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  1. There's a certain point where that stops being an acceptable excuse right? It's been a year. At what point do they adapt? We are still waiting for a bunch of stuff that was promised at tennocon last year to drop before the years end. We are rapidly approaching a 3rd of the way through this year.
  2. Are you guys for real? You only do one of these a month now and you still have so little content to show us that you need to do a Q&A? What are you guys doing exactly? Brutal.
  3. That seems like an unfortunate decision. I mean I thought the goal we were moving towards was Primaries and Secondaries being stronger. I mean I know it had been mentioned that there was consideration in making more mods "families" specifically range, and speed melee mods had been mentioned. But this seems like a both unnecessary, and unwarranted use of that.
  4. You don't seem to have followed what I wrote. They said they did the investigation. That the Adminstrator ruled it valid and that the decision was final. Unless they reopen this and admit wrong doing this situation is decided. My guess is we've heard the end of it. They are going to keep silencing people about it now. Unless some of the larger content creators get communities behind this it's over and done with.
  5. It's been straight out said that this case was reviewed by an Adminastrator and the decision is final. So while I don't love the "attack" aspect it's become meaningless. Even if the ban was triggered by flagarant reporting it's not an abuse of the system because the report was correct the name was worthy of being an issue. But the fact that the situation has been reviewed and that the action hasn't been altered to the standard policy solution sucks. The fact DE won't make a more firm statement on it sucks. The fact they are censoring people in the Livestreams sucks. The fact they are cen
  6. You don't know what you are talking about. And you continue to make assertions based on not knowing. That is ignorant by definition. Again if you want to have perspective try doing the thing. When you know you'll know. If you assert you know when you don't you come off as foolish. Which you do, and are. Feel free to educate yourself. If you do we can have a conversation on the topic. In the meantime you are wrong. I know you are wrong. You don't know if you are right or wrong. You think you know. You don't. Feel free to actually know it's free to do.
  7. No. You don't understand. You should try doing a tennogen and you'll have some perspective. I have. I know what DE provides 100%. Through this conversation 1 of us has made a statement based on ignorance. 1 of us has not. But thanks all the same.
  8. I don't know if this is an issue of translation. When you quoted me earlier it was in russian so I'm assuming this is a translated response of a post that was translated to you. So I'm not sure if something is lost here or if it's intentionally obtuse.
  9. I don't think I am. I think I clearly have a better understanding of it than you. Like remember when you incorrectly said DE takes a larger percentage of the cut than the artist? It was several minutes ago. Feel free to scroll back.
  10. I entirely disagree. The assertion that concept art is the same as a final product is objectively false. Concept art is the simplest aspect of putting a design into a game. DE does all of the work of seeing those concepts actually implemented and they provide the tools and files to the creators. Steam hosting everything and providing the infastructure and the player base is also something that should not be discounted.
  11. It's not an exploit. It's not as if they reported something that wasn't real. He had an unacceptable name. The only thing that happened here that was bad was the decision to lock the account. There is no problem with reporting this name. There's not even a problem with a lot of people doing it. Do I like it? No. But that aspect of it really doesn't matter. If he didn't have an unacceptable name the attack couldn't have happened. You don't need to take any actions. He was in the wrong. If he was not in the wrong he'd not have needed protecting.
  12. The sentiment that the artist make less than DE for the work they offer is false. You can say that's nitpicking. I don't believe it is. Now I'm not buying anything from DE because I am protesting. But I don't feel a need to accuse DE of being unfair to the artists when it's not the case. incorrect information to make a point makes your point worse and it calls your perspective into question.
  13. That's not actually correct. Steam takes 40%. DE and the artist split the remaining 60% evenly at 30% each. Considering DE has to add the model, color channels, textures, make sure it works in game, with armor sets, has correct light interactions. It seems a fair split.
  14. Doesn't matter. The reports are valid. He has an unacceptable name. That is not a false report that is a valid report. The fact it's an attack of valid reports doesn't change the situation. As far as being automatic no. It's not it was reviewed by a Moderator. It's been stated. I don't know want to is an issue. I don't know if the people that could do anything about the situation are even aware that the situation is a thing. It's why I tried to draw attention to it here. It's also why I'm trying to not have the issue be confused by posts like yours. Where people don't grasp what the actu
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