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  1. I like how nightwave has a shop to spend your points at. This shop makes it way easier to acquire nititan and cosmetics therefore, I don't want to go back to alerts that would be illogical.
  2. If I'd had to choose one, I would choose the zaw. Pros 1. it has better range. This is one of the main selling points of a zaw, their range is amazing and can reach around 8-9 meters using primed reach 2. given the right mods you can turn it into a viral slasher which is a viable end game combination. This youtuber made a video on the same zaw you are planning on making. He uses link Ekwana Jai 2 for more status chance and attack speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSCGr5RNsZY In terms of DPS the Gram would deal more burst damage while the zaw with a slasher build would deal the same amount of damage over time. From my experience, the time it takes to kill a lvl 100+ grineer heavy gunner using this zaw is similar to the time it take to kill with the gram. Cons The gram has better critical and damage stats. Therefore a build utilizing both condition overload, and blood rush will see very large numbers The gram looks and sounds cooler in my opinion Conclusion Both weapons are great and if you absolutely need to pick just one, choose the one you think is cooler because in the end the appearance of a weapon is only way to determine the better of the two powerful weapons.
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