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  1. I explained how right? Because the players who did the content early have to complete more nodes to get the rewards than the players that didn't to get the same amount of rewards.It's not a matter of how easy or hard those nodes are it's a matter of equity. Making the players who did the derelict also do the new nodes. And not making the new players do the derelict nodes means the players who did it quickly have more nodes to clear. More work to do. That is a punishment for being an early adopter. I'm not saying the game doesn't do things like this. It has been known too. I am however saying that considering this is just a cosmetic there is no reason too.
  2. I could but they involve rivens so they aren't really something you can replicate.
  3. He's weak to gas and not status immune so a gas modded crit melee with a lot of slash will tare him up pretty quick.You can also use a status CO applicator secondary to make it go even faster (kuva nukor,tysis,cyanex,pox). I can solo him in about 7 minutes with a reaper prime,or kronen prime. But the first time certainly took me around 20.
  4. So players who never bothered to do Derelict will gain both rewards. But those of us who already did will still need to play through the new nodes to get the new reward? So players who finished the derelict are being punished while players who didn't bother are being rewarded? That doesn't seem right to me. I think you guys should reconsider. This isn't a game mode that is supposed to be for everyone. Giving those of us who powered through it in the first couple of months exclusive derelict rewards that other players who didn't grind it out the way we did turns it into a cool and exclusive cosmetic. Rather than punishing the players who did the content how about rewarding us instead?
  5. I don't agree with that. It's a cosmetic reward that has a circumstance attached to it to earn it.If that reward circumstance isn't a thing anymore why should someone get it for not doing it? Having exclusive rewards not every player can have is a cool thing for veterans. We already have some of that in Dojos for older clans. Rooms that aren't a thing anymore and Trophy's from events and what not. More of that should be around.
  6. Giving away free stuff doesn't condition anyone to expect anything. Are you new? They've been doing twitch drops for a long time and many of those drops have been frames and weapons. It's a rare spectacle it's not something anyone expects. Hence why it's a big deal it's happening now. You can justify it however you want. But those justifications aren't real. You just want to put people through it. Because you did it. By definition that is selfish. I don't feel the need to lecture you any further about your problems of character. So have a good one. Maybe work on yourself a bit.
  7. It's selfish to expect people to play the game the way you expect them to play the game. It's a game it's supposed to be fun. This player base looks down on people who are toxic to the community. You can also appreciate that you aren't the majority of the players in the game right? And that just because you don't like something because of how you think it affects you doesn't mean it's whats best for the game or the player base? You feel like everyone else should have to do the grind because you did it. You feel if they don't it somehow lessens what you did. Yet you are saying people should play for the challenge. Right? If that's the case take pride in your accomplishment of getting it through the grind. It doesn't lessen that accomplishment. But of course what you are saying isn't what the actual problem is. The actual problem is you just want to make others suffer through what you suffered through. Wanting other people to have a hard time isn't a good trait. Wanting to help people succeed is. But again I digress. Misery loves company. Maybe you'll find some.
  8. Frankly as a warframe player one of the few things that keeps me playing through all the droughts is helping new players get a leg up. So the idea of someone having a problem with DE doing the same thing seems laughable to me. On top of that the SO grind isn't even the big time and effort saver. It's the not having to earn the genetic codes. Far as the other time zone concern goes in countries that don't limit internet access time the solution is simple enough. You just open the warframe twitch channel and leave it. You don't actually have to be present. There's no interactive element it just has to be on. To me it just seems like someone bitter about someone else not having to grind as hard. Which is just self serving and inconsiderate. It's the same sort of narrow minded selfishness that prevented universal medallions from working on conclave and continues to present that barrier of entry for players getting those rewards. But I digress.
  9. You can argue the secondary fire. Does more damage uses more rounds. Damage per ammo is like 10% considering the dispo bump you can probably get that 10% back.
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