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  1. He is a small content creator. And he wasn't in the older partner program nor in the new creator program. His voice doesn't matter. The voice of hundred or thousands of players matter more. He called for the players to speak up if they saw a problem. He didn't demand they post what he said. He didn't provide a post for them to cut and paste. Those things would have been easy to do if he was trying to further his own agenda. He wants the players to have a voice. As we should all want. A protest turning violent isn't on the person who arranged it. It's on the person or persons who tur
  2. So no new Solstice skin this year? Seems like it'd been a perfect time to drop a mech one given we are all using them for the event this holiday season.
  3. Because all new weapons start at a .5 dispo now and have for awhile. When the next prime access comes out they'll revisit dispos and make changes accordingly.
  4. Yeah I have to agree here. What the weapon wanted wasn't more cc or sc it wanted more magazine capacity. It's a bullet hose that has no ability to do sustrained fire. It has enough status chance if you just increased it's mag to say 100. You'd get plenty of procs.
  5. Probably never. Quick melee made the need for dual weilding pretty much irrelevant. Frankly I'm surprised at this point they just didn't remove it all together.
  6. Never said it was an improvement. Said it is how it is. But given what the intention of rivens are. It makes sense. I'm not a fan of the system of basing dispo off of use. I think it should be based off of objective strength. But in most cases it essentially ends up being the same. There aren't really all that many outliers where weak weapons get a ton of use and a stronger weapon that's similar gets less.
  7. Scythes have increased in popularity pretty heavily sinse the add of heavy attack builds. They are one of the best heavy attack weapons types.
  8. It is what it is. But yeah if a new weapon comes out and it's best in class and people love it and use it a lot it's not going to be likely to get a riven increase. That's just how it is now.
  9. Because that's not how they used to do it. They used to base it off of a starting point of nuetral. Now they base the starting point as .5 .
  10. So can't help but notice the devstream is supposed to start any moment and still no relay?
  11. I think it'd also be really cool if we could get a helmet rack. Allow us to display our old arcane helmets and some of the cooler cosmetic helmets.
  12. Any chance on changing the way the damage is applied? Acid Shells, Vulkan Blitz, and Mecha set mod bonus all work off of an enemies base health. Not it's current health. It doesn't really make sense for an ability that costs energy to work less well than those things that function similar and do not require energy. Seems pretty poor.
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