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  1. Certain builds I do are simply better off with, for example, a rank 4 instead of 5. All depends I guess, I like min-maxing where I can on some things. Can definitely see where it would be a waste for a lot of stuff though :)
  2. Can't go wrong with Endo! I'm always in need of it, especially with having multiple of the same mod at different ranks.
  3. Technically, and no offense, but I don't believe this to be true. Mainly considering this post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/114368-what-upload-speed-do-i-need-to-host/ A high ping may be a large issue, but as far as download/upload speeds, it's not an issue for everyone.
  4. When you play with your friends, do they also get the error? Whether they do or not, is it when a specific person hosts or does that not matter as well? If it doesn't matter who hosts, it's most definitely on your end (no offense at all). In fact, that would actually be better if it is just on your end because that means it can be fixed a lot sooner than if it were just DE. Considering not everyone has the issue though, and after the experience I shared in my previous comment, I'm more inclined to believe that it's not entirely DE. Like I said there though, I do still get the error from time to time, but Idk that it's DE and not just a peak time in my area.
  5. Speaking from experience, I don't think it has much to do with speeds of internet. When I had the "Network not responding" issue, I had surfed the web for weeks, contact my ISP over and over, having them come out countless times to help me figure it out. In the end, it was something to do with my old system that was causing the issue. I was getting the error non-stop on a mostly new laptop, connected via ethernet, and it wasn't until I upgraded to a desktop did the problem cease for some reason. I had checked all the drivers, ports, cables, etc., and, yeah... I have 400mbs+ speed and I can confidently say it's usually just a connectivity hiccup of some sort. In my case, I don't know exactly what was wrong with my old laptop that it kept getting the error (probably because it was a laptop, let's be honest lol). The weird part is that both my old laptop and new desktop both have the same specs, so I honestly don't know what the issue was with the laptop (other than maybe it was just used for gaming too much and the heat was taking its' toll). Personally, aside from inevitably upgrading from a laptop to desktop, I was never able to figure out how to get rid of the "Network not responding" error. The only thing that seemed to help was changing my router's firewall settings from the lowest (I think 1) to custom. An ISP tech that I had come out said it would not affect my security, it just gives me more control on what I'd want to block. However, it didn't fully fix the issue, not until I upgraded to desktop (which I know isn't always an option for everyone). I tried a LOT of different stuff to fix it. Considering your on PSN, I can't really offer much advice, but I'd say it's worth at least trying/checking out a few things. - Contact your ISP and have them send out a tech to check for noise in your area (I've been lead to believe this can cause a huge issue with connectivity, for everyone in the area. In fact, they ended up finding in my area that one household was causing so much noise is was effecting the entire neighborhood) - Have them check to see if you need a new line buried (this and having upgraded to desktop were the two things that fixed me having that error constantly) - Always aim to use ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, as that will obviously offer less connection issues (if it's an option) - Be sure everything is up to date - Check to see if your system maybe needs to be cleaned out (ports, fans, the whole nine) - Try different firewall settings in your router/modem to see if there's any change (like I said, custom proved best for me) - Hard reset your router/modem, give it about 30 seconds before plugging it back in - Ensure there's no dust in the vents/ports and make sure it's not in an area that would block too much airflow, as well as keeping it in a relatively cool area so it might refrain from overheating I'm sure you've tried some of those already, but in case you haven't, give them a shot and see what happens. I still get the error from time to time, but I assume at this point that it has to be on DE's end. I at the very least went from seeing the error upwards of 10-15 times a day, to nearly once every few days. (Something with my old laptop decided to really mess up the internet with the whole household though, not gonna lie. It was really confusing.)
  6. I've personally not had much luck in trade chat. I mean, that could very well, easily, be because I'm just not familiar with it or quite know the prices of various things, and I'm sure they're always fluctuating. The only issue I've ever really had when I do try trade chat though is every now and then I'll get someone who, at first, is willing to barter/haggle, but later on disrespect me because I'm not settling on a price for them, or I feel I'm being shafted and call off the trade. Of course, I simply move on and ignore them, but other than that I've not really had any issues. There are times I'll sit with people and we'll check out various sites (mainly for rivens) before a price is decided, but I know that's a more lucrative market, so it's probably not much of a comparison to what you speak of OP. I do see where you're coming from though. There's been times where I attempt to purchase/sell something in trade chat and I'll have someone whisper me stating that the price is higher/lower on warframe.market, so I have attempted to haggle at that point. However, when it's something that might be, for example, 4 plat on warframe.market (but no one is online for trading), and people ask for 30 in-game, that gets to be a bit annoying. Emphasis on annoying. Idk that I would go too far as to say I'd call it grieving and deserving of reporting, but definitely annoying. I just ignore and move on the best I can with things like that. I assume they just might not use warframe.market and leave it at that 'cause the way I see it, something might only be worth X amount to one person because they got it on the first try, but it could be worth triple to someone else because it took them a week. All in my opinion though. Hopefully it gets better for you!
  7. I wouldn't have ever thought so tbh lol. The only reason I collect the cores is because I can craft them and I'm only one rank from cap with the Quills, so it does speed things up as opposed to spending more time farming multiple Eidolons. I would've been capped already, but I decided I needed/wanted other things from what was already available. Set myself back a week or so I suppose, but today was the first public eidolon hunt I've done in almost a month. I usually just solo them to avoid people but today I wanted some help so I could spend more time doing other things.
  8. Sure, yell and complain away. Despite what others believe, I'm not intentionally trying to waste others time, I simply want to make the most of mine just as much as they do. I've been back to the game for barely 2 months and I've made more progress towards bettering myself in these 2 months than for the entire length of time my account has been here. I'm constantly and eagerly trying to make it so I don't have to deal with crap. I'd rather solo everything, but clearly I'm not 100% there yet and it's ignorant for anyone to believe that they were able to right from the start either. All I know is, I'm tired of the debating. Harassment is wrong. No one has the right to dictate how someone else should play, and if you want to whine about it then have at it, but don't insult, harass and bully each other over it. The extraction timer was implemented for a reason. Pub groups are not guaranteed. Recruitment chat is a thing for those of you who expect perfection. End of discussion from me, do with the post as you all see fit, I've made my point.
  9. The idea is that I shouldn't have to play solo just to avoid being harassed because I want to save some time. Those that do the harassing because they feel their time is being wasted when they're the ones that decided to join a pub group, well, that's the issue. Others are calling me selfish for wasting a minute of someone else's time, but I'd say its pretty selfish to expect me to waste 10 minutes of my time to save one minute of theirs.
  10. No where did I ever state that I'm "doing what I'm doing purely out of my own enjoyment." I have stated time and time again that it is not okay to harass or bully someone for choosing to make the most out of a single run of anything just because it isn't going how you want it to. If I choose to enter a public group to save some time without the worry of rushing then I have that right, but no one has the right to harass because they're too lazy to find a pre-made group that will run content how they want it to. I'm not going to keep repeating myself, you're entitled to your beliefs and opinions but the fact of the matter is that harassment and bullying is never okay, and just because someone isn't god-tier like another, does not mean any of it is allowed. Kindly take your decisions to defend those who want to harass others and do it elsewhere.
  11. Disrespect - showing a lack of respect or courtesy; impolite It's a two way streak, and in joining a public group, anything within the limits/rules of the game goes. Just because an objective has been completed, does not mean I can not spend the last minute I have to shorten my overall farming by a much greater amount of time, just to appease someone else. People join pub groups all the time where up to 3 others might be 100% new to Eidolon hunting, and that 4th person is more than welcome to leave if that doesn't appeal to them, but they know the risks when they choose public groups. If they want a no-risk group, then go to recruitment chat.
  12. A lot of you are failing to see that if I just wanted Intact Cores, then maybe I would go out free-roaming solo. The idea that I choose to Eidolon hunt instead is because I can get the standing, the loot from an Eidolon, AND a few Intact Cores from the Vomvalysts all at one time. I will not throw away 60 seconds of a chance to grab a few extra Intact Cores solely because others feel I'm wasting their precious time. I'm selfish? Hah! Some of you may expect me to throw away what I want just to meet your needs, but don't hold your breath. I am not going to add an extra 5, 10 or even 15 minutes of my gameplay to something that I shouldn't have had to do just because some of you think it's a waste of your time. You chose a randomly generated, public group and you're choosing to comply with the fact that there may or may not be others in your group that don't play exactly how you want them to. If you don't like it, go to recruitment chat. If that's not an option, then suck it up or solo them yourselves like you're suggesting I do. Personally, I save a few extra minutes doing Eidolon hunts in pub groups, but that does not mean I can't solo them if I wanted to. I'd rather save a few extra minutes that way and later enjoy doing something else. End of story.
  13. As I've said to others, I can completely understand being upset when your time is wasted. But this is exactly why there is a 1-minute countdown at the end of missions. 60 seconds is not going to kill anyone, it is a game, and absolutely NONE of it warrants, defends, or excuses harassment in any way, shape or form.
  14. I disagree. Mining or fishing during an open world mission requires going out of your way to find those things. Considering the Vomvalysts are quite literally right where the Eidolon is at/died, I wouldn't say that it is selfish. In fact, I would say that it's selfish to assume that everyone has to play how others think they should, just because they feel that it's more "efficient." I've already stated numerous times that, for me, it is much more efficient to collect the Intact Cores at the end of an Eidolon hunt than it is to do it in a solo, free roam because I am saving much more time on my part by not having to hunt more than one Eidolon each when I don't want to. Just because there are those out there that regard it as a waste of time, doesn't mean that it is. As I've said before, I have plenty of the resources required that a couple Intact Cores extra each day at the end of an Eidolon hunt inevitably saves me from having to hunt more than I have to each week because I can craft extra Exceptional Cores, and furthermore save time for other content that I want to play. I am not an intentional leech. If a random player that has a overly superior advantage over others in a pub group decides they want to rush through Eidolon hunts because they're too lazy to deal with recruitment chat for a premade group, they have zero right to harass me or anyone like me because of our methods of gameplay. Pub groups are completely random and no amount of complaining and whining is ever going to excuse or warrant the harassment. I am perfectly capable of understanding why someone might get upset that I'm wasting a single minute of their oh-so precious time, but it still does not warrant harassment. If you've failed to understand the point of my original post, then perhaps you are also part of the issue. One minute is not going to kill anyone, just because some people believe that their methods are best, doesn't mean it is best for everyone. They chose a public group, they're choosing to live with the consequences of not knowing what sort of group they'll join. I will not sacrifice my time and enjoyment to save someone a measly minute of time who decided to be lazy.
  15. Well, the unfortunate truth behind that is the same with any game. There are only so many... staff members (?) that can keep an eye on things, and considering Warframe (since that's what we're referencing, but definitely not limited to) is a free-to-play game... I can't really say whether they can afford to hire X amount of staff to moderate such a large player base, but the same can be said for any game, obviously. I think that a lot of online games would benefit more from what an older game I played somewhat had going on. I can't remember the name of it, but I specifically remember that a LOT of key phrases simply couldn't be said in chat. Be it whispers, public chats, whatever the case. Certain abbreviations like "kys," phrases similar to "you suck, get good," etc. etc. Not exact examples, but that's a general idea of what I mean. Basically a chat system that filtered a multitude of... uhh... rude language (for lack of better wording) and just outright blocked it. Sure there's profanity filters, but obviously a curse word isn't always used in a hateful context, so. Granted that system that the game had going was far from perfect and honestly made chatting difficult at times because it would block weird stuff. IMO though, I feel like the best option would be to just have some DE people play the game and monitor chats physically, rather than with a bot. Shift every 4-6 hours, and generally just be there in case someone needs immediate action, rather than waiting for support. They would serve more as someone who can dish out temporary chat bans, while also being able to escalate to support if needed for more severe cases. Being able to see previous chats would be nice too. I'm not a big fan of squad chat disappearing after I leave the squad. I also think Q&A chat should be available anywhere you go, in case a newer player who's playing solo gets confused mid-mission and doesn't know what to do, or having dojo questions and having to return to the Orbiter to ask them lol. But that's a different topic xD. Although it would help the case if both parties could preview past chat logs during a reporting process in-game like I've suggested. It's an idea at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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