammount of forma we will get is nowhere near enough, theres over 150 melee weapons in warframe and more being added every so often, if you go by logic that some people will have at least 20 or 30 of these massive ammount, you come to terms that you will at least need 1 forma per weapon, in that logic, 7 Forma is enough? and the legendary core as good as it sounds its not that helpful when you take into account its only going to rank up a single mod, unless you plan to use it on primed pressure point wich yeah its the only mod that stays as it is and its a must have mod for all melee wich to be fair most people already have it maxed rank and is using them by now. And saying that forma is failry easily to farm is a very weak VERY weak argument, because in case you forgot, yes you can farm a hell of a lot of forma BLUEPRINTS from relics and each forma requires 24 hours to build, now if you coulld build a bunch at the same time in the same span of time, it would be fine but you can only build one per day, meaning that if you at have at least... say... 15 weapons (going extremely low on ammount here) you wil need to wait 8 more days to get that extra forma you will SURELY need for your weapons, people arent asking for 100 forma or 50 or 30 forma, they are asking for a decent ammount they can use to get their weapons back to a spot they can use and enjoy the new system. Oh and to pop you out of your bubble, its not hate, its dissapointment that DE doesnt realize that what they are offering as the "inbox full of goodies" is a really minimal ammount of things needed for all the possible work most people will have to do to bring back their weapons back in shape, aka weapons that used scaling crit builds with blood rush, same as some builds that used condition overload alone and even those that use hybrid builds as well.
  2. this is a joke right? this is a really bad joke CORRECT? 3 forma? 3 sad forma is all you give to us? you do REALIZE that 3 forma is nowhere near enough the ammount needed to repair and put some melees back in track CORRECT? Should be at least 3 forma PER MELEE OWNED that is already forma'd and not just 3 measly formas for the entire arsenal, and no 3 more formas wont do it, we will need way more than that.
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