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  1. Oh yes, I'm definetely picking up Sekiro as well. I love the Souls games. I was just citing Division 2 because it's also a looter shooter.
  2. I agree with OP on enemy AI and power creep. The "all content has to be super casual" mentality both DE and a large portion of the more vocal community have doesn't help matters either. These days I mostly stick around for the atmosphere, story and aesthetic of the game. WF's shortcomings in that regard just become even more painfully obvious when a game like Division 2 shows up. Tactical and strategical combat against really good enemy AI and a very strong focus on endgame and challenging the player. A shame that game has such a bad story.
  3. You want a solo raid? LOL, can't say I'm surprised to read this in WF's forums. That'd defeat the entire purpose of what a raid is supposed to be though. Also this is supposed to be a coop game. Some of us want coop, communication and team coordination to actually be a thing in WF. Which it isn't, unless you want to speedrun tridolons, but even those can be solo'ed, it's just less efficient. No, the game needs multiplayer content that requires team coordination. Doesn't have to be the whole game ofc, but it really needs a niche for that sort of activity.
  4. Erm, pls no, the no revive modifier is pretty much the only interesting thing about Arbitrations atm. Pretty much this for me. Also I'd fix enemy level scaling. It's really disappointing how DE created an "endgame" elite game mode that requires you to clear the whole Starchart first, and then severely nerfed enemy scaling. You get much faster scaling and higher enemy levels by doing regular Starchart endless missions than Arbitrations. That's ridiculous. 3 hours into a regular endless mission enemies are around 1.2k to 1.5k level, and 3h in an Arbitrations they're barely at lvl 300.
  5. This would have been the most perfect way to implement ephemeras as a challenge to engage the vets. But for some reason DE prefers to challenge their vets with abysmal RNG instead of engaging gameplay. I guess RNG keeps you playing longer and avoids the complaints of those who can't be bothered with difficulty but still feel entitled to own everything.
  6. I hope this doesn't sound mean or toxic, it's not my intention to, but I genuinely disagree with the sentiment that getting carried or taxi'ed around by older players is a good thing for the game that should be promoted. It's just my stance as a gamer. When I first started I refused to play on public or to get taxi'ed anywhere. I only moved on to the next planet or took part in any content when I was sure my builds could handle it. I refused to do sorties until I was satisfied enough with my "endgame" builds at the time. I absolutely believe that not everyone is entitled to partake in every piece of content and reward, unless they are willing to engage in the mechanics and gameplay that will get them there. With that said, I do think nightwave could benefit from a wider list of challenges, some easier and more accessible and others harder and more hardcore and let players choose from that list to reach the weekly standing cap. Do more of the easier ones or less of the harder ones.
  7. I got both of them after grinding the spider all weekend 😁 (but the freeze one was also the first that dropped for me lol)
  8. Wasn't Warframe supposed to have one of the most friendly communities out there? 😂
  9. Honestly you don't need rivens for the vast majority of weapons in this game. Rivens are just overkill for the most part. Or extreme min-maxing. Any kitgun, atomos, sicarus prime, pox, mara detron, staticor, synoid gammacor are all great.
  10. Funny, the 1h Kuva survival was by far my favorite challenge from the Nightwave so far. In fact I'd say it was the only one that even felt challenging at all. The Hydrolist came in second, but it'd have been better if it had some sort of modifier like the kuva one as well. The past couple weeks have really lacked any real challenge, but I'm still enjoying the event. I still think DE needs to give us a wider selection of challenges to choose from every week, daily, weekly and elites. And then offer all sorts of difficulty level, from super casual to pain inducing. Then let players pick and choose how they want to cap their weekly standing with it. Do a bunch of super easy ones, or a couple of the very difficult ones. Problem solved, everyone happy.
  11. I loved the exploiter orb boss fight, really well done DE! Nice mechanics, really fun boss fight where dps and OP builds don't matter as much but it's still engaging.
  12. It'll be a reocurring event like Ghouls. This was already said before.
  13. No, not really, quite the opposite. I'm enjoying it and it's giving me a reason to play Warframe far more often than I would otherwise. And also to revisit older missions and content I had even forgotten about and actually having fun doing it. A few of them were a bit annoying, sure, but overall it's been a positive experience for me.
  14. I said this in another thread and I'll repeat it here: I think it was a very poor decision to put these uncommon mods in the Wolf's loot table, considering how rare it is for him to spawn, the fact that you need 4 different drops from him to craft the hammer and also that it's a time limited event only. He should at the very least have a 100% guaranteed chance to drop one of the hammer parts on each kill.
  15. Haven't seen him a single time either, but I haven't been playing as much as some of you have. I do think it's kind of BS that he drops uncommon mods. For how rare it is for him to spawn, and considering he's a one time limited event only, he should really have a guaranteed chance to drop a weapon part everytime you fight him.
  16. I'm really enjoying the lore/story of the Nightwave so far, keep it up! 👏
  17. Sad, but true. I'm already expecting the second series to be a snorefest like you describe. Honestly I think the best suggestion so far was to cap the amount of Nightwave standing you can get in a week at 43k (what it is now), but offer a list of dailies, weeklies and elites twice the size of what we currently have. That way players have a much wider selection of missions to choose from, and the elites can remain more hardcore and challenging (like the 60 min kuva survival or hydrolist, but even making it more challenging) for those who enjoy that kind of stuff. And the newer players or casuals can just do dailies and weeklies and still hit the weekly cap.
  18. I agree, this would certainly be the best solution. And it'd give them the chance to experiment with more difficult elite challenges, since players wouldn't be required to do them to reach cap.
  19. LOL sorry, was this your response that I didn't reply to? I came back to this thread today and there were a bunch of new responses, tried to cover most of it, figured I had already addressed your "long endurance camping" playstyle comment in my reply to another player regarding just making modifiers, game mode limitations and other stuff that would minimize camping and other "cheese" strategies. For example, the original idea for ESO the devs pitched on a dev stream last year was somehow similar to how kuva survival currently works, except in kuva survival getting the kuva is actually optional, if you want you can still camp the mission in the same spot for hours. But you were meant to move around all over the map, get to certain "control points", stay there for a period of time while some sort of energy charges and also needed to kill a certain amount of enemies before the timer is over while all this was going on to score the points needed to continue. That sort of game mode would have eliminated camping just as an example. And then there's other modifiers that can be used as well (like they did with the no life support on kuva survival to make killing enemies a necessity). They did mention trials was going to be back, but who knows, that could take years. But yea, I hope it returns and it's even better than old trials. Also this thread was mostly to suggest embracing the Nightwave-style seasonal events with hardcore challenges thrown in as an optional. Trials/raids could exist as another layer of endgame content and I hope it does (this game needs more coop content, everything has to be solo friendly these days). As for pvp, I actually do a lot of pvp in other games and love it. In fact I'd say it's my favorite game activity, specially team based pvp (open world MMO or arena style, doesn't matter). Main reason why I don't participate in WF's Conclave is because of the p2p connection and in particular my situation of playing outside of the NA/EU regions, which means it's even harder to find a queue and when I do find it, lag and ping are usually much bigger issues for me. In pve that's already very annoying, in pvp it would ruin the experience for me. EDIT: About enjoying the ride and most of the playerbase not enjoying high level content, I get that. I enjoy WF for what it is, and the main reason I stick with it despite the lack of endgame is the story/atmosphere/artstyle. I love all that, and enjoy the base gameplay as well. I have other games I play for more challenge and endgame related activities. I just feel WF could be so much more if it added a niche to cater to that extreme end of the curve and to close its game loop. As I said the first couple weeks of Nightwave gave a small sample of what it could be.
  20. I've seen this argument thrown around, but it's only partially true. Each frame, weapon and loadout have a certain treshold. An enemy level they can still kill relatively fast and efficiently, and an amount of damage they can receive before they start getting one shot through all their defenses. So take a frame like excal or khora for example, they have insane amounts of damage but lower survivability. The gameplay for those frames is entirely different when fighting lvl 30 enemies or lvl 300-400 enemies. At the lvl 300-400, you're still killing the enemies pretty fast to the point they're nowhere near bullet sponge, but it takes a lot more situational awareness, positioning, mechanical and parkour skill to remain alive, avoid taking damage and keep going. For frames like inaros or nidus, the survivability is going to be much higher, nidus can keep on tanking until enemy levels are into the thousands, but at some point he'll struggle to do sufficient damage to kill them fast enough. So no, fighting a lvl 5 and a lvl 200 really isn't the same experience, it just all depends on which loadout you're using. And for me this is exactly the point of a game like Warframe, having a huge variety of frames and weapons to choose from, test and play, to see how far you can take each one. Also, on a second note here: I'm not saying seasonal events with elite challenges would just be increasing enemy levels... it'd involve higher enemy levels yes, but also modifiers, specific game mode limitations, speedrun time limits, etc. EDIT: Also on the issue of gear, yes it should be a gear check. That's the whole point of a looter game. To farm for better gear and power progression, so you can take on bigger challenges. It's a never ending cycle. Right now on WF you farm for better gear and power progression but that just becomes power creep because you're still fighting the same lvl 30 enemies. I have no doubts whatsoever that whichever challenge DE comes up with, players will find a way to cheese it somehow. That's the kind of game WF is and the kind of arsenal we have available. There's ways to easily cheese an endurance run (ivara+CL or octavia the main culprits), but it doesn't mean that everyone running endurance runs are using those methods. Having access to those high lvl enemies gives you the option to either cheese them or genuinely have a way to put all that gear you've been collecting over the years to the test. To find creative ways to fight them with unexpected frames and loadouts. Also I never said an interesting elite challenge would be a "lvl 500 mobile defense". There's so many ways and mechanics DE can use to ensure people need to move around, kill enemies, avoid camping, etc. in order to succeed the mission. So many modifiers they can use to minimize some of the more obvious cheese. You see, that's my issue right there. You're trying to tell me what gaming is supposed to be and how I should play. I can totally respect that's how you prefer to play games, and there's SO much content for you in WF to play exactly like that. But for me I like the feeling of overcoming challenges, needing to use all my skills and game sense to accomplish something and succeed, and feeling engaged through fear of failure. Because then the victory feels much better. I know Warframe can offer this, it just needs to be better supported by DE and for them to stop "holding back".
  21. I get it that you don't like the type of difficulty offered by Path of Exile or similar games, but honestly this is what Warframe has to work with alongside certain speedrunning challenges. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for a complete rework of the entire game, combat and enemies like some people have suggested in the past. But I'm being realistic and trying to offer a suggestion that actually works with the way how the game works now. Divison 1 had certain similar scaling problems similar to WF's, and the only way they found to resolve that was to rebuild the game almost from scratch into the Division 2. I played the beta there, it's a completely different combat experience now, and it's much better in terms of combat, challenge and enemy AI. It feels like a genuine skill based challenge against good enemy AI. But they had to remake the game from the ground up. But just as some examples: - The 60 min kuva survival without activating life support was a good challenge. It wasn't super difficult, but still had certain requirements in terms of understanding enemy spawns and/or running a nekros, being able to keep up your dps/kps as armor scaling continues to increase near the end, etc. It required a setup. - The hydrolist was good, but it would have been better with a modifier: do it in under 15 minutes or something like that. - The Lua puzzles were alright, but a better one would have been do all 3 Lua spy vaults without activating an alarm or using an invis/limbo frame for example. Or something along those lines. - Get to zone 16-20 or something in ESO. Then eventually they could expand and include modifiers that would actually change the game modes and missions, like enemies that start at a much higher level, floor is lava, stuff like that.
  22. Ok, so: ESO was supposed to be veteran "endgame" challenging type of content. It was initially compared to Diablo's great rifts where you kept going to see how far you could go against increasing enemy levels. The projected starting level was going to be 80-100. They lowered starting lvl to 60-70ish, modified the original idea to add efficiency drains which prevents you from ever going too far, and put an enemy level cap of 260 (which you'll never even see cause of efficiency drain). Then Arbitrations was going to be the next veteran content, something Rebb said was meant to be for this side of the community that was neglected for so long (her words). Again, enemy level was meant to start at 80, then they dropped it to 60 before release. On top of that they busted enemy scaling somehow (I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional) which means enemy levels scale MUCH slower than they do in a regular Starchart endless mission. In a regular endless, 3h in, enemies would be around lvl 1.5k, in Arbitrations at the same 3h mark they are still below lvl 300 despite starting at 60. So... hmm, yea, thanks for taking care of the endurance runners after "neglecting us so long". Granted, the no life revive was a bold move and a really welcome change. But you'll never see high enemy levels in that mission. Then Fortuna came, alert levels was a brilliant idea and a way to scale enemy levels faster than usual. Except, again, they put a cap on enemy level at 125. Why?? It's totally optional, you need to actively try to raise the enemy levels and yet it'll cap at 125. If that isn't enough evidence, Steve outright said in a dev stream last year they were making the orb mother fight to be easier than eidolons in order to make it more accessible to newer players. He said that, in those exact words. Honestly you guys are the no-fun-allowed squad. Anything DE puts in the game that is even remotely challenging or difficult in some way, this very vocal segment of the community starts crying for nerfs on the forums. I'm not asking for the entire game to be hardcore. That's foolish. All I'm saying is that it's a waste for 100% of the game to be casual. It could be 95% casual but with a 5% niche of hardcore content that'd keep people invested in the long run, keep the more hardcore gamers around and give a sense of purpose to the game loop (right now we are just farming for power creep to keep killing the same lvl 10-50 enemies that we already one shotted anyways). I totally agree. I might have expressed myself poorly in the OP. I don't think the whole game should be hardcore. Even PoE isn't. But it should have some really hardcore content that pushes you to keep optimizing your builds and trying new loadouts, something to strive for. Challenges that can't be completed by everyone, the sort of stuff that will push some players to improve themselves, get better gear, and keep trying. It's the same as a PVP game with a competitive rank ladder and an extremely high skill ceiling. You'll never reach that skill ceiling, so there's always more for you to improve, and learn and keep grinding. Doesn't have to be. Trials were not casual in the least. Until they were removed from the game. A lot of players quit the game after that. I wasn't around for the void key era, but T4 endless having to stay as long as you can certainly wasn't casual either. A lot of people still say how they miss those days, while many other endurance runners just quit the game all together or went into hibernation. Right now WF is a casual game and it has attracted this casual playerbase, but it could be different and attract different gamers as well (including the ones who gave up and quit over the years). It could be more than just one thing, you know? Have room for different kinds of players. Nightwave gave us a small taste of what it could be if they just expanded on the idea of seasons a little more, added more interesting elite challenges and special season modifiers. I'm not saying PoE's playerbase are perfectly happy and the game has no complaints. Just using it as an example of an extremely successful f2p looter game with seasonal content and hardcore challenges. Because one of the main arguments the people here on these forums use is that WF would simply fail and go bankrupt if DE ever dares to make content that isn't 100% casual and accessible to all with the least possible effort on their part.
  23. LOL, not sure if it was intentional or not, but the Sloth in your meme fits the mentality I'm arguing against perfectly well 🤣
  24. Last year it was the "content drought" complaints, now it's the "grind walls are too much", "Nightwave's time limit makes me feel pressured" and "elite Nightwave challenges are too difficult/long" complaints. It's getting really tiresome. Honestly, I feel like DE has spent far too long coddling and spoiling its player base (on top of the community expanding since PoE). I'm not even going to mention b2p AAA games here. I'll just cite Path of Exile as my example of a f2p one. The game is hugely successful and popular, just as much as Warframe is. And they managed to do so while doing all these things people are whining about in the forums here: their content is seasonal with a time limit and exclusive rewards, they are unapologetical about certain challenges being really hardcore, infinitely scaling enemies, etc. WF is still on the coddling mentality that everything has to be super casual and accessible to everyone. Maybe it's time for WF to renew itself and embrace the seasonal events (Nightwave has been fun so far), to have a few hardcore challenges here and there that are out of reach unless you're seriously optimized, and so on. If the doom and gloom threads this month are any indication, it might lose some players in the process, but on the other hand it might gain others with a more hardcore mindset (honestly like many of the players that quit the game after trials were removed or void keys before that from what I heard).
  25. Really? I saw nothing challenging about them compared to the previous two weeks that actually had a couple interesting challenges... you should have said "thanks for making it easier for me" instead.
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