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  1. I'm sorry, I don't agree with that at all. At least not if we're just talking about baseline Steel Path levels, in that 100-150 lvl range. Please note I'm not arguing against the principle of your main points, it's plainly obvious viral+slash is the absolute most META thing there is to delete armored grineer/enemies, specially at higher levels. But it's a lot less mandatory than it was before, unless you're going into super high levels. It's just that people in WF like to go for the most extreme overkill they can get their hands on. Even if other stuff can still get the job done. For people who did enough endurance runs before the damage reworks DE did, it's pretty obvious enemies are vastly weaker now than they were before, and you can get by killing baseline level grineer (100-130ish) with basically any element, as long as the base weapon is strong enough and you throw enough viral procs in there. I mean, I do realize there's been a lot of extra power creep in the past couple years as well, specially with the recent new galvanized mods and arcanes, but it still blows my mind to see you guys discuss armor everyday in these forums as if it was something impossible or insanely difficult to bypass without slash at level 100ish SP. That is not true at all. Just as an example, before the damage reworks, an Amprex modded for corrosive/hunter munitions would struggle mightily to deal with armored enemies past level 200-250ish to the point it became virtually impossible to proceed with it on an unbuffed solo survival for example. Nowadays post-rework and with the new power creep you can take a pure electricity amprex, without hunter munitions (so no slash at all), throw in a vulpa panzer to spread viral around the map and effortlessly melt level 130ish armored grineer in Selkie survival. Is it faster/better than viral/slash? No, of course not. But it's still fast enough to maintain air support through kills. I mean heck, the strongest most meta weapons people have been using nowadays will sometimes one shot those same level 100ish grineer just in the initial explosion, before hunter munitions even has a chance to proc bleed. In short, IMO Warframe's power creep has faaaaar surpassed the armor problem (again, in the initial baseline levels, not talking super long endurance runs).
  2. There was the kuva shildeg, that hammer. Personally, I really hope for a kuva assault saw with better stats! Would be awesome.
  3. I mean, it does have 27% status chance and 58% weight on slash. So with weeping wounds (and maybe even buzz kill for a better IPS weight) it should be proc'ing enough slash at high combo counter. Then you can run it with zenurik and reflex coil to be able to abuse the heavy attacks without losing a lot of combo counter.
  4. I didn't acquire the Ghoulsaw yet, but just looking at the stance combos, I'd say a heavy attack (maybe hybrid) build will probably give you more potential for high level content. The heavy attack is one of the few moves that force slash procs (and even so only on half of the strikes) and it also knocks enemies down at the end of the first step, which should open them up for some more forced slash procs and damage boost with "deep cuts". But even then the critical stats just look pretty mediocre, so I doubt it will compete with the best melees.
  5. I mean, I don't disagree with that. You're definitely right, melee is a bit weaker than before for sure. I just don't think it was nerfed enough to the point it becomes unusable or even subpar. It's still pretty strong. To be fair with DE, they got it spectacularly right with Disruption. I know not everyone likes that game mode for various reasons, including the fact it requires more concentration and engagement with the match from the player's part, but it's certainly a game mode where single target weapons can truly shine. The meta there is very different from other parts of the game where it's basically AoE spam (survival, defense, exterminate, etc). So single target guns still work in niche parts of the game like eidolon fights or lich hunting, as well as Disruption. DE just needs to design more content like that or even promote Disruption and/or eidolons more in the future (new rewards, events and whatnot).
  6. I still have these faint hopes that Corpus Railjack was just a testing ground for the future when DE finally manages to fully integrate Railjack into the normal Star Chart as this "Sea of Thieves-like" method of transportation between the planets/missions (optional ofc, for those who like it). You know, what they promised Railjack would be all those years ago when they first announced it. But being more realistic I fear it was just the sad and frustrating compromise between what they promised/wanted and what they can realistically deliver with their engine's limitations. That said, Grineer Railjack is still one of my favorite game modes in WF, together with SP and Arby's. I hope they expand on it at least.
  7. Nothing has changed, just the AoE flavor of the month. WF has always been this "press the easiest button to AoE everything" game. Before "melee press E to win", it was "melee press your slide attack macro button to win" (which could even be used behind walls for maximum afk memes). And let's not forget the era of frame afk nukes, back when DE still allowed nukes that could go through walls and didn't require any interaction or line of sight with the enemy. I think melee has reigned for long enough, I don't mind to have primaries finally have their place under the sun. I do agree though that some of the weaker melees were hit the hardest, which is a shame, but melee is still very strong. For the slowest weapons that can't handle berserker fury so well (although 2 kills is trivial, usually requires just a couple swings) just use primed fury or quickening instead.
  8. I also came back to the game recently (couple months ago) after a similar 2 years break. Quite frankly I feel like the community as a whole got a lot more aggressive/toxic or however you wanna call it. It's not only trade chat. I've seen similar situations in public missions, and here on the forums as well. It's not as bad as some other games, but that old super friendly WF community seems to have changed at least a little in the past couple years. You can even see it on how the community is a LOT more hostile towards DE.
  9. As much as I'd love a properly balanced "Warframe 2" (or however you wanna call it), with more solid and streamlined damage math that doesn't break and fall apart everytime DE releases something new because it's such a mess of spaguetti code (WF is more glitchy than any other AA live service game I know of), I just don't see it happening. It'd take a monumental effort to revamp the entire game/combat, and as it is, devs can barely seem to hit their deadlines with big content updates a couple times per year (while other games do it 4x per year). More importantly, WF seems to be doing perfectly fine with how things are, commercially. It found its niche with the hyper casual crowd that wants the extreme power fantasy of pressing one button to wipe maps in flashy glittery explosions while watching netflix on a second screen. While your damage on the same weapon can go from a few thousand to several billion by just having the game knowledge to stack enough multipliers and abuse some of the broken math. But apparently that's fine to most everyone playing Warframe. Devs are making enough money to keep the game going and they can focus on releasing the next big update that'll be the next cash influx instead of worrying about a complete revamp. I mean yea, they "rework" some systems from time to time (they did it for melee last), but it's all more superficial than anything. It doesn't actually touch the underlying problems, and many times actually make it worse. And as I said above, I don't think neither the devs nor most of the player base even consider there are problems at all. It's fine if you have multiple types of immortality and invulnerabilities available to you at a button press and enough AoE damage to wipe entire rooms of level cap enemies, this is the game. It's kind of a godhood simulation game, if you will. As if we were playing the greek gods ravaging villages full of mortal peasants for example. Which is a perfectly valid game, I guess. Personally, not my cup of tea, but there's a reason I only play WF occasionally once every year or two nowadays 🤷‍♂️
  10. Tbf cold is meta exactly for demolysts in long disruption runs. Normally you want to prime him with cold and viral first, to slow him down and amplify the dmg of your main weapon. But granted this is only relevant for longer runs. As for the OP while I agree slash is super meta for armor and heat is incredibly powerful, I'd argue viral is truly the undisputed King of elements. If you prime everything with 10x stacks of viral (and that's almost trivial with a panzer vulpa) you can use almost whatever element you want and it'll be enough to kill everything in SP, including armored grineer. Specially now with new mods and arcanes. The wrong element may not be the fastest dps ofc, but they'll still die more than fast enough at base level.
  11. I agree and support this. I'm not gonna go into the smaller details, but I 100% think this is the type of rework the game needs. A major stats crunch and normalization of damage with an ehp adjustment to suit it. At some point DE just needs to rip off the piles of bandaid they keep stacking on the game. If the code doesn't allow DE to do this for some reason, then we need Warframe 2, that's about it. I keep seeing threads pop up trying to justify that the problem is armor and slash, and suggesting even more nerfs to armor, but quite frankly I think that won't solve the core issues and will just trivialize the combat even more.
  12. I mean, that's exactly the impression I had as well when I first started. That the goal was to unlock planets and keep progressing through the Star Chart. And as you unlock planets and progress through the Star Chart you invariably go through the "main" quests leading up to TSD, because those are all prereqs to the junctions. I honestly don't know what else there could be, other than in game messages specifically telling you that your goal is to go through the junctions. But I honestly don't know how much more obvious that can be, since planet nodes will lead either to dead ends or to junctions. I don't know, it all just seems pretty straightforward to me, I don't get this "I had no clue what to do next" 🤷‍♂️ I agreed with all his other points though.
  13. Extra holokeys are nice and all, but just a couple things: 1) Sevagoth taking up 1/3 of a drop table that you're supposed to run endlessly into the game's future (it is supposed to be an alternative way to crack relics after all) just lacks forethought. I already have 2 sevagoths built (main one and helminth) and PILES of sevagoth parts in my inventory. That's really frustrating to do a long high level mission and get another part of him for the 100th time. 2) The 4 day cycle with 7 different elements rotating is another really anti-friendly mechanic. I've been waiting for 16 days already to get the element I want and god knows how much longer I'll have to wait. Whoever thought that was a good idea? Really disappointing that adding a few extra holokeys to the reward was your solution to this poorly thought out tenet melee reward mess.
  14. ok, so phantasma doesn't count because it's a high status beam weapon. Proboscis cernos doesn't count because it groups up enemies and have viral. Gunblades and tenet agendus also don't count because they're among the highest base damage of all melees -- all of that even though I specifically said in my post, the strongest weapons don't need slash. But ok, fine. If I tell you the torid will 2-3 shot grineers at Selkie SP (and one shot the butcher grunts) with a PURE toxin build and nothing but a panzer companion to spread viral, what's the excuse then? Torid doesn't count cause it's AoE? Or am I not allowed to use viral, even though the original discussion was about armor/slash? I mean at that base level if you buff yourself up enough, you could use a completely unmodded melee weapon with enough combo counter.
  15. No, we were not talking about guns, I specifically used the word 'weapons' on my post. And my ad hominem only came after your snide remark. I was polite with everyone else in this thread, including the OP. But whatever. Also you speak about the proboscis gathering enemies for electricity as if there weren't any abilities, arcanes or other means of achieving that in the game to get the same result with other weapons. I mean, this is the same thing when DE last nerfed corrosive because it was the element people ran in every build against every faction and it was considered that only thing that mattered, even though there were plenty of other things you could make work against the grineer as well, even back when they still had a ton more armor. Now they have a lot less armor and we have a lot more power creep and stronger elements overall. For sure, but I suggested that for the level range of around 250ish that the OP mentioned initially. Although as I said, with Nidus you could make that work indefinitely, by just making sure you're generating more stacks than losing with undying. Outside of Nidus, yea, you'd need shield gating/vazarin to go that long.
  16. I mean, I don't disagree with you on that. But I don't think just further nerfing armor scaling without doing anything else will really do much to help, other than just making enemies even more laughably weak. At some point we won't even need mods anymore. I'd rather see a more comprehensive rework of damage and enemies. But the last time DE attempted to do this, they just nerfed the heck out of enemy ehp, buffed elements by a lot, turned viral into a monster and gave everyone immortality with shield gating builds.
  17. Sure, and we can keep on adding more weapons to this "outlier" category of yours. Gunblades that kill with pure raw damage without the need for slash. Or heck, why not the tenet agendus? The weapon everyone is ignoring as MR fodder, and yet can also kill with just pure raw damage and a little viral as well (even when you don't use final harbinger and avoid slash procs). But hey, guess it's easier to just keep repeating what you heard instead of testing stuff out yourself.
  18. While I 100% agree with you that this is how the community as a whole perceives the issue and deals with it, I have to say it's a also a huge exaggeration. Post enemies ehp nerf, the enemies are so paper thin, even steel path ones, that you REALLY don't need slash or armor strip to deal with them in many cases (at least for the strongest weapons). Specially considering the absolute monster viral became. Just to cite two examples, most of the youtube builds showcasing phantasma and proboscis cernos will tell you to mod them for viral/heat or corrosive/heat, but I use viral/electricity for phantasma and pure electricity for proboscis (since it already has innate viral explosion) and that melts steel path grineers just as easily as the other builds. No armor strip at all, just pure electricity procs amplified by viral stacks and they die like paper. Also bear in mind the OP was specifically talking about long runs, and in that scenario of a long endurance run you absolutely must mod for toxin if you're going against corpus. Sure, at baseline level anything will kill corpus, but just saying this doesn't scale forever against them since OP was talking long runs.
  19. I mean, what melee are we talking about? Most of the melees considered top tier have forced slash procs and that's why they're considered top tier. I agree with OP, at super high levels I don't think anything is more efficient at dealing with armor than 10x stacks of viral and slash, UNLESS you do a full armor strip first with abilities. Obviously I'm talking about hypothetical really high levels in the thousands here, at baseline Steel Path level it kinda doesn't matter, a lot of things can kill them, so it's basically whatever has the highest AoE.
  20. Try Nidus. Nidus can meatshield to enemy levels in the thousands, probably level cap, by just keeping your stacks going and not running out. And his parasitic link also gives him the knockdown immunity you need from infested, so he's basically perfect for the job. I seem to remember Inaros meatshielding until around 400ish as well, but maybe that was with an ancient healer specter, can't remember. But yea, these meatshields like Inaros and Grendel can go longer with the ancient healer, but that's a more camping playstyle. But since you talked about 20min+ and level 250ish in your original post, that's why I mentioned hunter adrenaline. At that level range you can definitely meatshield.
  21. I mean, that's the beauty of Warframe's arsenal. Take what works best for each specific faction and situation. A frame that can handle hunter adrenaline/rage in their build will basically trivialize the infested's energy drain. Then just use some ability that denies status effects to avoid knockdowns and toxin. Or alternatively some mods and arcanes also serve that purpose, like primed sure footed or arcane resistance. For Corpus either consider your positioning on the tilesets more carefully (don't camp in small corridors), or take a frame that won't be helpess if their abilities are temporarily disabled. And so on and so forth. I mean if you're doing long runs, which seems to be the point of your original post, then I don't see why this matters. You basically just pick whichever tileset sounds more fun for you at that time. Selkie just seems to be the node all the youtubers spam to make their videos, but there's so many other cool tilesets to enjoy in Warframe if you're doing long runs, like Lua or Orokin Derelict. Personally, I highly recommend Disruption for a completely different and more challenging experience. I love me some Survival AoE carnage as well, don't get me wrong, but Disruption is something most of the cookie cutter youtubers ignore, but that's the real Warframe experience for me. People complain about AoE being too strong while ignoring disruption exists. In Disruption the weapon meta can be very different and AoE barely matters, so many single target weapons can truly shine. Enemies level scale a LOT faster, so if your goal is to fight high level enemies, that's by far the best mission type. It's just a completely different experience, you don't need to constrain yourself to Selkie or Mot.
  22. I disagree. I don't think Railjack is better experienced solo at all. It's more like it's safer to play Railjack solo because you know your crew is reliable and in public match making you could end up with leeches or people who don't know what they are doing. In that particular case, yea, sure. However I find Railjack a LOT more fun coop when you're either playing with friends or you're lucky enough to get a good squad in public match making. It's also a LOT more efficient and faster. In grineer Veil for example, one player does station 1, another does station 2, the pilot and the last player handle the fighters and crew ships together (which even makes blowing the crew ships more smooth). Also to be honest, I've usually had good enough experiences with public match making in Railjack. It only got a little worse with the leeches in Void Storms now that DE released tenet melees and holokeys. It's become more common to see L1 players leeching and just standing there doing almost nothing, whereas I didn't use to see that before the update.
  23. I mean, the benefits of the agendus or the other tenet melees are debatable (personally I think the agendus is very strong and you can do multiple builds for it), but even if all 4 of them were nothing but MR fodder, it doesn't change the discussion that this tenet melee system is very awkward. Imagine if a couple months from now DE releases this "meta breaking new BiS melee" and you're stuck unable to do the build you want for it because the right element won't come into the cycle. In the agendus' case it's just even worse because it already has a primary elemental base damage.
  24. Why? If the same element repeats, it means if you miss the one you want, then yea, you still have a better chance to get it before the whole cycle goes through. But it also means you could theoretically go on for months without getting the desired element. If the same element doesn't repeat, it means there's a maximum of 6-7 cycles you have to wait before you're 100% guaranteed to get the element you want. yea, like others have said, I was talking about Ergo Glast tenet melees, not the guns. You can't choose those, it's fully randomized. It's already been 12 days in a row with heat on the agendus. I mean, I just like to do specific builds for my weapons. Also the agendus is already electricity based and whatever elemental mod you add into it will combine first (the tenet bonus counts for this). So it gets kinda awkward to get the right elements you need and end up taking more mod slots.
  25. 3 cycles in a row with heat on Tenet Agendus. This is just nonsense. RNG + time gate blocking you from acquiring and fusing the weapon you want. At the very least, DE should modify it so that same element doesn't repeat 2 or more cycles in a row. I mean, there's what, 7 elements for these weapons? It's kinda absurd to think of how long you could end up taking to get the right element you need to make the build you want to. And yes, I already have the tenet agendus on a high enough %, but now I'm just waiting for the element I want. And it's been almost 2 weeks already.
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